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Newshound Posted on: January 13 2014

GWR Towpath Series 2014

Entries for this year’s Series are now open.

The entry form can be downloaded here.

Online entries are available via the GWR Website.

Race Dates are:

Race 1 - 10K - Friday 16 May - 7.30 p.m.
Race 2 - 10K- Friday 13 June - 7.30 p.m.
Race 3 - 10K - Friday 4 July - 7.30 p.m.
Race 4 - 10K - Friday 8 August - 7.30 p.m.
Race 5 - 5K - Friday 29 August - 7.30 p.m.


Newshound Posted on: January 5 2014

Christmas 2013 Results

Little Stoke Parkrun 21st Dec: Stu Wilkie 20:17, Chris Lewis 20:18, Dom Hurford 20:54, Ian Freestone 24:23, Andrew Russell 24:33, Kim Freestone 27:41, Katie Pinnington 31:19, Stephen Chandler 32:16 and Margaret Chandler 34:02.

Ashton Court Parkrun 21st Dec: Alan Wilcox 29:11 and Sheila Wilcox 29:11.

Portsmouth Coastal Waterside Marathon: Alison Ramsey 4:13:27, Lee Masters 4:17:20, Dawn Riden 4:19:03, Rob Ford 4:52:45 and Annabelle Pugh 5:30:11.

Xmas Day Parkrun in Newport: Alan Wilcox 21:21 and Sheila Wilcox 27:18 PB.

Clevedon Boxing Day 4 mile: Al Wilcox 26:13, Dom Hurford 27:09, Chris Lewis 27:39, Sheila Wilcox 37:05, Ruth Medcroft 37:34 and Michelle Edgell 42:36.

Little Stoke Parkrun 28th Dec: Adrian Pook 19:27 PB, Dom Hurford 20:16 PB, Chris Lewis 21:11, Richard Lawrence 24:11 Katie Pinnington 29:34 and Ruth Medcroft 40:53

Ashton Court Parkrun 28th Dec: Steve Stretton 20:40, Alan Wilcox 21:20 and Gary Stretton 22:34.

The Journo: Stuart Wilkie


Newshound Posted on: December 22 2013

December News & Results

With Christmas time now well under way the Hogweeds return to the annual festive events they have enjoyed in the past. Dawn Riden took on another 15 laps of Caldecotte lake in Milton Keynes AKA ('the lake of doom') as she so calls it, taking her her total to 90.5 laps in the last fifteen months. At the Enigma Christmas Marathon Double Riden overcame the wind and the rain along with sore legs and stomach cramps for finish with results as follows. Day 1: 4:07:08 (2 min PB with a hangover!) Day 2: 4:32:12

Closer to home at the Christmas Cracker 10km in W-S-M there was a good turnout for the trotters with Jason Bidwell narrowly missing out on a sub 40 minute run. Jason Bidwell 00:40:14 Dominic Hurford 00:44:50 Michael Froggatt 00:48:00 Ian Freestone 00:50:49 Graeme Stephenson 00:53:01 Michelle Hodges 00:54:40 Zoe Harley 00:54:49 Derek Newcombe 00:55:26 Kim Freestone 00:58:19 Kathryn Stephenson 00:59:03 Josephine Parry 00:59:40 Julie Froggatt 01:01:04 Martin Cook 01:01:05 Claire Searle 01:01:09 Shelley Armorgie 01:02:39 Margaret Chandler 01:09:51 Sheila Wilcox 01:10:00 Alan Wilcox 01:10:01 Michelle Edgell 01:10:01 Chris Lewis 01:10:02 Ruth Conlon 01:12:57 Joanne Wood 01:21:03

At the two Bristol parkruns results were:

Little Stoke 7th December - Geoff PARTRIDGE 20:08 Chris LEWIS 20:41 Andrew RUSSELL 24:19 Katie PINNINGTON 29:44 Margaret CHANDLER 33:34 Ruth Elinor MEDCROFT 33:38 Joanne WOOD 36:42 Stephen CHANDLER 36:43 Martin WOOD 40:40

Little Stoke 14th December - Chris Lewis 20:35 Dave Stott 21:32 Ian Dickson 22:43 Jenny McCallum 25:08 Michelle 27:37 Sonia Cross 29:51 PB Katie Pinnington 39:11

Ashton Court 7th December Alan Wilcox 23:22 Sheila Wilcox 28:09

Ashton Court 14th Dec - Alan Wilcox 22:45 Sheila Wilcox 26:53

The Journo: Stuart Wilkie


Newshound Posted on: November 27 2013

London Marathon Draw & 5k Results

Christmas has come early for three Lucky runners from the Hogweed Trotters. Congratulations go to Julie Higgs, Kim Freestone and Paul Kent who each won the 3 club places for 2014 London Marathon.

It has been a quiet week event wise with a handful of members racing over shorter distances. At the Pomphrey Sports 5k on the 26th November 4 Trotters were present. 18.33 Steve Stretton 22.47 Alan Wilcox 25.58 Ruth Medcroft 27.39 Sheila Wilcox

On the 28th it was the Weston Prom 5 mile. Alan Wilcox 33.16 Chris Lewis 34.31 Dom Hurford 35.06 Nik Paice 44.34 Sheila Wilcox 45.52 Pacing Hogweed regulars at the Little Stoke parkrun joined forces with three new runners. John Curits, Charlotte Whiley and Jason Walsh took to the park for their debut parkrun.

30th November Rich King 19:00 PB John Curtis 19:16 First Timer Nigel Burford 19:39 Geoff Partridge 19:58 Chris Lewis 21:00 Charlotte Whiley 22:58 First Timer Jason Walsh 23:19 First Timer Andrew Russell 24:02 PB Caroline Lansdown 26:32 Shelley Armorgie 30.03 Sue Hammond 30.05 Margaret Chandler 30.09 Katie Pinnington 30.53

Ashton Court: 30th November Alan Wilcox 27:44 Sheila Wilcox 27:44

The Journo: Stuart Wilkie


Newshound Posted on: November 27 2013

Cyprus, Ireland and Home!

Returning to Cyprus again were Lee Pattison & Nigel Burford of the Hogweed Trotters joined by fellow club member Jenny McCallum this Pattison and Burford won their age categories for the 4 day event with Jenny and Nigel winning their categories in the final day 10k. The competition comprises of a six kilometer time trial on the first day, an 11 km hill run on the second, a multi terrain half marathon on the penultimate day and a 10km run on the final day.

Dawn Riden and Annabelle Pugh are never likely to be seen at a running track, but they found some determination from somewhere. Taking on the a track marathon in Milton Keynes the pair completed the task of running a 105.5 times round the 400 meter circuit. (one way) they finished in 4:21:23 and 5:12:40 respectively. Quite some accomplishment, especially for Riden who the week before was up and down over the hills in the Brecon Beacon National Park.

Riden teamed up with Lee Masters and a friend who took on the two lap 46 mile ultra with an elevation of around 1700-1800m finishing in 10:59:13. Also there for the Hogweeds was Pat Hall who finished in 09:42:58. Pats partner Kay also there provided support and encouragment to the Trotters contingent.

Stuart Wilkie returned to Ireland, and Sixmilebridge, the small town where he completed ten marathons in ten days. It was just the one this time. taking on 26 laps of a one mile loop. Wilkie finished in 03:17:45 Over in Europe at the Valencia Marathon Neil Hopkins mind was on the task but his body was a few steps behind. He finished in 03 hours 58 minutes. The first round of the Bath Skyline on the 17th November saw quite a few Trotters compete with the following racing there:

James Andrews 46.39 6th Alan Wilcox 53.08 41st Neil Paice 1.04.05 117th Richard Lawrung 1.05.20 Sheila Wilcox 1.09.39 Nik Paice 1.10 tbc Michelle Edgell 1.12.21 Anne Draper 1.13.54 Ruth Medcroft 1.18.03. Alan Wilcox 117th race this Year

And at the parkruns:

23/11/13 Andrew Trew 21.05 Ian Freestone 24:19 Andrew Russell 24:28 Kim FreeStone 27:48 Katie Pinnington 30:52

Little Stoke 16/11/13 Nigel Burford 19.01 New PB Ian Dickson 22.50 Ian Freestone 22.52 Bruce Sellers 23.25 Richard Lawrence 25.08 Michelle Hodges 25.20 First timer! Kim Freestone 25.38 Jenny McCallum 26.23 Ruth Medcroft 26.25 Caroline Lansdown 26.30 New PB Shelley Armorgie 29.28 Katie Pinnington 29.32 Mark Wolf 29.42 First timer! Christine Stephenson 32.24 Margaret Chandler 34.30

Ashton Court 23/11/13 Alan Wilcox 22.57 Sheila Wilcox 28.30 16/11/13 Alan Wilcox 20.44 Sheila Wilcox 26.43

The Journo: Stuart Wilkie


Newshound Posted on: November 12 2013

Hogweeds Slog It Out!

It was a quieter weekend of racing for the Hogweed Trotters with 51 members of the club getting down and dirty at the Sodbury Slog. Now in its 23rd year the event proves to be as fun as it first was back when it first started in 1990 under the original name the Beagle Bash. Over a distance of 9 country miles the route has changed only slightly during its time and still offers competitors an excess of water, mud and challenging terrain with a tough climb about half way through whilst not forgetting the infamous 'sheep dip'. John Curtis was the first club member back across the line in a time of 01:06:46 for 38th position out of 1032 starters. Curtis was followed in close order by the rest of the club. Results are position, Name and finishing time - 47 Sellers Bruce 01:07:11, 48 Pook Adrian 01:07:13, 58 Stretton Steve 01:08:17 80 King Richard 01:10:25, 91 Mason Scott 01:11:14, 97 Toogood Shane 01:11:36, 108 Stott David 01:12:45, 165 Offer Mark 01:17:18, 171 Bennett Rachel 01:17:38, 185 Clements Mark 01:18:29, 197 Masters Lee 01:19:16, 201 Rowland Ian 01:19:33, 283 Stevens Ed 01:23:35, 284 Baker Rowan 01:23:36, 290 Woolls Jon 01:23:49, 291 Hall Pat 01:23:50, 305 Jones Liz 01:24:50, 327 Willey Charlotte 01:26:29, Gynn Dave 01:26:33, 421 Hurford Dom 01:31:27, 430 Harley Zoe 01:31:42, 448 Buet Laura 01:32:51, 474 Chard Paul 01:34:27, 500 Buckley Paul 01:35:53, 507 Stewart Ruth 01:36:13, 544 Killen Sandra 01:38:24, 561 Bonnick Benjamin 01:38:59, 570 Smith Bill 01:39:22, 577 Wilcox Sheila 01:39:47, 579 Wilcox Alan 01:39:48, 590 Vrublevskis John 01:40:44, 676 Smith Robert 01:45:56, 687 Riden Tony 01:46:19 697 Saltmarsh Christina 01:47:05, 711 Draper Anne 01:48:20, 729 Riden Dawn 01:49:05, 730 Pugh Annabelle 01:49:07, 793 Ford Madison 01:54:18, 828 Medcroft Ruth 01:57:05, 842 Boynes Julie 01:57:54, 848 Hodges Michelle 01:58:20, 872 Wass Jenny 01:59:42, 925 Edgell Michelle 02:03:39, 926 Toogood Jaide 02:03:56, 933 Hammond Sue 02:04:57, 937 Cook Martin 02:05:58, 946 Armorgie Shelley 02:06:40, 1022 Freestone Kim 02:23:02 and 1024 Freestone Ian 02:23:04.

Working together to finish were Dave Morgan and Bob Bell who was getting over an injury the pair finished in a little under 2 and a half hours.

In other races:

The Burnham on sea 5k - Alan Wilcox 19.52 11th position and a PB for that course.

Ashton Court parkrun - Alan Wilcox 20.59 and Sheila Wilcox 28.02.

Little Stoke parkrun - Adrian Pook 20.35, Ian Freestone 23.41, Richard Lawrence 24.49, Martin Wood 25.03, Andrew Russell 25.16, Kim Freestone 28.03, Katie Pinnington 28.16, Michelle Edgell 28.21, Stephen Chandler 32.00, Pauline Fletcher 32.16 and Margaret Chandler 35.27.

The Journo: Stuart Wilkie


Newshound Posted on: November 5 2013

Chris & Michelle Awarded Parkrun Prizes

It was party time in Little Stoke Parkrun as event number 51 marked the first birthday of the event. Just 12 months ago with an attendance of 111 the event has quickly risen in popularity and now sees an average attendance of 114. In total 29, 205 km have been run, 1,598 personal bests have been recorded with the fastest time set at 15.41 at event number 43 on 7th September this year. The female record time of 18.09 set at event number 2 has never been broken. Event number 51 saw the events highest attendance as 240 runners took to the park, eighteen of which were Hogweed Trotters.

Chris Lewis won the male league points competition with Partner Michelle Edgell coming runner up in the female competition. First back for the club was Stu Wilkie in a time of 19.16. Wilkie was followed by Adrian Pook 19.58 narrowly missing out on a personal best by just 1 second. Husband and Wife Stephen & Margaret Chandler made it a double PB though as Margaret finished in 30.01 ahead of Stephen 30.22.

Chairman of the club Bob Bell made the journey to join in on the celebrations and was safely under the 30 minute mark finishing in 29.35.

The other Trotter results were: Paul Kent 20.01, Shane Toogood 21.02, Chris Lewis 21.32, Ian Freestone 23.28, Richard Lawrence 23.55, Andrew Russell 24.53, Martin Wood 26.27, Michelle Edgell 27.42, Katie Pinnington 28.58, Shelley Armorgie 30.55, Pauline Fletcher 31.30 PB, Geoff Partridge 38.01 and Andrew Trew 39.31.

Across town at the Ashton Court event Alan Wilcox finished in 21.09 with partner Sheila acting as pacer finishing in 30.09.

Team Wilcox raced on Sunday too at the multi terrain over the hills 12k. Alan finished in 58.06 and Sheila in 1.21.14

The Journo: Stuart Wilkie


Newshound Posted on: October 30 2013

Hogweeds Battle Bad Weather to Beat OMM!

Four pairs of Hogweeds started this year's Original Mountain Marathon (OMM) race which was in the Black Mountains at South West of Brecon and the conditions were terrible, all the recent heavy had made the area very wet. Howling gales were blowing most of the time and poor visibility made navigation across open moorland tricky. No GPS devices are allowed. One of the pairs unfortunately had to retire on Saturday. The two day OMM event currently comprises of seven competition classes (four line events and three score courses), each of which vary in length and severity. The furthest distance is approximatly 80km with a time limit of 12 hours. The Hogweed teams this year competed in the C class 45 km 9 hour limit and the short score 5+4 hours category.

The teams results were: Pat & John Curtis finished 42nd out of 175 teams with times of Saturday: 7:34:59 (50th) and Sunday: 4:53:55 (39th). Joanna Wilson & Alistair Mason 58th out of 175 teams with times of Saturday: 7:58:51 (63rd) and Sunday:5:10:50 (52nd).

In the Short Score Class Philippa Crocker & Catherine Etchell finished 92nd out of 117 teams with times of Saturday: 3:18:20 (112th) Sunday: 4:01:17 (52nd).

Never again was often being mentioned. That is until next year when they have forgotten just how hard it was.

Steve Stretton of the Hogweed Trotters made his marathon debut in Snowdon Marathon last weekend and his performance was a good one, Finishing the challenging route around Snowdonia National Park in a time of 03:55:16. Also there was Shane Toogood who had a tremendous run finishing in 03:37:26.

Down on the south coast of England was Dawn Riden who took on the Beachy Head Marathon the previous day. Finishing in 05:02:44 in 690th position out of 1557 finishers she was a respectable 126th female out of 525. Another great performance all round for this tough off road marathon with brutal hills.

Doing things by halve were those at the Stroud Half Marathon. Jaroslaw Motyka was first for the hogweeds across the line in 01:21:00. Other runners there were: Richard King 01:26:26, Bruce Sellers 01:29:33 pb, Paul Kent 01:29:41, David Stott 01:34:53, Dominic Hurford 01:38:02, Andy Trew 01:38:24, Rich Finch 01:38:31, Mark Clements 01:39:36, Mark Offer 01:39:51, Neil Hopkins 01:43:08, Laura Buet 01:44:48, Ian Freestone 01:51:22, Denise Pinnell 01:52:01, Sheila Hartnett 02:00:22 pb by six minutes, Alan Wilcox 02:00:22, Robert Smith 02:05:43, Kim Freestone 02:08:36, and Pauline Fletcher 02:24:42.

Parkrun results: Ashton Court - Alan wilcox 26.37. Little Stoke - Adrian Pook 20.39, Chris Lewis 21.00, Dom Hurford 21.34, Ian Freestone 23.57, Richard Lawrence 24.11, Ruth Medcroft 26.42, Kim Freestone 27.00, Michelle Edgell 27.30, Stephen Chandler 30.29 PB, Margaret Chandler 35.44, Katie Pinnington 35.46, Joanne Wood 35.52 1st timer and Martin Wood 35.53.

At the latest Weston Prom 5 mile event Alan and Sheila Wilcox were present finishing in 34.00 and 43.42 respectively.

The Journo: Stuart Wilkie


Newshound Posted on: October 23 2013

Stu Wins 100 Miler Caesar's Camp!

I returned to Aldershot last weekend to put to bed the demons from last year where I pulled out at 60 miles and didn't finish what was to be my first 100 mile ultra. This year couldn't of been any different! I not only ran under 24 hours I also WON the race. I never even contemplated coming in the top three let alone having an hour lead. I finished the 100 mile distance in 21 hours 41 minutes. The weather was much better this year and the support I had both before the race and during helped me to my victory.

It was great to come home and read about other performances from the Hogweeds too!

Daryl Davies was in good company at the Devizes half marathon. Daryl joined friends Rob Smith, Andy May and Julie Higgs. The weather made things tough for the competitors but Andy had a top ten finish, crossing the line in 01.26.47 with Darylin 01.57.58, Rob ran well in 02.04.03 and Julie Higgs in 2.37.15 (pb).

At the Cardiff Half Marathon on the 6th October Paul Buckley made it home first for the Hogweeds in 01.46.25. Joining him in the Welsh capital were Andrew Russell 02.00.04, Nic Paice 02.08.12, Michelle Edgell 02.17.25 and Joanne Healy in 02.34.24.

Ruth Medcroft continues to have a successful season and adds another terrific result to her recent collection knocking more than 15 minutes off her previous time for the distance. The results from the Abingdon Marathon in tough wet conditions were Alan Wilcox 03:33:36, Mike Mitchell 04:31:12, John Wheeler 04:40:55, John Francksen 04:49:20, Ruth Medcroft 04.51.43 PB and Martin Wood deserves the most credit for continuing to finish after experiencing difficulty from mile 17 and having to walk most of the last 9 miles.

The parkrun results were:

Ashton Court - Alan Wilcox 29.26 and Sheila Wilcox 31.50.

Little Stoke - Bruce Sellers 19.25, Dave stott 19.54, Paul Kent 19.57 (First timer!), Geoff Partridge 20.14, Chris Lewis 21.06, Dom Hurford 21.47, Richard Lawrence 23.26 PB, Andrew Russell 25.15, Michelle Edgell 27.22, Katie Pinnington 29.58 and Margaret Chandler in 37.17

The Journo: Stuart Wilkie


Newshound Posted on: October 20 2013

Budapest, Bournemouth & Bristol!

Dominic Hurford and Chris Lewis of the Hogweed Trotters were feeling hungry for another Marathon last weekend and were joined in Budapest, Hungary, by fellow member Michelle Edgell who ran the much more sociable distance of 7k. The Giant Hogweed, Dom Hurford, finished ahead of friend and training partner Chris by 6 minutes achieving a personal best in the process of over 10 seconds. Dom crossed the line in 03:38:40 and Chris in 03.44.16. Michelle finished the minimarathon 7k event in 00:42.22.

Geoff Partridge ran the Bournemouth Marathon last Saturday and finished in 03:54:14. Due to the unseasonably warm weather for earlier October, Geoff ran at a slower pace than he was aiming for but still ran a sub 4 and finished in 03:54:14. The overall organisation of the event in its first year was certainly recommended by Geoff. A picturesque course with brilliant support, he said the weekend will hopefully become an iconic event in the calendar over the next few years. The event offered two kids races as well as a 5km and 10km on the Saturday followed by a half and full marathon on the Sunday.

At the Bristol Parkruns team Wilcox Husband and Wife Alan & Sheila ran their home parkrun at Ashton Court finishing in 22.32 and 30.19 respectively. On the Sunday the Alan was joined by friend Neil paice at the Marshfield Mudlark 11k off road event. Times to be confirmed, unofficial times were Wilcox 52.54 and Paice 1.09.19.

Finally at the Little Stoke Parkrun with Chris and Dom away in Hungary, Bruce Sellers was first Hogweed across the line this week finishing in 19:36. Joining Bruce was Richard Lawrence 23:34 PB, Andrew Russell 24:59, Katie Pinnington 28:05, first timers Stephen and Margaret Chandler 32:32 and Rich King, who ran with his young daughter, in 34:38.

The Journo: Stuart Wilkie


Newshound Posted on: October 9 2013

Marathons, Park Runs & Horses verses Hogweeds!

It was marathon time last weekend for the Hogweed Trotters and Andy May was back in action again and proved to be in fine shape after his superb performance at the recent Great Langdale Marathon. Joining Andy in Chester this time was this year's London Marathon finisher Dave Stott, ultra distance enthusiast Neil Hopkins, Annabelle Pugh and Pauline Fletcher. Andy was 153rd overall and the first Trotter back. Slowing slightly in the 2nd half he finished in 3.05.40, always showing the youngsters that he can still knock out a good time over the 26.2 mile distance. Dave wasn't too far behind improving on his London time by just over 3 minutes. He finished in 3.21.56, another superb run from him. Neil Hopkins did well coming home in 4.01.13. The ladies did rather splendid too. Annabelle Pugh was chuffed with her 4:47:24 after not running beyond 13 miles this year. Pauline Fletcher did a marvellous job crossing the line in 05.25.48 and coming 3rd in her age group category.

Running not quite so far over the weekend was the husband and wife partnership of Alan and Sheila Wilcox. Alan ran the Burnham on Sea 5k last thursday coming 11th in 20.26 and on the Saturday the pair ran the Ashton Court Parkrun. Alan's time was 20.32 with Sheila finishing in 28.29.

On the Sunday the two also ran in the Badminton Horseless Trials. The same course as the yearly equine event. The duo finished the 5 mile event in 47.23 followed by Sue Hammond in 51.50 and Shelley Armorgie 52.01.

With a field of over 230 competitors at the latest Little Stoke Parkrun, the Hogweeds were out in force. Merlin Trudgell was a first timer, Adrian Pook secured a personal best while Dom Hurford missed out by 1 second! The results from the 5k event were: Jason bidwell 19.50, Bruce Sellers 19.54, Adrian Pook 19.58 pb, Dom Hurford 20.40, Chris Lewis 21.04, Andrew Russell 25.14, Ruth Medcroft 26.58, Merlin Trudgill 27.18, Michelle Edgell 28.20, Rich King 34.10 and Andrew Trew 35.20.

At Cricklade Half Marathon Ronan Conlon made a return to racing 02:10:45.

The 2014 Hogweed Hilly Half and Hogweed Trot can now be booked on line via Runners World or by downloading the forms from our website.

The Journo: Stuart Wilkie


Newshound Posted on: October 2 2013

New PB for Hogweeds!

Kenyan athlete Wilson Kipsang set a new world record for the marathon last Sunday in Berlin and Ali Ramsey and Lee Masters of the Hogweed Trotters also had a great run. The pair helped each other out and paced themselves nicely to a sub 4 hour marathon. A brilliant result for masters to has recently had a tough time with aches, pains, niggles and limiting the amount of training he is able to achieve. Masters' partner Ramsey was first to the finish line in 03:48:14 followed by Masters in 03:52:43

At the inaugural Auturm edition of the Forest of Dean Marathon a 1000 or so people competed over the 13.1 mile distance and with 800 ft of ascent it is described by the organisers as a slightly hillier route than the spring course but offers runners the feature of no road crossings. Bruce Sellers was first to finish for the Hogweeds in 1.34.34 followed by Alan Wilcox 1.39.19, James Rennie 02:02:30, Ruth Medcroft 2.14.07 and Sheila Wilcox in 2.14.15

There were personal bests for Geoff Doyle and Dom Hurford at the Oldbury 10. Geoff ran a 01:07:20 for 35th place with Dom Hurford finishing in 01:11:23, knocking 3 minutes of his time for the distance.

At the race in the 31st running of Thursday night Weston Prom 5 Mile run Alan Wilcox had a same gap between himself and training partner and friend Chris Lewis. Wilcox ran a good race and finished in 32.54 with Lewis not too far off in 34.12. Dom Hurford just couldn't pull him in and finished in 34.16. Race 1 was a good start for Michelle Edgell who ran 44.35 for a new PB. Sheila Wilcox finished in 49.05.

Little Stoke Parkrun - Andrew Lane made a return to the Little Stoke Parkrun and shows his still got pace finishing in 18.09 followed by Nigel Burford 19.48, Dom Hurford 21.11 Ian Freestone 22.54, Jeff Lane 23.01, Kim Freestone 25.43 and Katie Pinnington 36.47.

Across town at the Ashton Court Parkrun - Alan Wilcox 21.38 and Sheila Wilcox 28.40.

The Journo: Stuart Wilkie


Newshound Posted on: September 25 2013

Centurian Mark & The Inaugural Hogweed Cotswold Challenge!

Mark Offer completes the whole Cotswold Way, 100 miles, in 28 hours 56 minutes! Mark ran along the Cotswold Way, starting in Chipping Campden at the Village Hall and finished at Bath Abbey. His finishing position was 21st out of over 60 starters with half the field withdrawing from the race.

In a brand new race for the Hogweed's, the scenic, sadistic, scintillating and self-satisfying Cotswold Challenge saw competitors race over three demanding hills over the Cotswold Escarpement. The race offered 3 distances: 5, 10 and 15 mile multi terrain run. Runners facing the 15 mile distances were treated to three laps with the shorter distances offering a single or double lap. There were good performances from the club as well as all the help from all that volunteered. Full results can be seen on the Hogweed Cotswold Challenge webpage of our website. Hogweed runner results were as follows:

5 miles - 00:46:36 Billy East, 00:52:00 James Rennie

10 miles - 01:18:49 John Curtis 2nd Male, 01:19:46 Rich King 3rd Male, 01:22:29 Paul Hyams, 01:24:57 Ray Maddock, 01:25:50 Pat Curtis 1st lady/ 1st lady Vet, 01:28:18 Mark Clements, 01:28:19 Jon Wools, 01:34:02 Laura Buet, 01:36:12 Liz Jones (Buffy), 01:41:30 Ben Bonnick, 01:41:52 Denise Pinnell, 01:44:08 Michelle Hodges, 01:51:05 John Wheeler and 01:51:29 Rob Smith

15 miles - 01:46:32 Jaroslaw Motyka 1st Male and 02:00:57 Steve Stretton 8th Male.

Swindon Parkrun - Alan Wilcox 20.31 and Sheila Wilcox 30.16.

Other Hogweeds travelled further afield to the New Forest. Their results were as follows: Half Marathon - Anthony Febry 1.41:35 and Full Marathon - Rebecca Febry 4.28:09 (PB). Andy May and Neil Hopkins completed the hilly Great Langdale Marathon in 3.27 and 4.10 respectively.

A brand new race in Frampton Cotterill, the Watermore 10k, saw a handful of other hogweeds in action. Alan Wilcox was 5th in a time of 42:25.Gary Weeks was next club member finishing in 20th position in 46:43, Ruth Stewart 50.15, Sheila Wilcox 82nd 56:48, Nic Paice 89th 58:23 and Sue Hammond 1.02.12 112th.

The Journo: Stuart Wilkie


Newshound Posted on: September 17 2013

Hogweed Results

Little Stoke Parkrun - Dom Hurford 20.39 (PB), Bruce Sellers 21.32, Phil Shipp 28.32 (PB) and Katie Pinnington 36.29.

Ashton Court Parkrun - Rich King 23:24 and Dave Gynn 26:42

Hogweed Trotters were out in force in both town and country at the recent Bristol and Chippenham Half marathons. There were plenty PB's in the cold and windy conditions.

Julian Lewis 1:31:11, Kate Farmer 1:31:49, Dominic Hurford 1:37:25, Ray Maddock 1:39:20, Mark Clements 1:34:49, Andrew Trew 1:40:07, Ian Freestone 1:46:20, Laura Buet 1:47:29, Joanne Wood 1:47:54, Andrew Russell 1:55:25, Julie Boynes 1:55:45 (PB), Kim Freestone 1:57:25 (PB), Michelle Hodges 2:03:08, Robert Smith 2:03:16, Nicola Paice 2:06:34, Annabelle Pugh 2:07:16, Martin Cook 2:09:25, Pauline Fletcher 2:27:33 and Julie Higgs 2:37:04 Bristol Half- Phil Sampson 01:22:02, David Stott 01:31:05, Bruce Sellers 01:33:28, Darren Hales 01:34:58, Mark Offer 01:36:26, Adrian Pook 01:37:27, Gary Weeks 01:39:24, Jon Woolls 01:41:18, Colin Rathbone 01:43:27, Rachel Bennett 01:43:28, Charlotte Willey 01:43:28, Robert Emery 01:43:30, Mike Mitchell 01:48:15, Paul Buckley 01:57:41, Wayne Holcombe 01:58:33 (PB), Rothery Harris 02:02:06, John Francksen 02:02:50, Ronan Conlon 02:09:38, Andy Williams 02:10:46, Serena Griffiths 02:11:30, Kate Conlon 02:13:55, Stephen Chandler 02:23:48, Margaret Chandler 02:23:48 and Shane Toogood 02:25:37.

The Journo: Stuart Wilkie


Newshound Posted on: September 7 2013

Martin Beats The Ring of Fire!

Martin Young from the Hogweed Trotters spent the end of August taking on the Ring o' Fire, a 135 ultra marathon run over three days around Anglesea - Wills and Kate were present at the event starting of the race for the competitors. Martin and the rest of the field covered 36 miles on day 1, 66 on day 2 and 33 on day 3 each on a mix of cliff paths, beaches, fields and tarmac. With a cumulative time of 36 hours and 38 minutes, placing 43rd out of 94 starters and 54 finishers, Martin was left feeling slightly disappointed with his performance after suffering from hip trouble from halfway through day two didn't but he earned the Slate Medal in the end so all's well.

Other race results of a much shorter distance follow below.

Axa 5.5 Miles tuesday 3rd September - Alan Wilcox 38.45, Sheila Wilcox 49.42, Martin Cook 52.56 and Tracy Skuse 54.15.

Castle Combe Duathlon Wednesday 4th September - Tony Febry 62nd (9th in Age Cat.) 55.14.

Little Stoke parkrun Saturday 7th September - 17 Geoff PARTRIDGE 19:53 (PB), 20 Chris LEWIS 20:18, 37 Dominic HURFORD 21:33, 48 Ian FREESTONE 22:27, 50 Jason BIDWELL 23:06, 55 Martin WOOD 23:32 (PB), 56 Bruce SELLERS 23:33, 79 Kim FREESTONE 25:16 (PB), 83 Andrew RUSSELL 25:39, 94 Michelle EDGELL 26:27 and 152 Katie PINNINGTON 34:25

Woodchester Park 8 Miles Sunday 8th September - Alan Wilcox 1.01.58 22nd, Sheila Wilcox 1.23.58 74th, Julie Froggatt 1.30.51 83, and Claire Searle 1.30.51 84th.

In missed results for Westinbirt Tri several Hogweeds attempted their first Triathlon. Donna Conlon-Jones and Peter Harney can proudly now proudly call themselves triathletes after finishing their first triathlon in Westonbirt at the end August. Well done to you both! Other results included: Gary Stretton 1:10:06.8, Steve Stretton 1:14:33.1, Paul Chappell 1:14:36.0 (2nd male Supervet), Ian Dickson 1:29:20.0 (3rd male Supervet60), Jeffrey Flynn 1:30:22.3, Jan Webb 1:35:33.7, Peter Harney 1:36:31.4, Jenny Mccallum 1:38:10.1 (1st Female SupVET60), Donna Conlon-Jones 1:45:32.2 and Claire Failes 1:49:50.3 (moving up from Super Sprint to Sprint).

The Journo: Stuart Wilkie


Newshound Posted on: September 2 2013


Friday Night Towpath Series (5k). Results were as follows: Chris Lewis 20.33, Alan Wilcox 20.39, Sheila Wilcox 26.08 and Michelle Edgell 27.10.

Ashton Court Parkrun - Rich King 21.27, Alan Wilcox 21.38 and Dave Gynn 27.53.

Little Stoke Parkrun - Chris Lewis 20.29, Andrew Trew 20:57, Dom Hurford 21.23, Martin Wood 24.01, Bruce Sellers 24.01, Michelle 26.15, Sue Hammond 28.58 and Shelley Armorgie 29.0.

Newly weds Mr and Mr Wilcox were in Bournemouth Parkrun the week before. Alan finished in 21 minutes flat with Sheila finishing in 27.28. The following day they took on the Arundel 10k and finished in 45.41 and 58.58 respectively.

With a brand new race on the Hogweed calendar the club is encouraging runners of all abilites to come and test themselves over a scenic, sadistic, scintillating and self-satisfying course. It includes three demanding hills per lap. There a three different races to chose - 5 miles (1 lap), 10 miles (2 laps) or 15 Miles (3 laps). The race on the 22nd September starts at 11.00 am at Horton Village Hall. BS376QN. Further Details can be found by visiting the Hogweed Trotters website. On The Day: Entries on the day will be accepted at Race HQ. Additional fee of £2. See the Cotswold escarpement as never before!

The Journo: Stuart Wilkie


Newshound Posted on: August 31 2013

Jaroslaw, Dawn & Michelle Tackle Cheddar!

Newly titled Ironman Dawn Riden was back in a pale blue vest again after a 6 month break with all the training and racing involved with Ironman Switzerland. Straight back into it she took on the Cheddar Gorge Marathon and was certainly not mooching around. She Zoomed round the course knocking 32 minutes off her time from last years race to finish in 5:28:48. Joining Dawn was Jaroslaw Motyka who finished third in the race with a time of 3:51:11 over the very tough, off road course. Michelle Edgell took on the half and finished in 2:46:36 completing the set of races there now. 5k, 10k and half.

There was a good turnout of trotters at the Little Stoke parkrun. The results are as follows: Chris Lewis 20:14, Geoff Partridge 20:21, Ian Freestone 22:24 PB, Martin Wood 24:08, Andrew Russell 24:24 PB, Ruth Medcroft 26:15, Michelle Edgell 26:43, Phillip Shipp 29:07, Kim Freestone 30:21 and Katie pinnington 34:36.

Alan and Sheila Wilcox were missing in action this week at the Ashton Court Weekend after last week's Wedding weekend. We hope their back next week and wish them a lovely future together.

The Journo: Stuart Wilkie


Newshound Posted on: August 28 2013

Ruth Wins Golds & Silvers At The Transplant Games!

Ruth Medcroft Wins 2 Gold and 2 Silver at the British Transplant Games!!!

Little Stoke parkrun - Chris Lewis 19.45, Dave Stott 19.46, Nigel Burford 19:51, Dom Hurford 21:49, Martin wood 23:56, Sue hammond 29:48, Shellie Armorgie 29:48 and katie Pinnington 34:40.

Ashton Court - Sheila Hartnett 28:48, Alan Wilcox 28:49, Bob Bell 30:51 and Christine Stephenson 34:16. Kim & Ian Freestone also did the event but unfortunately timings were not available.

At race 4 of the Castle Coombe Duathlon Steve stretton was first to finish in 48:21 followed by Sibling Gary 49:01. Other Hogweed results were - Nigel Burford 51:28, Ed Stevens 54:23, Tony Febry 54:48, Joanna Wilson 1:00:19, Jeffrey Flynn 1:09:43, Jan Webb F 16 1:09:43 and Philippa Crocker 1:09:55.

Jaroslaw Motyka nearly made it onto the podium at the recent Interclub 5k mob match hosted by Bitton Road runners. Jaroslaw finished 5th in 17:37 an impressive run so soon after the challenging Bath marathon just a fortnight before. chasing Motyka were William Gray 18:10, Stu Wilkie 18:46, Chris Lewis 19:12, Alan Wilcox 19:47, Bruce Sellars 19:51, Mark Clements 20:46, Dom Hurford 20:58, Neil Hopkins 21:41, Charlotte Willey 22:10, Andy Taylor 22:13, Billy East 22:24, Ian Freestone 22:34, Kim Freestone 25:00, Ruth Medcroft 25:05, Sheila Hartnett 25:08, James Rennie 26:03, Robert Smith 26:39, Bill Smith 26:42, Wayne Holcombe 27:16, Jane East 28:05, Philip Shipp 29:01, Shelley Armorgie 29:09, Sue Hammond 29:13, Bob Bell 29:28, Christine Stephenson 31:21, Beverley Woodward 33:56, Ruth Conlon 35:12, Gill Smith 35:51, Thelma Garne 35:56, Emily Blannin 36:16 and Jennifer Blannin 36:17

Ashton Court parkrun was postponed on the 11th August due to the Balloon fiesta so Alan Wilcox and Sheila traveled to Newport to run the parkrun there. The pair enjoyed an great event. Alan Wilcox 20.13 Sheila Hartnett 29.38.

Lee Masters chose the 19.5 mile option at the Salisbury 54321 races the pair finished in 3:05:45.

Julie Froggatt enjoyed a lovely run at Standish Woodland Chase and with it came a pb by almost 4 minutes compared to when she ran the course in 2011! finishing in 1:38:46 in very hot conditions over a hilly almost 10 mile course.

The Journo: Stuart Wilkie


Newshound Posted on: August 6 2013

Park Running and Towpathing!

Never tiring of the same events Chris Lewis and Alan Wilcox were back in Greyville Smyth Park, Ashton Gate, for the Friday night Towpath 10k event. Lewis was ahead of Wilcox by 38 seconds and the pair came home in 41.22 and 42.00 respectively. Also there were Michelle Edgell 56.10, Nic Paice 58.19 and Sheila Hartnett 1.02.46, a time which was better than her 1st 10k by six minutes.

Ashton Court Parkrun - Alan Wilcox 21.14 and Sheila Hartnett 27.16.

Little Stoke Parkrun - Bruce Sellers 20.25, Chris Lewis 20.39, Dominic Hurford 21.27, Andrew Russell 25.00, Ruth Medcroft 26.21, Phillip Shipp 28.47, Michelle Edgell 29.13 and Shelley Armorgie 29.51.

The Journo: Stuart Wilkie


Newshound Posted on: August 1 2013

Iron Man & Thunder Run!

Having spent the last six months training for their biggest athletic challenge of their lives so far Dawn Riden and Rob Ford must of come away from the Finish line of Ironman Switzerland last weekend on cloud nine after having to endure the extreme conditions for over 12 hours. The pair who had a training programme specifically designed to optimise their performances were faced with some additional obstacles as they battled with extreme temperatures rising to 38 degrees by 2:00pm.

The Ironman Zurich Switzerland was one of the first Ironman races in Europe. Starting with a 2.4 mile swim in the marvellous Lake Zurich the crystal clear waters which is by the way of drinking water quality, features a unique Australian exit over a small island. Once exiting the water the spectacular bike course leads through the city centre along the lake shore and out of town some 30km later of riding you wouldn’t think the city was even close. The 112 mile cycle route takes competitors along grazing lands, small villages and the rolling country side of Zurich. The event brings out the best in support for the athletes especially at the two climbs “The Biest” and “Heartbreak Hill” lining the streets, spectators cheer and ring the typical cow bells helping the competitors push through the pain. The four-loop 26.2 mile run course leads through the parks of the city and along the lake shore.

This year was quite some occasion as the extreme temperatures meant a non wet suit race. The first time this has happened for the Zurich Ironman. Statistics show just how tougher a day at the office it was with a massive 'Did Not Finish' rate of 15% compared to the usual 5% for a Standard Ironman this made their achievements even more amazing. Especially as it was their first Ironman event. Finishing times are total time followed by each discipline; 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile ride and a 26.2 mile run. Rob Ford Swim 13:12:36. (1:30:19) (6:39:06) (4:45:46) Dawn Riden 14:36:59 (1:30:30) (7:28:44) (5:21:51)

Al and Sheila were Rarkrun tourists this week at Conkers as it was 'en route' to the Thunder run. Alan - 21.02 and Sheila - 28.41

The Adidas 24 Hour Thunder Run certainly lived up to its name this year with competitors experiencing all sorts of conditions from sunshine to hours of thunder, lightening and torrential rain. Think relays of Sodbury Slog in the dark, on trails, through woodlands and hills! Results for the Hogweed teams are still unavailable but congratulations to all who took part with a special mention to Dave & Ruth Medcroft and Malcolm White who formed, organised and competed in the event. Other team members were: Mark & Christine Stephenson, Ian & Kim Freestone, Andy Trew & Lesley Gavin, Alan Wilcox & Sheila Hartnett, Merlin Trudgill and her son Jason, John Wheeler, Malcolm White, his sister Fayme (a Bitton Runner) and his daughter Charlotte, former member Kim and her partner Chris and Robin & Linda (both Westbury Harriers). A brilliant experience although unfortunately resulting in a high number of injuries!

There were personal bests a plenty at the Little Stoke Parkrun. Results were: Steve Stretton 19.00 PB, Chris Lewis 19.47, Dominic Hurford 21.20, Shane Toogood 20.13, Martin Wood 23.35 PB, Andrew Russell 25.26 and Michelle Edgell 25.35 PB.

An evening in Eastville Park was the venue for the 'Sri Chinmoy Peace Mile' 3 x 1 mile relay. Alan Wilcox ran a 6.16 mile to see his team finish in 10th place. Sheila Hartnett ran a 7.56 while Nic Paice 8.23. Both Sheila and Nic's teams finished in joint 17th place.

The Journo: Stuart Wilkie


Newshound Posted on: 21 July 2013

Race News Catch UP!

The recent spell of hot weather hasn't been putting off the Hogweed Trotters from their running and many members are still clocking up the miles.

Described by Sue Mundy of the Hogweed Trotters as a tough but beautifully scenic, friendly and well organised race the North Devon AONB Marathon had a positive result for her and the trio of ladies that joined her when they took on the half marathon distance. Michelle Edgell was the first of the four club members to finish in a time of 02:37:09 followed by a photo finish for the Hogweed trio who all achieved a personal best time for the course in the process. Lynette Bonnick 02:50:26, Serena Griffiths 02:50:26 and Suzanne Mundy 0:50:27 (their times included a pit stop on route to the public conveniences in croyde!).

Chris Lewis ran the full marathon and came 20th in a time of 4:03:39 placing 5th in his age group.

Over a shorter Distance, and closer to home, Lewis was back in action taking on the Blaise Blazer 4 mile event at Blaise Castle.

Alan Wilcox was first hogweed back in 26.58 a PB for the course followed by Lewis in 27.11, Sheila Hartnett 36.34 PB, Nic Paice 37.57 and Michelle Edgell 40.39.

Other results include:

Chippenham 5k River Run - Alan Wilcox 20.24 and Nic Paice 27.03.

Julie and Mike Froggatt were in Ledbury at the Eastnor Castle for the Oblivion Mudrunner on the Sunday 30th June. The pair took on the 10km event for charity which features lots of mud, obstacles as well as hills, a lake swim and a water slide and finished in 1 hour 45 minutes.

Tintern Trot - Chris Lewis 45.08, Alan Wilcox 47.16 and Nic Paice 01.07.58.

Friday night Towpath 10k series - Mark Pyke 39.00, Chris Lewis 41.16, Alan Wilcox 43.25, Tom Woodhams 50.04, Richard Southcott 54.18 and Michelle Edgell 57:20.

Ashton Court Parkrun (06/07/13) - Alan Wilcox 21.28 and Sheila Hartnett 28.26.

Enigma 30 miler 8 and a bit laps of Caldecotte lake in Milton Keynes - Lee Masters 2nd Male.

Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon 6th-7th July - a fantastic performance over the two day event from the partnership of husband and wife team John and Pat Curtis. They finished day one (1st vets) in 4.25 and day two 3.08 ending up 2nd vets overall only being beaten by one male vets team. A great effort also from Jo Wilson and Al Mason also joined them in their first mountain marathon. 5.11 for day one and 3.18 for day two.

Wyre Forest Trail Half Marathon - Anne Draper 2:22:08 and Phillipa Crocker 02:34:29.

Outlaw Triathlon Ironman distance event - Shane Toogood 11:12.12 (01:18:37, 05:07:47, 04:35:42), Gary Stretton 11:44:16 ( 01:10:51, 05:40:40, 04:45:41) and Rich King 12:00:35 (01:16:57, 05:56:37, 04:33:53).A great achievement for all three Hogweeds!

Eastville Park 2 miler - Alan Wilcox 12:52 and Sheila Hartnett 17:12.

Frampton 10K - Nigel Burford 41.26, Alan Wilcox 43.03, Micheal Froggatt 47.30, Ian Dickinson 48.44, Sheila Hartnett 54.19, Michelle Hodges 54.29, Jenny Mccallum 55.19, Derick Newcombe 58.22, Julie Froggatt 58.36, Claire Searle 58.38 and Shelley Armorgie 1.01.33.

Sundays Hill 10k - Alan Wilcox 43.06 and Sheila Hartnett 56.44.

Ashton Court Park Run (13/7/13) - Rick King 21.15, Jason Walsh 22.48, Alan Wilcox 28.33 and Sheila Hartnett 31.59.

127th Much Wenlock Olympian Games Triathlon (500m swim 20k bike and a 7k (hilly) run) - Lee Masters 1:33:02 and Ali Ramsey 1:36:57.

Ashton Court parkrun (20/07/13) - Alan Wilcox 21.22 and Sheila Hartnett 30.03.

Little Stoke parkrun (20/07/13) - Chris Lewis 19.57, Nigel Burford 20.11, Dom Hurford 22.14 and Martin Wood 23.48 PB.

Royal Wooten Bassett 5k - Alan Wilcox 21.11.

Pontypool 10k - Alan Wilcox 39.54 and Sheila Hartnett 53.59.

The Journo: Stuart Wilkie


Newshound Posted on: 3 July 2013

Races & Cotswold Relay

At the Cheddar 10k finishing in 01:14:19 Michelle Edgell currently holds onto 5th place in the Mini Cheddar Challenge where a small number of mad fools are currently competing, it comprises of a 5k, a 10k and a half marathon but numbers getting smaller with each race.

At the Avon Athletics Interclub 5k Mob Match from the Pomphrey Hill Sports Centre Bristol & West AC won the team competition with the Hogweed Trotters coming joint 5th with local rivals Bitton Road Runners out of the 10 teams competing. Club results were: Chris Lewis 19:26, Paul Kent 19:34, Dave Stott 19:36, Stu Wilkie 19:39, Alan Wilcox 20:04, Jo Wilson 22:57, Michelle Edgell 26:21, Nic Paice 28:09 and Rob Lavis 35:10.

Other race results follow below.

Nailsea Festival 10k - Chris Lewis 41.05, Alan Wilcox 42.53, Sheila Hartnett 54.02, John Vrublevskis 56.13 and Nic Paice 58.51.

Great Charfield 10k - Andy May 38:26 (1st MV40), Alan Wilcox 41:50 (2nd MV40) and Sheila Hartnett 54:21.

Ashton Court Parkrun - Alan Wilcox 21:13 and Sheila Hartnett 31:12.

Little Stoke Parkrun - Chris Lewis 19:16, Dom Hurford 22:01, Ian Dickson 22:14, Andrew Russell 24:55, Jenny McCallum 25:07 New PB,Katie Pinnington 29:12 and Sonia Cross 30:29 New PB.

Olveston 5k - Alan Wilcox 19.52 (Second place).

The Cotswold Way Relay was hailed as another success and the club wish to thank Steve Weeks and Kaye Hall for their hard work and commitment on another occasion in the organisation for the clubs participation. First Back for the club on each of the (10) legs in name and overall position were: (1) Mark Offer 32nd/79 (2) Martin Young 38/77 (3) Rich King 17/77 (4) Will Gray 7/78 (5) Nigel Trickey 46/79 (6) Nigel Burford 15/77 (7) Julian Lewis 17/78 (8) Paul Hyams 22/79 (9) Rachel Bennett 33/79 (10) John Curtis 13/75. Overall results per team were:

HOGWEED LADIES - 1 Charlotte Willey 01:46:40 48, 2 Liz Jones 02:03:34 62, 3 Pat Curtis 01:13:04 27, 4 Anne Draper 02:12:00 65, 5 Lorraine Norris 02:05:00, 70, 6 Michelle Hodges 01:44:35 71, 7 Sarah Richards 01:10:17 38, 8 Mandy Spedding 01:53:48 44, 9 Rachel Bennett 01:25:01 33, 10 Sue Leydon 01:35:49 62.

HOGWEED ALL MIXED - 1 Al Mason 01:46:26 46, 2 Jo Wilson 01:57:18 51, 3 Rich King 01:05:32 17, 4 Justin Littlechild 01:32:37 9, 5 Kim Freestone 02:05:00 70, 6 Ian Freestone 01:35:25 61, 7 Donna Conlon-Jones 01:30:00 71, 8 Paul Hyams 01:42:04 22, 9 Christine Stephenson 01:45:00 72, 10 Zoe Harley 01:40:19 68.

HOGWEED (not so Senior Men ) - 1 John Francksen 02:02:00 66, 2 Martin Cooke 02:12:00 72, 3 James Rennie 01:37:26 71, 4 Shane Toogood 01:44:43 24, 5 Pat Hall 02:05:00 70, 6 Paul Searle 01:28:12 49, 7 Jon Woolls 01:08:20 32, 8 Lee Masters 01:47:09 32, 9 Robert Smith 01:43:23 68, 10 Dom Hurford 01:35:31 61

HOGWEED 4 VETS Veterans - 1 Mark Offer 01:41:47 32, 2 Martin Young 01:49:10 38, 3 Mark Stephenson 01:17:39 43, 4 Will Gray 01:32:13 7, 5 Nigel Trickey 01:48:13 46, 6 Nigel Burford 01:15:21 15, 7 Julian Lewis 00:59:50 17, 8 Ray Maddock 01:46:18 29, 9 Richard Finch 01:45:00 72, 10 John Curtis 01:12:37 13.

Out of 302 finishers Ian Rowland was first back for the Hogweed Tri Club in 36th position at the Portishead Triathlon. 36th Ian Rowland 1:23:29, 51st Anthony Febry 1:25:34, 155th Ron White 1:35:41 and 274 Rothery Harris in 1:57:38.

Finally, this time next week Stuart Wilkie will be getting ready to start day one of his ten marathons in ten days challenge. Wilkie who takes on this sort of challenge for the first time uses Ireland as his location. Whilst competing in the event he is hoping to raise as much as he can for the Bristol Dogs & Cats home. To help him with his sponsorship visit http://www.justgiving.com/262vsstu4 where you can also look out for updates on his progress too.

The Journo: Stuart Wilkie


Newshound Posted on: 26 June 2013

Half Ironmen and Ireland!

Described as the toughest half ironman distance triathlon in the world, the Ironman UK 70.3 event in Exmoor takes place every year in the middle of June every year and this year Jim Sadler was in good company as he raced over the same course with a best of British field of professional triathletes. Jim conquered Wimbleball as it is known by fellow competitors in a time of 7:20:03. His split times for the 1900 metre swim, 56 mile (extremely hilly cycle) and 13.1 mile (undulating multi-terrain) run were 00:45:40, 03:53:15 and 02:31:12.

Competing over the same distance but on a much flatter course in the Cotswolds was John Francksen at the Cotswold 113. His first half-ironman. Finishing in 7 hours 11 minutes, John came away from the event with a few things to take into consideration for next time in order to have a more successful race in the future.

On a hot evening in Ireland Alan Wilcox and partner Sheila Hartnett lined up for the Lisburn Half and 10k. Alan was 168th in a time of 1.39.31 with Sheila 593rd in the 10k in a time of 55.33. Continuing his fundraising for the WWT at Slimbridge he ran the undulating race dressed in the flamingo costume.

Malvern was the location for a half marathon for Duncan Eeles 1:34:11, Geoff Partridge 1:38:26 and Annabelle Pugh 2:08:48.

Ashton Court Parkrun results were: Alan Wilcox 21.34 and Sheila Hartnett 26:43.

Pauline Fletcher was another first timer along with two new personal bests at the Little Stoke Parkrun. Other results were: Chris Lewis 19.42, Helen Newberry 20.05, Andrew Trew 20.44, Martin Wood 24.32 (pb), Ruth Medcoft 26.06 (pb), Michelle Edgell 26.55, Katie pinnington 28:54 and Pauline Fletcher 32:13.

The Journo: Stuart Wilkie


Newshound Posted on: 13 June 2013

Ali Represents Great Britain!

Ali Ramsey of the Hogweed Trotters had an experience of a lifetime recently representing Great Britain in Triathlon. Ramsey who donned the GB suit for the first time was joined by other age group competitors as well as the elite triathletes to compete in the 2013 European Triathlon championships in Alanya, Turkey. Competing in the sprint distance her debut performance went well in the hot conditions with a sea swim start with a temp of 24. Finishing in 01:19:36 and not in last position as she previously thought. A really good result considering the journey was in doubt due of a period of low training because of injury issues. Partner Lee Masters was there with her for support and encouragement.

Three Hogweeds took part in the Kennet Kanter 10 Miler, Alan Wilcox 1:13:51 (pb), Darhyl Davies 1:34:42 and Rob Smith 1:34:53.

The rest of the week has mainly concluded of 10k's for the rest of the Trotters. Chris Lewis cemented his sub 40 minute triumph at Clevedon on Tuesday with more of the same in Bristol at race number 2 of the GWR Towpath series.

Towpath Series - Chris Lewis 39:50, Alan Wilcox 41:53 and Sheila Hartnett 52:51 (pb).

The Malvern 10k - Alan Wilcox 48:13 and Nic Paice 1:04.

The Clevedon 10k - Chris Lewis 39.34, Alan Wilcox 41.44, Dom Hurford 44.46 and Sheila Hartnett 54.31. The Westonbirt 10k - 38:15:00 Stu Wilkie, 42:18:00 Alan Wilcox, 46:32:00 Michael Froggatt, 47:37:00 Ian Dickson, 48:07:00 John Perrett, 50:25:00 Susan Leyden, 50:25:00 Zoe Harley, 51:09:00 Richard Southcott, 51:27:00 Jenny Mccallum, 51:36:00 Julie Boynes, 53:19:00 Andrew Russell, 54:04:00 Graeme Stephenson, 54:59:00 Michelle Hodges, 55:30 Sheila Hartnett, 55:39:00 Nicola Hughes, 55:51:00 Nicola Paice, 55:54:00 Ruth Medcroft, 56:22:00 Julie Froggatt. 56:32:00 Claire Searle, 56:51:00 Martin Cook, 57:50:00 Josephine Parry, 58:06:00 Marie Taylor, 58:03:00 Andy Williams, 59:48:00 Sue Hammond, 01:00:37 Margaret Chandler, 01:02:01 Shelley Armorgie and 01:07:49 Pauline Fletcher. Results from the Parkruns are as follows: Ashton Court - Alan Wilcox 21:17 and Sheila Hartnett 32:29. Little Stoke - Andrew Lane had a fantastic result making his return to the free 5k event. Knocking more than 30 seconds of his time he finished 2nd in 17:56. Other results include: chris lewis 19:11, Geoff partridge clocked exactly the same time as his pb 20:20, Jeff Lane clocked 22:16 for a new pb, Dom hurford 22:23, Andrew Russell 25:52, Kim Freestone 26:20, Michelle Edgell 28:48. Katie Pinnington ran round with her son and praised the help and support from all the volunteers and fellow competitors finishing in 34:52.

The Journo: Stuart Wilkie


Newshound Posted on: 6 June 2013

Blaise, Run & Triathlon

Alan Wilcox and a few other members of the Hogweed Trotters started off last week with a couple short runs with 5 members doing the Blaise Castle Blaise Blazer 4 mile. Results were Chris Lewis 26.40, Sheila Hartnett 36.35, Alan Wilcox 36.35, Nic Paice 37.16 and Michelle Edgell 38.16

On Tuesday Alan and partner Sheila ran the Eastville Park 5k finishing 20.41 and 26.47 respectively. Sheila picked up her first race prize reward in the form of a medal for finishing in the top 7 ladies.

At the Little Stoke Parkrun on Saturday Nigel Burford was first trotter back this week ahead of Chris Lewis in 19:46. Lewis was just behind in 19:51 other members there were: Dominic Hurford 22:19, Martin Wood 24:34, Michelle Edgell 27:13, Shelley Armorgie 30:18 and Katie Pinngton 30:30.

At Ashton Court - Alan Wilcox 21:00 and Sheila Hartnett 27:35.

A good turnout for the Trotters at the Bradley Stoke 10k on Sunday.Just outside 40 mins was Chris Lewis in 40:34.2 behind Chris were: Paul Kent 41:56.2, Alan Wilcox 42:10.5, Adrian Pook 42:23.5, Neil Hopkins 45:24.8, Graeme Stephenson 53:51.9, Sheila Hartnett 54:19.0, Michelle Edgell 58:36.7, Lorraine Norris 59:22.7, Kathryn Stephenson 1:00:03, Serena Griffiths 1:00:23, Sue Hammond 1:01:32, Shelley Armorgie 1:03:56, Julie Higgs 1:08:31 and Joanne Wood 1:13:39.

At the Chippenham 5 mile road race Annabelle Pugh used the race as a fitness test to assess her current state of fitness. Pugh has been off running for a while after months of minor injuries and the introduction of Asthma. Finishing the 5.08 mile event in an unconfirmed time of 42:42. she was pleased to be under her target of 43:00 an average pace of 8:25 minutes per miles its onwards and upwards for Pugh now! Dom Hurford was also present finishing in 36:28

Finally Mandy Spedding continues to feature in the post race presentations finishing the Marbury Standard Tri in Cheshire in 2nd Lady place and 1st Vet 40 in a time of 2.42.26.

The Journo: Stuart Wilkie


Newshound Posted on: 31 May 2013

Trot & Tri!

It was 10k time again last week with the Hogweed Trotters putting on the 10th edition of the Kevin McConville Memorial Hogweed Trot. Race Director Rachel Bennett did a sterling job along with all volunteers and assistants. This year there was an added feature in the form of pacers. Kitted out in pink t-shirts, five members of the club set the pace to help those competitors wishing to finish the race in or under the following times 40, 45, 50, 55 and 60 minutes. Members of the Club running were Phil Sampson 37.08, John Curtis 38.16, James Tyack 39.12, Paul Kent 40.21, Chris Lewis 40.36, Nigel Burford 41.01, David Stott 41.08, Craig Pritchard 42.05, Mark Clements 43.10, Kate Farmer 43.46, Adrian Pook 44.03, Jeffrey Lane 46.50, Laura Buet 47.10, Paul Searle 47.21, Ian Dickson 48.05, Lesley Gavin 48.15, Dave Gynn 48.26, John Perrett 49.03, Julie Boynes 50.28, Zoe Harley 50.52, Jenny Mccallum 51.31, Michelle Hodges 51.36, Robert Smith 53.59, Bill Smith 54.03, Ruth Medcroft 54.22, John Wheeler 55.20, James Rennie 56.03, Marie Taylor 56.32, Martin Cook 56.33, Sue Hammond 56.42, Lorraine Norris 58.42, Phillip Shipp 1.03.31, Julie Higgs 1.07.20 (pb) and Beverly Woodward 1.12.46.

Ali Ramsey is continuing to make good progress for the European Triathlon Champs in Turkey.Along with her Oldbury White Horse triathlon at the start of this month where she finished 8th lady in 01.13.31 after a good swim, fast bike and solid run, she was back in action again recently at the Cromhall Evening Triathlon. Finishing 3rd lady in 1.10.23 over distances of a 550m swim, 18km bike and 4km run, the event has grown in popularity along with the strength of some of the competitors. Ramsey also raced the Super Sprint Salty Sea Dog Tri at Boscombe along with Lee Masters (sprint distance). Starting with a chilly sea swim the pair finished 56:06 and 1.36.27 respectively.

Chris Lewis along with seven others took part inthe Tyntesfield 10k. Results were as follows: Chris Lewis 45.47, Alan Wilcox 47.24, Pat Hall 54.25, Andrew Russell 1.00.01, Sheila Hartnett 1.02.23, Michelle Edgell 1.03.17, Nic Paice 1.03.27 and Anne Draper 1.06.11.

It was Marathon number two of the year for Shane Toogood at the Edinburgh Marathon finishing in a good time of 3:22:37 ahead of Mark Offer in 3:27:39 (pb).

Jason Bidwell is now in the sub 90 minute category after finishing the Dymock Half Marathon in hot weather in 1.29.27 a great effort on that course. Joining Bidwell were Andy May 1.27.13 and Chris Lewis 1.35.13.

Ashton Court Parkrun included Alan Wilcox 21.32 and Sheila Hartnett 27.30. At Little Stoke there were PB's for the following Stuart Wilkie 2nd in 18.25 and finishing ahead of friendly rival Gary Slater of Thornbury Running Club for the first time. Jason Bidwell 18.43, Nigel Burford 19.22, Helen Newberry 19.54 (especially well deserved after returning from injury), Katie Pinnigton 28.19 and Phillip Shipp 28.59. Regular Parkrunners Chris Lewis 19.43, Geoff Partridge 20.42, Dom Hurford 21.52 and Andrew Russell 25.05 were also present. Ian and Kim Freestone made their debut with both making a return to running following injury. The pair finished in 23.42 and 27.22 respectively.

There was a good turnout for the Triathletes at Mondays Westonbirt Triathlon on Bank Holiday Monday. Finishing positions and times for the Club out of 479 competitors were: 39th Steve Stretton 1:14.01, 61st Ian Rowland (5th in age group) 1.16:06, 63rd Anthony Febry (6th in age group) 1.16:10, 100th Gary Weeks 1.18:58, 210th John Perrett 1.25:49, 223rd Mark Stephenson 1.26:24, 235th Ralph Lillywhite 1.27:14, 259th Ian Freestone 1.28:07, 273rd Ian Dickenson 1.28:57, 294th Jeff Flynn 1.30:27, 352nd Jan Webb 1.35:30, 356th Rachael Green 1.35:52, 376th Kim Freestone 1.37:54, 382nd Christina Saltmarsh 1.38:57, 398th Jenny McCallum (3rd in her age category) 1.40.40, 410th John Fracksen 1.41:30, and 459th Christine Stephenson 1.55:15 (PB).

Finally the club wish a big Good Luck to Neil Hopkins for the upcoming Comrades Run in South Africa.

The Journo: Stuart Wilkie


Newshound Posted on: 21 May 2013

A Busy Week For the Hogweeds!

There was certainly plenty of choice in terms of races for the Hogweed Trotters last week as there was almost an event every day. Kicking things off on the Monday was the Berkley 10km where a handful of Hogweed Trotters were eager to hopefully better their times from the recent Bristol 10k over a quieter 2 lap rural course. First to finish was Chris Lewis (40:27) who acted as a reliable pacer for Bruce Sellers (40:32). Other finishers were Alan Wilcox (42:12), Dom Hurford (43:53), Mike Froggatt (45:31), Michelle Hodges (51:57), Sheila Harnett (53:39), Richard Southcott (53:29), Julie Froggatt (54:57), Claire Searle (55:56) and Derek Newcombe (1:01:57).

It was the Self Transcendence 2 mile event in Eastville Park the following evening and Alan Wilcox was the solo representative finishing in 13.25.

On the same night Chris Lewis (26.15) and Dom Hurford (26.15) were across the Severn Bridge in Redwick, Newport for the Rose inn 4 mile.

On Wednesday it was race number 6 in a row for Alan Wilcox at the Bitton 5k. Also present was Dom Hurford with the pair finishing in 20.03 and 21.27 respectively.

Ali Ramsey did well at the Cromhall Evening Tri (1.10.23 and 3rd lady) which comprised a 550m open water swim, 18k bike ride and 4k run.

On Thursday at the Weston 5 mile Prom Race Wilcox finished in 41.49 joining Alan were Chris Lewis (31.55), Dom Hurford (34.46), Sheila Hartnett (41.48) and Ruth Medcroft (42.55).

The friday club runs were replaced with The Hogweed Track Challenge at YOSC where distances ranged from 100 metres to a 1 mile handicapped race. Fastest 100 metre and individual mile times from last nights Hogweed 'fun' track challenge:

Andrew Lane 13.6, Andrew Trew 13.9, Dave Stott 14.3, Phil Sampson 14.7, Jason Bidwell 15.1, Phil Ship 15.3, Lord Wilkie 15.7, Will Gray 15.7, Helen Newberry 15.7, John Wheeler 16.5, Josh Sampson 16.5, Kate Farmer 16.9, Stephen Wilson 17.2, James Rennie 17.5, Laura Buet 17.7, Pat Curtis 18.0, Cameron Trew 18.2, Lesley Gavin 18.3, Becky Hopes 18.4, Sarah Farmer 18.8, Anne Draper 19.0, Jane Entrican 19.7, Rob Smith 20.3, Marie Taylor 20.6, Mark Clements 20.9, Michelle Hodges 22.2, Julie Doyle 22.3, Julie Higgs 29.1,

Mile Times: Andy Lane 5:20, Phil Sampson 5:22, (Photo finish/elbows and grimacing) Lord Wilkie 5:32, Andy May 5:32, Jason Bidwell 5:32, Dave Stott 5:35, John Curtis 5:47, Helen Newberry 6:06, Andrew Trew 6:14, Pat Curtis 6:21, Kate Farmer 6:27, Geoff Doyle 6:27, Laura Buet 6:49, Lesley Gavin 7:24, Michelle Hodges 7:34, James Rennie 7:44, Stephanie Wilson 7:52, Sarah Farmer 7:52, Phil Ship 8:15, Becky Hopes 8:26, Julie Doyle 8:52 and Jane Entrican 10:27.

Well Done again all!

At the Saturday Parkruns Stuart Wilkie finished the Little Stoke event in 18.55 missing out on a hatrick of pb's. Also present were Jason Bidwell (19.35), Chris Lewis (19.41), Andrew Russell (25.35), Michelle Edgell (26.16 PB)and Katie Pinnington (30.18).

Alan Wilcox is now the proud owner of the Black 100 Parkrun Finishers T-shirt finishing his 100th run in 21.06 at the Ashton Court event and, nearly Straight after, he ran the Shaw Stampede 10k in (45.33 PB) with partner Sheila (57:44). Finally, wrapping things up on Sunday at the Bradford on Avon Standard Tri starting with an open water swim in the river Avon, Gary Stretton (2.12.16), Shane Toogood (2.21.34,) Rich King (2.24.33), Mandy Spedding (2.32.47 and 1st FVet) and Phillipa Crocker (3.16.40 and 2nd FSupervet) were all in action.

Bruce Sellers was quicker over 26.2 miles in Copenhagen than London marathon finishing in personal best of 3:25:48.

Zoe Harley (1.01.22) was at the Cheddar Gorge 10k with Michelle Edgell (33.04) entered in the 5k.

The Journo: Stuart Wilkie


Newshound Posted on: 14 May 2013

White Horses and Marathons

Ali Ramsey used the Oldbury White Horse Sprint Triathlon as short test race for her European Triathlon age group event in Turkey in June. Starting off well with a faster swim than before and a good bike leg considering the first half of the total distance was up hill the race was going well and finally despite previously being unable to run due to injury the last discipline wasn't as bad as it could of been.

Ruth Medrcroft achieved another personal best at the Milton Keynes Marathon in a time of 5.14.

Annabelle Pugh and Rob Ford successfully dodged the coffins at the Black Death 10 mile event held in Sydenham Country Park over a tough but well marshalled course still managing to have energy for laughs despite the killer hills the pair finished in about 2 hours 15 minutes a great effort from Ford especially as the previous day consisted of a full days training for his Ironman Triathlon debut in July.

Alan Wilcox bagged another PB at the great western runners friday night Towpath in Bristol as he finished in 41.22. Also present was Chris Lewis (40.43) and Tom woodhams (43.20).

Stu Wilkie achieved another PB at the Little Stoke Parkrun on Saturday in 18.32 other finishers were Dave Scott( 19.42), Chris Lewis (20.10), Geoff Partridge (20.34 PB), Dom Hurford (21.20), first timers Pat Hall (23.54) and Kaye Hall (25.48), Andrew Russell (25.52) and Kate Pinnington (29.16).

At the Ashton Court Alan Wilcox finished in 21.03. Next week is his 100th Parkrun!

In Hereford Andy May had a cracking run finishing the Hereford Half Marathon in 1.24.09 successfully winning his age group and finishing 9th overall.

And finally, only Alan Wilcox could ever really find the time to run 3 races in 3 days. So he and partner Sheila headed for Devon for the Killerton Half Marathon and 10k on Sunday finishing off the weekend in 1.52.30 for Wilcox and 1.07 22 for Hartnett distances respectively.

The Journo: Stuart Wilkie


Newshound Posted on: 14 May 2013

Bristol 10k, North Dorset Village Marathon, Parkruns and Pomphrey!

At the Bristol 10k the hogweed trotters were out in force and raring to go after his run around the capital just a fortnight ago was Bruce Sellers with a target time of sub 40 minutes in mind. Giving it everything he had Sellers unfortunately didn't manage to break 40 mins but left Bristol with a new PB of 40.51 after taking a minute off his previous time.

Hogweed finishers in order were: John Curtis 00:38:59, David Stott 00:40:24, Nigel Burford 00:40:43, Bruce Sellers 00:40:51 PB by 1m, Alan Wilcox 00:41:26, Geoff Partridge 00:42:17, Darren Hales 00:42:40, Pat Curtis 00:44:10 (2nd LV55+), Michael Froggatt 00:46:05, Robert Emery 00:46:06, Jon Woolls, 00:46:18, Andrew Russell 00:51:24, Michelle Hodges 00:52:27, Richard Southcott 00:53:15, Craig Stenner 00:54:57, Sheila Hartnett 00:55:05, Claire Searle 00:57:05, Julie Froggatt 00:57:06, Clare Williams 00:57:48, Sue Hammond 00:58:05, Shelley Armorgie 00:58:12, Lorraine Norris 00:58:30, Lynette Bonnick 00:59:20, Paul Buckley 01:00:35, Serena Griffiths 01:01:04, Suzanne Mundy 01:01:38, Julie Doyle 01:03:22, Sarah Hudson 01:05:35, Helen Golledge 01:05:35 and Clare Flint 01:18:57.

John Wheeler walked away from the North Dorset Village Marathon a happy man after killing two birds with one stone. Not only did he pip friend and club rival Ian cross to the post he set a new personal best in the process. Over a flatter course Wheeler knocked a massive 30 minutes off his previous marathon time from Tenby last year which was his debut marathon. Ian Cross was home in 5.14 and Rich king was first hogweed home in 3.40.

At both the Bristol Parkruns numbers were considerably lower due to the Bristol 10k the following day. Alan Wilcox and Sheila Hartnett finished 20.59 and 29.25 at the Ashton Court event while Stu Wilkie had a positive return to Little Stoke event setting himself a new personal best by a mere second finishing in 18.39 and almost had the edge on local rival Gary slater of Thornbury Running Club. Nigel Burford was taking it steady because of 10k commitments finishing 8th in 19:55, while Dom Hurford was just 1 second off his personal best finishing in 20:52. Michele Edgell was feeling the pain of pushing herself to a new PB. She finished in 26.59 taking 30 seconds off her previous time. Katie Pinnington wrapped things up for the hogweeds finishing in 30.23.

The Pomphrey Sports 5k, formally known as the Bridge Inn, Chris Lewis was first back for the hogweeds in 19.32 followed by Alan Wilcox in 20.01 and Sheila Hartnett in 25.56 another personal best by almost 2 minutes.

The Journo: Stuart Wilkie


Newshound Posted on: 28 April 2013

Ultras, Marathons, 10ks and Parkruns!

Whilst 35,000 people ran around in London last weekend Martin Young competed in the Evesham Trail Ultra organised by Cotswold Running. Young finished the scenic 45 mile event in 9 hours 05 minutes and inside the first 50% of the field.

With London done and dusted for another year it was the turn for some more Members to go the distance at the Shakespeare Marathon in Stratford Upon Avon. Dave Taylor on his maiden voyage finished in a highly commendable time of 3:43:50 after experiencing the notorious challenge the marathon has to offer after 19 miles on your feet. The female contingent were also setting new personal bests for themselves, Working together ticking off the miles were Michelle Hodges making her debut at the distance and Rebecca Febry who knocked off 10 minutes off her previous time. The pair both had an outstanding day out finishing in 4 hours 26 and 4 hours 28 respectively. The girls were supported all the way to the finish line with the help of fellow club member Martin Cook who opted for the half finishing in 2.12 two other members were also competing but no results were available for Julian Lewis and Sue Leydon.

Ashton Court Parkrun celebrated their 101st event since the event began in March 2011. Alan Wilcox finished his 97th parkrun in 21.02 and has now notched up a total of 91 attendances for the event. partner Sheila Hartnett finished in 27.15

Little Stoke yielded two personal bests for Dominic Hurford (21.51) and Shelly Armorgie (28.09) pb's by 2 seconds and 50 seconds respectively. Chris Lewis finished 12th in 19.39.

Mandy Spedding claimed First lady at the Woodchester 10.4k MT Run finishing in 51.48. Jon Wools was also present with man's best friend (four legged companion) by his side finishing in 53.32.

The undulating course of Corsham 10k offered personal bests for Alan Wilcox and Sheila Shartnett (42:02 and 53:42. Other Hogweed finishers were Ian Dickson (46.43), Jenny mccallum (52.42) and Pauline fletcher (105.58).

The Journo: Stuart Wilkie


Newshound Posted on: 21 April 2013

VLM Here at Last!

After the horrific news of the bomb blasts at the Boston Marathon last week 16 members of the Hogweed Trotters decided to stand defiant and show strength in numbers at the 32nd Virgin London Marathon. All of the members put in some serious training through the winter with at a couple of the male contenders expected to run inside 3 hours and for others it was their debut appearance at the distance. Alan Wilcox even donned fancy dress for the occasion running in a pink flamingo costume for the Wildfowl and Wetlands trust charity at Slimbridge. Leading the way for the Trotters was seasoned Londoner Geoff Doyle with the youth of James Tyack hot on his heels making his marathon debut in London. It was a close order with the Hogweed lads up front with 6 of them all running inside 3 hours 30 minutes and the first ten of the sixteen there cracking 4 hours. Many had special reasons and causes to run, in particular the towering statue of Dominic Hurford who was running for the thrombosis charity Lifeblood in memory of his mum who sadly past away last year. It was an emotional day but overall, everybody had a great weekend and felt very proud to be part of it.

The results were as follows: Geoff Doyle: 03:03:29, James Tyack 03:07:16 (debut), Shane Toogood 03:22:17, Dave Stott: 03:24:59, Jason Bidwell 03:27:17, Bruce Sellers 03:29:25, Rachel Bennett 03:42:45, Gary Weeks 03:43:15, Alan Wilcox 03:44:51, Charlotte Willey 03:56:47 (debut), Dom Hurford 04:14:26, Nicola Paice 04:24:51, Ang Martin 04:33:52 (debut), Ed Stevans 04:42:13, Donna Conlan 05:24:33 and Jaide Toogood 05:26:00 (debut).

Jo wood was having a cracking run and was making a massive improvement on her previous London marathon time but sadly as the temperatures rose the journey to the mall was becoming harder and exhaustion was setting in. After advice from the medical team on course, Jo took the tough decision and decided to withdraw. Not the result anybody likes to end up with but Jo's journey to London has been a very successful one and this will not defeat her. She will continue to build on the difference she has made to her fitness and will be back for another crack for sure.

At the Parkruns Chris Lewis was left up front on his own this week at the Little Stoke event. Lewis finished 12th in 20.11. Others there were Andrew Russell 24.37 PB, Michelle Edgell 27.29, Shelley Armorgie 28.59 PB, Sue Hammond 29.01 (first timer), and Katie Pinnington 31.02.

Stu Wilkie opted for the other side of town and was the solo representative at the Ashton Court event. Wilkie finished in 18th place in 19:44.

Alan Wilcox and Sheila Hartnett were out of town this weekend and were once again Parkrun tourists at the Beckton event in London. Hartnett set a new personal best by over a minute finishing in 25.32 with the help of partner Wilcox yet again. This is just one of a string of personal bests as last week she knocked 2 minutes of her time at the Weston prom 5 mile race finishing in 41.16.

After discovering the old severn bridge was closed Rich King managed to follow a diversion get to Chepstow in time for the Offers Orror 20k multi terrain race, finishing 61st out of 238 in 1:46:39.

A few members were also at Burnham on Sea for the super sprint triathlon. No results were published at time of going to press.

The Journo: Stuart Wilkie


Newshound Posted on: 14 April 2013

Hogweed Awards and Races

Horton Social Club was the venue for the Hogweed Trotters 12th annual awards ceremony. This prestigious event celebrates all standards & abilities of the member’s efforts throughout 2012 and was probably the best ever years racing since the running clubs formation back in 1999.With so many excellent performances it was an extremely difficult task to produce the short list of nominees let alone the individual winners for the 15 awards on offer. The highlight of the event is awarding the Club Champion with the ‘Clutton Cox Solicitors’ Trophy’

The winners of each award were:

Rachael Green - Triathlete of the Year

Laura Buet - Ladies Cross Country/mt

Jaroslaw Motyka Mens - Cross Country/mt

Helen Newberry - Ladies Half Marathon

John Curtis - Men's Half Marathon

Dr Paul Buckley - The Black Dog Award

Pauline Fletcher - The Peter Willoughby Award

Chris Lewis - Mens Short Race

Margaret Chandler - Ladies Short Race

Dawn Riden - Super Hero

Martin Cook - Club Personality

Jason Bidwell - The Laurence Award

Kim Freestone - Ladies Marathon

Geoff Doyle - Men's Marathon

Shane Toogood was awarded the Club Champion Trophy.

Well done and congratulations to both nominees and winners.

Chris Lewis was back on the hunt again for a coveted Boston Marathon good for age entry. Despite Lewis putting in another incredible performance battling the strong winds at the Lochaber marathon in Fort William finishing in 3 hours 18 minutes unfortunately wasn't enough to secure him the guaranteed entry.

Also making the trip north of the border was Stu Wilkie who used the free entry for the Rock 'N' Roll Edinburgh half marathon awarded to him after winning a competition held by one of the sponsors for the event on the social network site Twitter. Happy to finish in 1.29.29 after battling with the wind and rain he made a real weekend of it running the Parkrun on the previous morning finishing 32nd in 19.06.

Neil Hopkins completed the very windy but dry Worcester Marathon in 3.44.

In the Bristol Parkruns Sheila Hartnet was runner of the month at the Ashton Court event winning a free pair of trainers from the sponsors Sweatshop. Sheila truly deserved the prize after a very successful season so far achieving another PB with a time of 26.33. Partner Alan Wilcox was along side running the event in the pink flamingo fancy dress costume raising money for the wildfowl and wetlands trust in Slimbridge.

The Journo: Stuart Wilkie


Newshound Posted on: 7 April 2013

Forest of Dean, Bodmin, Bull Runs and Flamingo's

Lee Masters ran the 5 Tors Run on Bodmin. If the hilly 8.5mile event was enough to deal with present was also a headwind during 2nd half. Masters finished in 1:19:03.

The rescheduled Forest of Dean Half Marathon was back on and first to finish for the Hogweed Trotters were Dave Stott and Bruce sellers who were putting the finishing touches to their London Marathon preparations. The pair seem to be chomping at the bit for the big day in just over a weeks time. Finishing faster than their original plan in 1.35.39. The other finisher was Liz Jones who was very pleased with a new personal best especially after having to dig deep from mile 11 finishing in 1:51.53, well done Liz.

Alan Wilcox was back in the pink flamingo suit at the Blackpool Half Marathon raising awareness for the wildfowl and wetlands trust in Slimbridge. He unfortunately was just 10 seconds outside his personal best finishing in 1.32.17.

The partnership of Alan Wilcox and Sheila Hartnett seems to be having a positive effect on the new runners at the Ashton Court Parkrun as the two of them gave up their time again last week to act as pacemakers for the Run Bristol crew. With their help a fellow Parkrunner achieved a new personal best by over 2 minutes to come home in a time of 32.10.

With the weather somewhat improved conditions for running personal bests were greatly improved this weekend and the Little Stoke Parkrun saw twenty nine first timers. First home for the trotters was Chris Lewis in 19.39 followed by Dom Hurford in 21.11, Ian Dickson in 22.05 and Michelle Edgell 27.13. Both achieving new personal bests.

There was a bumper turn out in Horton for the Spring Bull Run. A 4.26 mile loop from Horton School to the village hall. Results were: 25.34 Stu Wilkie, 28.48 Adrian Pook, 29.58 Pat Curtis, 30.08 Charlotte Whiley, 31.37 Ian Dickson, 31.45 John Woolls, 32.08 John Perret, 32.16 Jo Wilson, Ruth Stewart 33.43, 34.54 Jenny McCallum, 39.11 Katie Pinnington, 40.30 Tracey Skuse, 44.33 Stephen Chandler, Gill Smith, 50.17, 50.19 Ruth Conlon and 52.20 Thelma Garner. Gill Smith 52.17

The Journo: Stuart Wilkie


Newshound Posted on: 31 March 2013

ParkRun PBs and Hanham Horrors!

Stu Wilkie had to find another gear to ensure he wasn't pipped at the post by a set of youngsters at the Little Stoke Parkrun but it still wasn't enough to close the gap between himself and rival Gary Slater of Thornbury running club. Wilkie finished in 6th place in 19.26. Chris Lewis was back after running the Barcelona marathon just a fortnight before finding his feet again finishing in 19.49. Geoff partridges commitment to solid winter training paid off as he was the first to achieve a personal best in 20.45. Other finishers were Dom Hurford (22.21), first timer Ali Ramsey (22.29), Michelle Edgell (27.51) PB, Shelly Armorgie (29.28) PB, Katie Pinnington (29.29) PB, and Ruth Medcroft (32.56)

At Ashton Court Alan Wilcox paced a fellow Parkrunner round and finished in 24.46 with Sheila Hartnett finishing in 27.28.

And finally at the Hanham Horror event, a six mile multi terrain race organised by Bitton Road runners, Alan Wilcox was first Hogweed to finish in 15th place in 43.14 not far behind was Chris Lewis in 43.56, slightly further back was the mighty force of the Martins, Ange and Chris, both finishing in 58.16 Sheila Hartnett and Michelle Edgell finished in 1.03 and 1.04 respectively.

The Journo: Stuart Wilkie


Newshound Posted on: 24 March 2013

Windy Weston to Lower Hutt!

On a Windy evening in Weston super-mare,Sheila Hartnett and Michelle Edgell of Hogweed Trotters both managed to better their times for the 5 mile promenade race and with the weather taking another turn for the worse over the weekend many local races had to be postponed and rescheduled.

First on the list was the Little Stoke Parkrun because the usual grass route was so waterlogged. The San Domenico 20 in Merthyr Tydfil and the Forest of Dean half marathon were also effected.

It was business as usual at the Ashton Court event however and Alan Wilcox and Sheila Hartnett braved the freezing temperatures and ran together finishing in 27.19

As per many other club members the two were due to run the Forest of Dean Half-Marathon but with that called off due to snowfall both pre event and on race day and a warning of a windchill factor of -9 they decided on running in the Calne 10k off road run at Bowood house instead. Wilcox finished in 17th place in 42:58 and Sheila 146th in 56:36

Mark Stephenson was in much warmer climates as he took part in the Lower Hutt Parkrun one the of the only two in New Zealand and potentially beating Dom Hurfords previous record to compete in a race the furthest distance away from Sodbury. On a beautiful morning the 8am sunday start saw Stephenson witness the sun rise over the hills as the out and back course follows the Hutt River. Stephenson finished in 22 minutes and enjoyed the usual post race coffee but with a few of the locals this time.

Stu Wilkie ventured down to Yeovil for the half-marathon. The course which is not ideally suited to achieve a personal best features a cash incentive of £50 for the 'King of the Hill' timed challenge half way through. Wilkie pushed hard over the hills to finish 31st place out of 813 in a time of 1:27:23 just 7 minutes behind the first Lady, Bath ACs Holly Rush who has a half marathon personal best of seventy four minutes and has represented GB at both the European and commonwealth championships in the marathon.

The Journo: Stuart Wilkie


Newshound Posted on: 17 March 2013

Hogweeds Barcelona Bound

In Spain last weekend Chris Lewis was left feeling pretty chuffed with himself after finishing the Barcelona Marathon. Lewis who is currently having a very good season knocked a staggering 12 minutes off his previous time for the distance achieving a new personal best time of 03:15:50 the superb run was annoyingly just 51 seconds off his target time for a Boston marathon qualifier and a guaranteed good for age place in the 2014 Virgin London Marathon, something he hopes to rectify at Lochaber in 4 weeks time. Also present was Neil Hopkins who joined Chris in achieving a Personal Best knocking 9 minutes off his time to finish in 3:30.

Three members ventured off to mid Wales for the Rhayder round the lakes 20 mile race. First Hogweed back was Shane Toogood (02:45:44) Closely followed by Rich King (02:46:08) an impressive result whilst recovering from an on going injury. Gary weeks completed the results in (02:51:04)

Andy May was in familiar territory for the Liverpool half marathon and proved he is still in good form and staying constituent finishing in 01:24:59 another personal best.

On a slightly dull and drizzly saturday morning numbers at the Little Stoke Parkrun were visibly smaller than usual and with just 66 runners finishing if it wasn't for the slippery, muddy conditions and the lack of the usual Hogweed suspects the scene would of been set for another interesting run. With Chris Lewis away in Barcelona and other members swapping the days for the weekend long run, Stu Wilkie was the first Hogweed home this week in (19:14) and 3rd overall whilst battling it out with Gary Slater of Thornbury Running club for 2nd place. Geoff Partridge was next home in 8th place missing out a PB by just 5 seconds. Dom Hurford was 14th in (23:03) and Michelle Edgell 46th (28:56).

At the Ashton Court Parkrun Alan Wilcox finished in another consistent time of 21.08 while partner Sheila HARTNETT (46.08) gave up her time this week to help to new park runners finish. 5k was just the warm up for Wilcox as he returned to Ashton court later that evening to double the distance and run in the night terror event. Finishing the 10k event in (44.40) coming home to safety in 5th place. With some energy to spare he also ran the Gloucester 20 mile race the following day in a time of 2 hours and 45 minutes a PB by over 7 minutes for that particular course.

The Journo: Stuart Wilkie


Newshound Posted on: 10 March 2013

5k to Ultra!

Martin Young was a solo entrant to this years Green Man Ultra, a 46 mile multi-terrain ultra from Ashton Court. Martin finished joint 26th of 65 starters in 9 hours 41 minutes. Overall the event sounds like it offers good value and is an ideal step up for those wishing to take endurance running further from marathon distance of 26.2 miles.

Today I raced the Grizzly 20 miler in Seaton, Devon. It was my first time doing the event and thoroughly enjoyed it. Dressed as a robber because of the Grime and Punishment theme I finished in 3 hours and 5 minutes followed by Zoe Harley in 4.22.29.

Dressed as a pink flamingo and raising money for the Wildfowl and Wetlands trust in Slimbridge Alan Wilcox ran his second of 9 races across the country for charity at the Worthing 20 mile event and it seems he was quite literally flying. Knocking 20 minutes and four seconds off his previous time for the distance he finished in 2 hours 12 minutes and 20 seconds.

James Tyack is well on his way to breaking sub three hours at this years London marathon after finishing the Longleat half marathon in 1.24.12 for 3 overall. Other Hogweed runners were Charlotte Whiley (01.42) PB. Scott Leonard, Annabelle Pugh and Rob Ford and Andrea Thompson Taylor (TT!).

Dave Taylor wasn't impressed with his time of 01.36 at the Cambridge half marathon. he was four minutes slower than his best time and puts it down to the fact of the cold conditions, poor nutrition and stomach cramps. We wish you better luck next time Dave.

Stuart Wilkie joined Alan Wilcox and Sheila Hartnet at the Ashton Court park run and was hoping to better his time of 19.30 for the course but the hill at the start of the run wasn't any easier and despite a massive effort of the downhill return journey he scraped in just over twenty minutes in 20.02. Wilcox on the other hand did a fantastic job getting partner Sheila a new personal best by 22 seconds finishing in 27 minutes flat.

Nigel Burford was the first hogweed home this time at the little stoke parkrun. Burford (20.13) was joined by 2nd timer Mark S tephenson (23.26) PB by 67 seconds, Ian Dickinson (23.54), Lesley Gavin (24.58), Jenny Mccallum (26.24), Ruth Medcroft (28.58), Michelle Edgell (29.08), Dom Hurford (29.08) and first-timer Christine Stephenson (32.43). Good to see Lesley Gavin making a return to her running after a recent spell of an injury.

The next event where you can catch a glimpse of the Hogweeds in action will hopefully be at the Rodway Easy Runner 10km multi terrain race on March 17th from Mangotsfield School. Those not fond of the distance can always opt out and support the race as a volunteer marshall as both marshals and runners are required.

The Journo: Stuart Wilkie


Newshound Posted on: 5 March 2013

Personal Bests Abound!

Now in its ninth year and always in March, the Hogweed Hilly Half offers runners a challenging and scenic half marathon distance. No PB’s in this one. Perhaps the toughness of the course and those runners who are deep into their hard training for spring marathons go in search for flatter courses that will offer them a faster time.On a bright, sunny, but cold day in the South Cotswolds a smaller than usual field of 166 novice and experienced runners competed in this very scenic running experience and were treated by their efforts with a fine selection of freshly made sandwiches, rolls and cakes at the end. The post race Buffett is almost as renowned as the event.The Hogweed Hilly Half Marathon is one of the toughest ‘all road’ half marathon courses in the UK and the Course Record is set at 1.16.04. On a mission to try and break that was this year's winner Lee Rankin from Stroud A/C looking as tight cruising home in 1.19.41. Second place was the Club's very own Jaroslav Motyka, nick named the Polish Bullet, he also made it look very easy in 1.24.18. Completing the podium was third place Chris Offler unattached club runner in 1.24.30. The First Lady was Kate Britten of North Somerset A/C in 1.36.08, 2nd was Jill McGee of B.R.A.T in 1.36.31, followed by Rebecca Topham of Dursley & District RC in 1.37.46 and in 4th place Ingrid Harris of Almost Athletes in 1.41.46. Other results can be found on the Hilly Half page of this website.

Other Hogweed Hilly Half Results were as follows: Phil Sampson (1:27:11), Andy May (01:28:28), John Curtis MV50 winner (01:30:55), Steffan Britain (01:36:53), Nigel Burford (01:37:03), Mark Clements (01:39:58), Scott Leonard (01:40:56), Neil Hopkins (01:41:05), Julian Lewis (01:43:53), Sarah Richards LV45 winner (01:44:10), Mandy Spedding (01:46:15), Laura Buet (01:50:51), Ben Bonnick (01:53:21), Paul Searle (01:53:22), John Wools (01:55:03), Liz Jones (01:55:11), Ange Martin (01:59:37), Rob Ford (02:00:07), Mike Mitchell (02:00:12), Sandra Killen (02:01:58), John Franksen (02:04:54), Rob Smith (02:05:48), Martin Cook (02:10:06), Duncan Macarthur (02:13:53) and John Wheeler (02:14:19).

Across the severn Bridge at the Llanelli Half five perhaps sensible hogweeds opted for that flatter course and were rewarded for their efforts in the cold conditions. There were some superb performances from the group with the front four of them achieving personal bests. Chris Lewis was well and truly safe under the 90 minute mark (1:27:55). Just outside of that was Alan Wilcox (1:32:02). The fight was on for Geoff Partridge (1:36:13) not to be chicked by Rachel Bennett (1:36:55). Dom Hurford didn't let the niggling injuries get the better of him and ran a highly commendable time (1:54:23).

Down in Cornwall Lee Masters doubled up and was surprisingly the only member out of the Hogweed marathon posse to run the Duchy Marathon. A good run for Masters after explaining that the legs came off from mile 20.

Three members made it to the last race in the winter series of the Pompherey Sports 5k. Steve Strettons return to racing is going well finishing 21st out of 74. Chris Lewis was back in a course and personal best time of 19.07 and Helen Newbery was just outside 20 minutes finishing 2nd second senior lady out of 9 in 20.02.

At the Ashton Court parkrun Sheila Hartnett and Alan Wilcox both crossed the line in a comfortable time of 34:23.

Across town at the Little Stoke Parkrun this week it was a Hogweed rumble for the top three spots. Over 4 minutes were accounted for new personal bests. Jason Bidwell chased the two leaders from start to finish knocking 26 seconds of his previous time in the process to grab 3rd spot in (19.04). Bruce Sellers (19.09) was just 5 seconds behind securing 4th place and another personal best by forty seconds. Stuart Wilkie was six seconds behind Sellers in (19.15). Chris Lewis reduced the distance from Wilkie considerably as he came home in (19.17). Dave Stott was well inside the top ten this week in (19:34) another Personal Best. Other hogweed finishers were Dominic Hurford (22:11) and John Francksen (25:45 PB). Shelley Armorgie achieved the biggest PB of the day finishing in exactly 30 minutes.

And Finally some very exciting news has come through to Triathlete Ali Ramsey as she has just been selected for a GB Age Group spot to race at the European Triathlon champs in Alanya, Turkey in June this year. This will be a unique experience for Ramsey who has been competing in triathlon for a while and was thrilled to learn of the news. she now looks forward to maximising her training to achieve the best result she can. Congratulations to her.

The Journo: Stuart Wilkie


Newshound Posted on: 24 February 2013

Sprints Around The Corner!

With Spring around the corner it's nearly time to commence the triathlon season and to test out how the legs cope running off the bike, three Hogweed Triathletes braved the cold to race round Castle Coombe circuit at the Chilly Duathlon. Richard Powell was first to finish in a total time 55:11. This time is a combination of the 2 mile run (13:21) 10 mile bike (26:27) and final 2 mile run (13:47). The clock keeps ticking whilst he is transitioning through the disciplines. The other finishers were Paul Chappell 56:30 (13:12) (27:46) (13:53) and Helen Crook 01:10:39 (16:42) (34:01) (16:46).

The event also featured a 10k run on the circuit and Kate Farmer was the only Hogweed representative finishing 5th female out of 35 overall and 4th out of 23 in her age group in a impressive time of 44:56.

Alan Wilcox was on home soil at the Tough Ten in Weston-Super-Mare. Wilcox finished with a good result for the challenging 2 lap course (01:10:31 PB) just ahead of Stefan Brittain (01:11:10). Sandra Killen was in next (1.32.20), followed by Rob Smith (01:35:39), Sheila Hartnett in (01:42:35), Annabelle Pugh in (01:43:01) and Michelle Edgell in (1.43 PB).

Shane Toogood and Gary Weeks were in Pewsey, Wilts for the Terminator race. A 12 mile off road run which offers steep hills, plenty of mud and a dip in the river Avon to wash away the dirt. No results published as yet.

Stu Wilkie travelled to Devon after a recommendation for the the Dalwood 3 Hills Challenge race. Another off road run starting in the village of Dalwood near Axminster the scenic route takes competitors around the Devonshire countryside up and down the hills, through lots of mud and across streams with a sprint finish in the river at the end. Wilkie Was pleased with a finish well under the 90 minute mark finishing in 01:26:17 in 33rd place.

Kaye Hall was first trotter back at the Bourton 10k in a fine time of 52:20 returning to form after a couple of years of injury hampered running. Steve Weeks made his long awaited return to racing and must be pleased with 56:21, a brilliant run after 20 months off running and only resuming training on the 28th December. Well Done Steve it's good to have you back. Next in was Derek Newcombe (1:05:05) followed by Richard Southcott (1:06:20).

Park Run results were as follows: Ashton court - Alan Wilcox (21:10) and Sheila Hartnett (28:52). Little Stoke - Chris Lewis (19:22), Dave Stott (19:38 PB), Dom Hurford (21:52), Helen Newberry (30:40), Phil Samson (33:28) first timer! And Andrew Trew (36:25).

The Journo: Stuart Wilkie


Newshound Posted on: 17 February 2013

New Parkrun & Bath Skyline!

The Hogweed Trotters were at it again at the Little Stoke Parkrun as three members managed to secure a top ten finish with Andrew Trew nearly making it four finishing in 11th place. Chris Lewis was just 12 seconds off the virtual podium finishing in 5th place in (19:23). Chasing him down was Bruce Sellers who returned for another week and managing another personal best. It seems a warm at the Boot Camp before hand does the trick. Bruce finished in (19:49) knocking 5 seconds off his time from last week. Nigel Burford was home in (20:02), closely followed by Trew in (20:13) knocking 40 seconds off his time and achieving a new best time for the run. Shellie Armorgie was the only female Hogweed representative this week and made her debut in a fine time off (32:45). An enthusiastic Shelley comments she had great fun and is already hooked.

At the Ashton Court Parkrun this week it was time to give something back to the sport, and as well as running, Alan Wilcox and Sheila Hartnett (32:39) and (37:12) respectively helped the Bristol SweatShop beginners Group complete Ashton Court Parkrun for the first time. About 10 beginners took to the hill and all returned with smiles on their faces. Lets hope they all return.

Cheltenham held their first event and Stu Wilkie headed up to test out their course out and came home happy after a pleasing top 10 finish out of 234 runners in a time of (18:55) his second best time for the event. The 3 lap course offers a bit of everything, scenery, tarmac, off road, slight down hills and a gentle up hill incline to finish.

Finally at the Bath Skyline 10km held at Bath University conditions were back to normal this time after Januarys snow. Alan Wilcox was first home in (53:26) making it 3rd M40-49 in the age category. Behind him was Merlin Trudgill (01:16:14), Sheila Hartnett (01:17:33), Michelle Edgell (01:25:43) and Ruth Medcroft (01:28:08).

The Journo: Stuart Wilkie


Newshound Posted on: 10 February 2013

From Park Runs To Quadzilla!

The weekends results for the Hogweed Trotters have some inspirational stories behind them after some truly impressive performances. On Thursday the 7th of February Dawn Riden headed East for a long weekend, a very long one. In the space of four days she clocked up a staggering 104.8 miles adding another four marathons to her ever increasing total. She finished day four of her ultra marathon challenge in extreme weather, completing the 2013 Quadzilla event organised by Enigma Running in Milton Keynes in a total time of 17 hours 24 minutes and 44 seconds. Astonishingly on the final day in the wind and rain she battled thorough the conditions to finish only 28 minutes behind her personal best marathon time of 04:09:08 achieved only last month. Dawns times for each day was (04:15:54), (04:15:48), (04:16:47) and finally (04:37:12). Well Done Dawn you really are showing that your physical limitations shown no bounds. Dawn is now reducing her marathon training we hope to focus on the training for her debut Ironman in Switzerland in July.

Lee Masters and Ali Ramsey continue to manage to locate, travel and compete in unique running events around the country. At the inaugural Wild Night Run in Dartmoor the run certainly seemed to meet the criteria they look for in an event. The couple completed the 10 mile run which took competitors to up on to the top of Dartmoor in around 02hours 30mins. The night time route which was marked with sawdust and the odd marker took them along tracks which were not what you could call more than feral paths. It wasn't an event for those accustomed to open moorland at night and certain competitors not so keen retraced their steps back to HQ. The event required entrants to team up with others and combining skills those similar to Bear Gryll.

The high mileage is certainly paying off for Dom Hurford as continues to have a good year. At the Woking half marathon he achieved another personal best half marathon time of (01.33.25).

At the Dursley Dozen the wet, cold and windy conditions added to the toughness of the race and every Hogweed competing had a solid performance. Encouraged and supported by fellow Hogweed spectators, the first to finish in 5th place was Jaroslaw Motyka in (01:29:34). Jaroslaw was followed by Alan Wilcox (01:49:09), Adrian Pook (01:58:15), Jon Woolls (02:10:42), Mandy Spedding (02:13:04), Neil Paice (02:13:28), Elizabeth Jones (02:22:33), Zoe Harley (02:31:37), Annabelle Pugh (02:50:17) and Sheila Hartnett (02:50:30).

At both Bristol Parkruns more personal bests were achieved. At the Little Stoke Parkrun 4 members were inside the top ten with Dave Stott finishing just outside in 11th place and with a new personal best time of (20:01). Results were Stu Wilkie (19:19), Chris Lewis (19:34), Bruce Sellers (19:54) PB, Helen Newberry (20:01), Dave Stott (20:01) PB, Nigel Burford (20:11), Dom Hurford (21:40), Rowan Baker (22:30) PB, Lesley Gavin (23:59) and Andrew Russell (26:51).

At the Ashton court Parkrun Alan Wilcox (20.34) was pleased to see partner Sheila Hartnett run a faster time by 21 seconds to finish 1st lady in her age group 40-44 in a time of (27.22).

The Hogweed Hilly Half Marathon event which takes place on the 3rd of March is looking for two cyclists to ride ahead of the runners at 10.20am. If you are available to help out please get in touch with the Clubs chairman Mr Bob Bell via email at rabbell1@aol.com or via a message that can be left on the clubs website forum at www.hogweedtrotters.co.uk

The Journo: Stuart Wilkie


Newshound Posted on: 3 February 2013

Hogweeds Out & About!

With 2013 under way, the Hogweed Trotters are now in full swing with their training for the forthcoming events, with many all focused on those spring marathons. The added bonus of the mornings getting lighter earlier and daylight lasting a bit longer, the all important Sunday morning long run and weekly miles are being logged. Friday the 8th of February will see the return of the track sessions at Y.O.S.C combined with the long runs, the track sessions will become a useful tool to have in the runners kit bag.

At the latest Pomphrey Sports 5k (formerly the Bridge inn 5k) Chris Lewis was first Hogweed home in (19:40) followed by Nigel Burford (21:31), Dom Hurford (22.31), Ian Dickson (23.19), and Sheila Hartnett (27:37) was home before partner Alan Wilcox in (28:26).

There was no shortage of action over the weekend with 10 members doing Parkruns both this side of the Severn and the other.

Stuart Wilkie opted for a change of scenery and headed for Cardiff. In a field of 415 runners over a fast out and back course Stuart managed to overtake from the start and work his way up to 23rd position finishing in 19 minutes flat.

At Ashton Court Alan Wilcox and Sheila Hartnett both crossed the line in (28.06) and in Little Stoke, over a new course which included the boggy grass finishing times were close together as Steve Stretton finished in (19.15) followed by Jason Bidwell in (19.30), Nigel Burford (19.54), David Stott (20.05), Bruce Sellers (20.10), Dominic Hurford (21.00) and Michelle Edgell in (28.08).

On Sunday Wilcox was racing again and was joined by Neil Paice at the May Hill Massacre in Gloucestershire. The event takes competitors to the top of the hill and back through some muddy trails, woodland banks and open fields. Finishing in 40th place in a time of 1 hour 12 minutes Alan comments that it was the hardest 9 miles of off road running he has done so far. Neil finished in a good time of 1 hour 25.

And finally the 2012 Hogweed Trotters Grand Prix has been concluded. The Grand Prix ran from the 1st of January to the 31st of December and to be eligible members competed in various races across the region from distances as little as 5k to endurance events such as the marathon including the Cotswold 113 middle distance triathlon.

Well Done to Jaroslaw Motyka 1st overall male and under 40 age category winner, other age category winners were: Dave Stott (MV40), Nigel Burford (MV50) and Ian Dickson (MV60).

In the Female competition congratulations to Helen Newberry 1st overall female and under 40 age category winner, other age category winners were: Katie Pinnington (FV40), Sandra Killen (FV50) and Jenny Macullum (FV60).

The Journo: Stuart Wilkie


Newshound Posted on: 20 January 2013

Snow Show & River Rollicks Cancellations!

Several members of the Hogweed Trotters had to seek alternative routes on sunday morning due to the cancellation of the Gloucester marathon and the Riverbank Rollick race in Thornbury. Both races were cancelled on friday morning due to safety reasons with both Bristol Parkruns also having to do the same.

In Bath however two Hogweeds were fortunate to get to race off road and ran the Bathskyline 10k. Stu wilkie finished in 48.46 and Ruth Medcroft in 1.18.51

At the fifth in a series of nine races, seven members of the club were in action at the Weston AC 5 mile prom run. First to finish was repeat offender Chris Lewis (31.28) with Dom Hurford giving chase achieving yet another PB in the process finishing in (34.11). Ali Ramsey was next to finish in (36.32) ahead of Richard Southcott (42.37). The top performance of the night was from Sheila Hartnett who started her Hogweed Trotters race portfolio off in style. Taking more than 2 and a half minutes of her previous best time, she finished one second ahead of fiance Alan Wilcox in a time of 43:54 and Michelle Edgell in 48.32

The Weston Prom Runs take place on the third Thursday of each month, with race six next race scheduled on the 21st Feb.

The Journo: Stuart Wilkie


Newshound Posted on: 13 January 2013

Starting Off The New Year!

At event number 11 of the Little Stoke Parkrun 5k 80 hardened runners, 8 of which were Hogweed Trotters all showed that just because it's raining it doesn't stop them training!

Stuart Wilkie (19:38) showed his sense of humour and even did the run wearing a swim hat and goggles which seemed appropriate for the morning's rain somehow. There were another two new Hogweed faces at Saturdays run which starts at 9am in Little Stoke Park. Steve Stretton (19:57) tested his fitness out after a break from racing due to an injury narrowly pipping Jason Bidwell (20:01) to the post. Dom Hurford was next in (22:50) and Mark Stephenson (26:33) the other new face choose Little Stoke for his first Parkrun.

There were no PB's this time around unfortunately and the closest to nearly achieving one was Ruth Medcroft (26:32) Just 12 seconds away after the help and encouragement from Mark Stephenson. Back again for a 3rd and 4th time respectively the partnership of Lesley Gavin (30:49) and Andrew Trew (34:24) were setting the pace and helping the youngsters to hopefully achieve new PB's with the youngest being Andrews son Ben aged just 5 who ran (30:49)

At the other Bristol Parkrun Alan Wilcox who is just 17 Parkruns away from a 100! is staying consistent and finished in 21:18 Well Done Alan.

The only other event happening over the weekend was the beat the bore in Epney. A 7 mile off road riverside run along the Severn River from Epney to Weir Green. Alan Wilcox braved the -2 temperatures early on a Sunday morning to finish in 56.00

The Journo: Stuart Wilkie


Newshound Posted on: 5 February 2013

The Great Hogweed Bake Off!

Bruce Sellers Overall Winner of the 2013 Hogweed Bake Off

We were delighted at the success of the first Great Hogweed Bake Off. There were 18 entries, covering the four categories of Cakes, Tray Bakes, Muffins and finally Scones. Clearly a popular catagory, Cakes attracted much competition and considerable banter and debate during runs as the "Big Day" approached. Not only did the competition give our members the chance to show off their baking skills, it also ensured that there was a fantastic buffet of wonderful tasting goodies after the Sunday morning run! I have never seen so many smiling faces on a Sunday morning, especially when people saw Helen's Malteaser Cake. Sadly, as I have given up chocolate for February, I wasn't able to sample its delights! I'm hoping she will make a white chocolate one for Easter!

Our three judges, Mark Stephenson, Ruth Medcroft and Peter Harney did an excellent job identifying our catagory winners and the overall Hogweed Baking Champion.

The results were as follows:

Hogweed Baking Champion and overall winner: Bruce Sellers for his Lemon Drizzle Cake and 2nd Thelma Garner for her Ginger Tray Bake.

Cake Catagory - 1st Bruce Sellers, 2nd Gary Weeks and Jaide Toogood and 3rd Helen Newberry.

Tray Bake Catagory - 1st Thelma Garner, 2nd John Francksen and 3rd Michelle Edgell

Muffins Catagory - 1st Laura Buet, 2nd Nigel Trickey and 3rd Thelma Garner

Scones - 1st Michelle Edgell

All catagory winners were awarded a glass trophy and certificates were awarded to the first three in each catagory. Bruce was awarded a glass trophy and a copy of the "Great British Bake Off Showstoppers" book and Thelma a bottle of Cava to wash down the remaining piece of Vic's delicious Rhubarb, Jam and Cream Victoria Sponge. I'm looking forward to Bruce turning up on a Sunday morning with some tantalising delights from the Showstopper book.

Congratulations to Mark Wolf whose Coffee and Walnut Cake was the first to be finished off. Also to Ashleigh and Bradley Ford, Serena's lovely children, who made an outstanding effort with their beautifully decorated iced cake. A special certificate is winging its way to you now.

Such was its success, that Bob has stated that he wants The Great Hogweed Bake Off to be part of our annual activities. So there is plenty of time to practise before next years competition.

Personally, I'm delighted that everything went well. It was such a pleasure to see everyone enjoying themselves and I can't wait to organise another one.

Hogweed Bake Off Organiser: Christine Stephenson


Newshound Posted on: August 10 2012

Stu Completes The Anglo Celtic Plate

At the Sturminster Half Marathon Dom Hurford finished in 1.44.43 ahead of debutante Liz Jones in 1.59.04, Annabelle Pugh also in 1.59.04 and Andrew Russell in 2.01.30.

Stuart Wilkie completed the Anglo Celtic Plate 100km, in 11hrs 41 minutes. This consisted of a 2 mile loop wish is the Rose Inn route.

At the 10k Mob Match Hogweed Trotters finished 7th out of 9 teams. Jarek Motyka was first home in 36.49. Steve Stretton also finished under 40 minutes in 39.23. Team Captain Stuart Wilkie was next home in 40.31, just ahead of Nigel Burford 40.41 and Dave Stott in 40.58. Paul Hyams 41.58, Mark Clements 42.25, first Hogweed lady Rachel Bennett 43.42, Chris Lewis in 43.52 all finished under 45 minutes. Dom Hurford 45.57, Martin Young 46.04, Laura Buet 48.10, Ian Dickson 48.32, Vic Garner 48.58, Mike Mitchell 49.55 and Michelle Edgell in 59.32 were our other finishers.

News Reporter: the Giant Hogweed


Newshound Posted on: 28th July 2012

News Roundup

At the Much Wenlock off road Olympian Marathon Lee Masters finished 34th overall in 4.54.16. In the Olympian Half Marathon Ali Ramsey finished 6th lady in 2.23.35.

At the severely undulating Cheddar Gorge half Marathon Annabelle Pugh finished in 2.43.33, ahead of Tony Batty 2.49.04 and Michelle Edgell 3.14.11.

At the Frome Half Marathon Rob Ford finished in 2.05.56, just ahead of Annabelle Pugh in 2.05.57.

At the Cheltenham Tri in the Park which consisted of a 400m swim, 10km cycle on undulation grass/park, 2.5km run, Annabelle Pugh was first Hogweed home in 45.53, ahead of Ian Dickson 48.23, Jenny McCallum 49.36 and Sonia Cross 55.23.

Simon Spedding finished 2nd V50 in the Marlborough Triathlon which consisted of 400m swim, 32k bike and 6.7k run in 1.36.

At the Devils chase 10k Alan Wilcox finished in 48.52.

At the fast Frampton 10k Gary Stretton finished in 39.12, ahead of Julian Lewis 40.46 and Craig Pritchard 41.29. Nigel Burford 42.03, Stuart Jones 43.12, Chris Lewis 43.14, Mike Froggatt 44.53 and Dom Hurford all finished under 45 minutes. 1st Hogweed lady Sue Leyden 47.46 and Ian Dickson 48.19 both finished under 50 minutes. Jenny McCallum 52.50, Sandra Killen 53.55, Julie Froggatt 54.57, Nic Paice 57.38, Sue Hammond 58.30, Shelley Armorgie 58.45, Sallie Beere 58.51 and Rachael Green 59.06 finished under the hour. Mike Plows 1.01.26, Derek Newcombe 1.03.32 and Pauline Fletcher 1.05.46 were our other finishers.

At the latest Bitton 5k Steve Stretton finished in 18.52, ahead of Rich Finch in a new PB of 19.52.

News Reporter: the Giant Hogweed


Newshound Posted on: 11th July 2012

Cotswold Relay 2012

Late June means only one thing for the Hogweed Trotters, the annual Cotswold Way relay. Following the national trail from Chipping Camden to Bath Abbey in ten stages the run passes through spectacular scenery and beautiful villages and towns.

The club entered four teams, lead off from a quiet Chipping Camden at 7am by Stuart Wilkie, Lee Pattison, Ian Freestone and our ladies team lead by Ann Draper. The relay guarantees two things, hills and wonderful views, with a constant risk of getting lost.

Forty club members ran with star performer Jarek Motyka winning leg 6. Other notable performances from Lee Pattison and Will Gray who both managed top 10 places on their legs. Helen Newberry was 3rd lady on the ultra tough leg 4.

This year there were a number of relay first timers including Bruce Sellars,Andrew Trew, Micheal Wenman, Mark Offer, Myles Cutler, Rich Finch, Paul Searle, Christina Saltmarch, Lesley Gavin and Liz Jones.

Other team Members included: Kim Freestone, Rebecca Febry, Rachel Bennett, Alison Woods and Sue Leydon, Anthony Febry, Mark Stephenson, Alistair Poole, Nigel Burford, Alan Wilcox, Scott Leonard, Richard King, Jason Bidwell, Stewart Ranshaw, Dom Hurford, Adrian Pook, Shane Toogood, Rob Smith, Pat Hall, Paul Hyams, Gary Weeks and Martin Cook.

Special thanks go to Steve Weeks and Kaye Hall for co-ordinating the 4 teams and turning up at the start and finish of most stages. Most will be back for more next year.

News Reporter: Mark S on behalf of the Giant Hogweed


Newshound Posted on: 18th June 2012

Endure, Endure!

Martin Young finished the Double Enduroman, this consisted of a 7600m lake swim in 2.59m, 236 miles on the bike in 16.15, and 52.4 miles on foot in 15.05 for a total of 34.19.32 to finish 16th out of 37 competitors.

Stuart Wilkie finished the 32 mile Dartmoor Discovery in 5.07.28.

At the Clevedon 10k Alan Wilcox finished in 42.07, ahead of Neil Hopkins in 44.33, Ed Stevens in 50.28, Paul Clark in 53.48 and Nic Paice in 1.00.33.

The Westonbirt 10k is always popular with Hogweeds and this year proved no exception despite the wet weather. Gary Stretton was first home in 00.38.43, just ahead of brother Steve in 38.48. Nigel Burford was next home in 41.48. Alan Wilcox and Chris Lewis also finished under 45 minutes. Ian Freestone, Martin Cook, Ian Dickson, John Perrett and Graeme Stephenson all finished under 50 minutes. Merlin Trudgill, Jenny McCallum, Julie Boynes, Sandra Killen, Robert Smith, Ange Martin, Paul Clark and Kim Freestone all finished under 55 minutes. Nicola Paice, Michelle Hodges, Ruth Medcroft, Andy Williams, Josephine Parry, David Mullins, Christina Saltmarsh, Marie Taylor and Shelley Armorgie all finished under the hour. Helen Young, Kathryn Stephens and Pauline Fletcher were our other finishers.

At the Burnham on Sea Triathlon Anthony Febry finished 45th in 1.10.14 and Bruce Sellers finished 82nd in 1.13.57

There was a PB for the Dom Hurford at the Chippenham 5 mile race in 35.02. There was also a PB for Dom at the 4 mile Rose inn in 28.25, Chris Lewis was our other finisher in 26.52.

News Reporter: The Giant Hogweed AKA Dom!


Newshound Posted on: 7th June 2012

Hogweeds Swim, Cycle & Run!

Triathlon season kicked off with the Westonbirt Sprint Triathlon. Simon Spedding finished as 1st MV50 and 20th place overall in 1.12.17. Ian Rowland also cracked the top 50 in 1.17.07, just holding off Anthony Febry in 1.17.54. Gary Weeks was next home in 1.20.51, just ahead of Steve Stretton in 1.21.14. Ian Freestone finished in 1.27.39, closely followed by John Perrett in 1.29.17. Katie Pinnington was our first lady home in, holding off Zoe Harley 1.34.17 and Sharon Wilkie 1.36.11 making a welcome return to racing. Mark Stephenson 1.36.31, Kim Freestone 1.36.42 and Jenny McCallum (2nd FV60) 1.39.59 all finished under 1.40. Rachael Green 1.46.13, Derek Newcombe 1.51.11 and Christine Stephenson 1.55.33 were our other finishers.

At the Bradley Stoke 10k Helen Newberry carried on her recent fine form finishing as 3rd lady overall in 41.44. Martin Cook was next home in, just holding off Neil Paice in 48.47.Andrew Russell was next home in 53.04, ahead of Nicola Paice in 56.03. Margaret Chandler also finished under the hour in 59.19. Finishing close together were Alan Wilcox in 1.00.13, Sallie-Anne Beere 1.00.17, Sue Hammond 1.01.02, Shelley Armorgie 1.01.06 and Pauline Fletcher in 1.02.40.

At the Shaftesbury Half Marathon Mark Offer finished in 1.43.34, ahead of Dom Hurford in 1.59.13.

At the Dymock Half Marathon Andy May finished 9th in 1.30.24. Alan Wilcox finished in 1.48.12, ahead of Merlin Trudgill 2.04.25, Ian Cross in 2.17.00, John Wheeler 2.18.47 and Ruth Medcroft in 2.35.35 were our other finishers.

Rob Smith finished the 10 mile off road Kennet Kanter in 1.36.47. Kaye Hall finished the 5k version in 26.37, ahead of Gill Smith in 34.32.

News Reporter: The Giant Hogweed AKA Dom!


Newshound Posted on: 5th June 2012

Race Results Catchup

At the Berkeley 10k Gary Stretton was first home in 38.01. Julian Lewis, Steve Stretton, Stuart Wilkie and Jason Bidwell all finished under 40 minutes. Helen Newberry, David Stott, Mike Wenman, Chris Lewis, Kate Farmer and Mike Froggatt finished under 45 minutes. Dom Hurford, Ian Freestone, Sue Leyden and Martin Cook finished under 50 minutes. Richard Southcott, Michelle Hodges, Julie Froggatt and Claire Searle all finished under the hour. Sallie-Anne Beere, Pauline Fletcher, Philippa Crocker and Derek Newcombe were our other finishers

Alan Wilcox ran the Cardiff Park Run in a new PB of 19.38 and the hilly off road Adidas 13k in which he finished in 58.38 for 4th place overall.

At the first 5k of the Bitton summer series Jarek Motyka finished in 17.46, ahead of Ed Stevens in 22.08.

At the Tewkesbury Half marathon Paul Kent finished in a new PB of 1.32.13 ahead of Dom Hurford in 1.44.04.

Simon Spedding finished the Bradford on Avon Olympic triathlon in 2.14.39 for 2nd Supervet position. Mandy Spedding finished in 2.32.17 for 3rd lady overall and 2nd lady in her category.

At the last Prom Run of the series Alan Wilcox finished in 32.52, ahead of Chris Lewis 33.46, Dom Hurford 36.24, Myles Cutler 45.32 and Michelle Edgell in 47.11.

At the Bristol 10k Jarek Motyka finished in the top 100 in 36.49, Gary 38.49 and Steve Stretton 39.58 also finished in under 40 minutes. Nigel Burford, James Tyack, Dave Stott, Craig Pritchard, Shane Toogood, Bruce Sellers, Mike Wenman, Mark Offer, Alan Wilcox, Andy Trew and Bob Emery all finished under 45 minutes. Mike Froggatt, Gary Weeks, Ian Dickson, Ian Freestone, Steve Moir, Jonathan Crook, Zoe Harley, Lesley Gavin, Martin Cook and Denise Pinnell all finished in under 50 minutes. Merlin Trudgill, Jenny McCallum, Andrew Russell, Tony Batty, Michelle Hodges, Kim Freestone, Julie Froggatt, Annabelle Wescott, Ruth Medcroft and Sallie- Anne Beere all finished under the hour. Shelley Armorgie, Sue Hammond, Claire Failes, Michelle Edgell, Kate Hoskins, Pauline Fletcher (pb), Jaide Toogood, Philip Shipp, Ruth Conlon and Jo Wood were our other finishers.

Alan Wilcox finished the off road Shaw Stampede 10k in 45.37.

At the scenic but undulating Keswick Triathlon Stuart Wilkie was first home in 2.35.08, ahead of Lee Masters in 2.45.12, Ali Ramsey in 2.59.02 and Dawn Riden in 3.24.30.

Alan Wilcox finished the Runnersworld trailblazer off road 10k in 45.57.

News Reporter: The Giant Hogweed AKA Dom!


Newshound Posted on: May 30 2012

Kevin McConville Memorial Hogweed Trot 2012

Another Sunny and Successful Kevin McConville Memorial Hogweed Trot

The 9th running of the Hogweed Trot was won by Mike Blackmore of Bitton Road Runners in 34.01 with Anthony Glover of Westbury Harriers 2nd in 34.28. First lady to finish was Nicola Brookland of Bristol and West AC who was 5th overall in a time of 35.56. 1St MV40 was Mark Searle of Bitton in 37.09, 1st MV50 was Will Gray of Hogweed Trotters in 37.49 and 1st MV60 was Jeff Davies of Meirionnydd RC in 42.26. 1st FV35 was Kim Whitlock of Bristol and West AC in 42.31. 1st FV45 was Rosina Rowland of Thornbury RC in 46.04 and 1st FV55 was Rosemary Barber of Avon Valley Runners in 50.48.

Will Gray was first Hogweed home in 37.49, just ahead of Andrew Lane in 37.59. Geoff Doyle also beat 40 minutes in 39.47. Helen Newberry was 1st Hogweed lady home in 41.26.

Alan Wilcox, Andy Trew, Bruce Sellers, Kate Farmer and Dave Stott all finished under 45 minutes. Jeff Lance, Sue Leyden, Martin Cook and Merlin Trudgill all finished under 50 minutes.

Tom Worlock, Michelle Hodges, Bill Bretherton and Rob smith all finished under 55 minutes.

Margaret Chandler, Martin Wood, Lynette Bonnick, Nicola Hughes, Myles Cutler, Jo Parry, Ruth Medcroft, Andy Williams, Ange Martin, Nic Paice, Mike Plows, Rachael Green, Stuart Base and Marie Taylor all finished under the hour. Paul Chard and Jan Farmer were our other finishers.

News Reporter: The Giant Hogweed AKA Dom!


Newshound Posted on: May 14 2012

Hogweeds UK and European Tour!

Five Hogweeds headed to the Neolithic Marathon, an off road trail from Avebury to Stonehenge. Rich King was first Hogweed Home in 3.27.55, just ahead of Stu Wilkie in 3.36.06 Jason Walsh on debut finished in 4.08.02, Anne Draper finished in 4.55.05 just ahead of Dawn Riden in 4.55.55.

At the North Dorset Marathon Ian Cross finished in 4.32.34, a sparkling PB by 43 minutes, Stephen Moir was our other finisher in 4.39.59.

Chris Lewis headed to the West Country to complete in the hilly Saltash half marathon finishing in 1.44.53.

Two Hogweeds also headed west to take part in the Great West Run half marathon in Exeter. Dom Hurford finished in 1.45.32, ahead of Sue Leyden in 1.47.17.

At the muddy and Hilly Honiton Hippo 7 miles, Ali Ramsey finished as 3rd lady in 1.09.38. Lee Masters finished in 1.05.41.

Martin Wood took a break from his holiday and finished the hot and hilly Son Carrio 10k on Majorca in 53.00.

Two Hogweeds braved the conditions at the Pensford 10k. Mark Pyke finished in 39.55, ahead of Myles Cutler in 58.29.

At the Mallorca Half Ironman Steve Eastaugh-Waring finished in 5.15.34, ahead of Justin Littlechild in 5.26.44.

At the Swashbuckler Triathlon Simon Pinnington finished in 05.10.49, which consisted of an 850m swim, 80k bike and 22k run.

At the Castle Combe Duathlon Richard Powell was first home in 51.35, ahead of Anthony Febry 56.58, Jo Wilson 1.01.25 and Ian Freestone in 1.02.01.

At the Cotswold Super Sprint Triathlon Gary Stretton finished in

News Reporter: The Giant Hogweed AKA Dom!


Newshound Posted on: May 1 2012

Hogweeds Make The Best of Difficult Conditions!

At the first running of the Bridge Inn 5K series Hogweeds put in some fine performances. Andrew Lane was first home in 17.53, ahead of Gary Stretton 18.26 and Steve Stretton 18.28. Nigel Burford just managed to get under 20 minures in 19.55 as did Helen Newbury in 19.56. Chris Lewis was next home in 20.37, ahead of Jeff Lane in 21.52. Ian Dickson 22.04, just held off Dom Hurford in 22.05, Jenny McCallum 24.58 and Bob Lavis in 32.17.

Hogweed Trotters headed to Stratford to take part in the Shakespeare full and half marathon. However due to the wet and windy conditions the full marathon was called off just before the start leaving just the half. Steve Stretton was first home in 1.30.22, ahead of James Tyack in 1.30.54. Jason Bidwell managed a PB despite the conditions in 1.32.12, as did David Stott in 1.34.36. Paul Kent was next home in 1.35.18, ahead of Julian Lewis in 1.35.45. Bruce Sellers led the next wave in 1.41.01, ahead of Anthony Febry in 1.42.26, Dom Hurford in 1.45.55 and Sue Leyden in 1.49.04. Peter Harney 1.57.57 and Andrew Russell 1.59.27 were our other finishers under 2 hours. Rebecca Febry 2.00.56, Martin Wood 2.00.59, Ian Cross 2.02.27, Jeff Flynn 2.05.32, Jan Webb 2.05.33, Stephen Chandler 2.16.37 and John Wheeler 2.35.29 were our other finishers.

News Reporter: The Giant Hogweed AKA Dom!


Newshound Posted on: April 25 2012

London Marathon & Beyond!

The Virgin London Marathon is the highlight of the running year, combined with an extra special atmosphere in this Olympic year. Lee Pattison was the first Hogweed home in the cool conditions in 2.55.35, closely holding off the evergreen Geoff Doyle who finished in a new PB of 2.57.16, for 7th MV55. John Curtis also achieved a new PB of 3.04.41, reward for all his winter training. Stu Wilkie finished in 3.12.49, a fine effort considering he was wearing an Oompah Lumpah costume. Shane Toogood finished in 3.26.07, ahead of Mark Offer, who continued his recent fine form by finishing in 3.35.41. Pat Curtis was our other finisher under 4 hours in 3.56.32.

Pat Hall was pleased to finish in 4.11.09, ahead of Martin Cook who achieved a new PB of 4.16.04. Nicola Paice was next home in 4.26.24, ahead of Paul Clark in 4.35.21. Vic Garner belied recent injuries to finish in 4.44.53, ahead of Pauline Fletcher who on debut finished in 5.24.27. Ronan Conlon in 5.29.28 and Christine Stephenson in 5.57.16 were our other finishers.

In other races Bruce Sellers completed the Copenhagen half marathon in 1.48.

Rich King finished the Brighton Marathon in 3.11.33 for a new PB, ahead of Alan Wilcox who also ran a new PB in 3.24.37, and Alison King in 5.31.00.

News Reporter: The Giant Hogweed AKA Dom!


Newshound Posted on: April 19 2012

Spring Marathon Season!

The Spring Marathon season is now in full flow. Stuart Wilkie headed to Paris to take part in the marathon, finishing just under the magic 3 hours in a new PB of 2.59.51. Dawn Riden was our other finisher in 4.33.13.

The Worcester Full and Marathon is a new race on the calendar this year. Neil Hopkins finished the marathon in .3.41.13 In the Half Nigel Burford ran a new PB of 1.32.10, as did Ian Freestone in 1.45.15. Dom Hurford was the other finisher in 1.41.52.

Closer to home several Hogweeds completed in the Frenchay 10k. New Member Helen Newberry was first home in 45.03, ahead of Ian Dickson in 48.38. Martin Cook kept his recent fine form up in a time of 48.54. Merlin Trudgill was next home in 52.10, ahead of Zoe Harley 53.11 and Jenny McCallum in 54.22. Rob Smith was next home in 55.28, ahead of Michelle Hodges 56.36 and Myles Cutler 57.23. Sue Hammond 1.05.15, Margaret Chandler and Sallie Beere were our finishers, both in 1.06.57.

News Reporter: The Giant Hogweed


Newshound Posted on: April 11 2012

White Horses and Hanham Horrors

Martin Wood ended his nine year wait for a half marathon PB with 1.47.03 at the White Horse Half Marathon. Stephen Chandler was our other finisher in 2.12.48.

At the multi-terrain Hanham Horror consisting of 6 country miles Shane Toogood was first Hogweed home in 43.54, ahead of Alan Wilcox in 44.32. Chris Lewis in 48.01 just held off the challenge of Gary Weeks in 48.15. Neil Paice 53.52, Ange Martin 57.27, Chris Martin 57.28 and Michelle Edgell 1.08.12 were our other finishers.

At this week’s 5k Parkrun Rich King finished in 20.29, ahead of Alan Wilcox in 21.17, Ruth Medcroft in 28.53 and Sallie Beere in 30.16.

Finally, a correction from the Forest of Dean Half Results due to chip timing errors, Michelle Hodges finished in a new PB of 2.01.30 with Annabelle Pugh finishing in 2.02.13.

News Reporter: The Giant Hogweed


Newshound Posted on: April 1 2012

A Busy Weekend's Racing For The Hogweeds

The Forest of Dean Half Marathon, was as usual, well attended by Hogweed Trotters. Jaroslaw Motyka continued his fine form, finishing 14th overall in 01.19.30. Stefan Brittain was next home in 01.32.21, ahead of a new PB for Mike Wenman of 01.33.00. Nigel Burford 01.33.36, George Bonnick 01.36.18, Mark Offer 01.37.07, Mark Clements 01.37.37 and Andy Trew 01.38.46 all finished under 1.40.

Laura Buet 01.43.45, Martin Cook 01.48.01 (PB) and Pat Hall 01.49.03 all finished under 1.50. Ian Freestone 01.50.05, Ian Dickson 01.50.27, Benjamin Bonnick 01.52.15, Alan Wilcox 01.52.44, Merlin Trudgill 01.52.50, Peter Harney 01.57.50, Mike Mitchell 01.58.17, Jan Webb 01.58.28, Sandra Killen 01.58.30, Robert Smith 01.58.37 and Paul Clark 1.59.06 finished under 2 hours.

Dawn Riden (PB) 02.02.13, Nicola Paice 02.03.23, Angela Martin 02.03.24, Kim Freestone 02.04.16, Michelle Hodges 02.05.10, Annabelle Pugh 02.05.52, Ruth Medcroft 02.16.28, Sue Hammond 02.27.01, Shelley Armorgie 02.27.01 and Selena Ford 02.30.54 were our other finishers.

Chris Lewis finished the Reading half Marathon in a new PB of 1.34.46, Hayley Brock finished in 2.04.30.

At the Chedworth Roman Trail Neil Paice finished in 1.28.15, ahead of Merlin Trudgill 1.31.17 and Ruth Medcroft in 1.42.53.

At the Gloucester 20 Jaroslaw Motyka finished fifth overall in 02.08.22, ahead of Julian Lewis 02.18.41, Nigel Burford 02.27.23, Alan Wilcox 02.52.24, Paul Clark 03.09.11, Nicola Paice 03.19.30 and Martin Wood in 03.28.36.

At the Stephen Graver Ashton Duathlon Gary Stretton finished in 1.38.00, ahead of brother Steve in 1.38.48, and Richard Powell in 1.39.17.

News Reporter: The Giant Hogweed


Newshound Posted on: March 26 2012

The Hogweed Hilly Half Enjoys The Sunshine

The 8th Hogweed Hilly Half Marathon was held on a warm spring day although the hills were the usual challenge. Daniel Summers of Westbury Harriers was first home in 1.21.17, ahead of Jarek Motyka of Hogweed Trotters in 1.23.16 and Simon Byrne of Swindon Harriers in 1.23.49. The winning lady was, former Hogweed, Emma D’Alton in a new course record of 1.22.32 ahead of Pat Curtis [Hogweed] 1.36.12 and Geri Taylor [Unattached] in 1.41.35.

Other age group winners were MV40 Colin Pemble [GWR] 1.29.05, MV50 John Curtis [Hogweeds] 1.31.06, MV60 Jon Bateman [Road Runners Club] 1.34.35, MV70 Michael Coupe [Nailsea] 1.53.47, LV35 Laura Buet [Hogweeds] 1.50.23, LV45 Meryl Fogg [Bitton] 1.45.11, LV55 Janet Watson [Falmouth] 1.47.45.

There were impressive performances from other Hogweeds especially Craig Pritchard who was 18th in 1.36.41 ahead of Gary Stretton 1.37.04.

Many finished under 1h50m including Nigel Trickey 1.40.35, Mark Clements 1.42.36, Shane Toogood 1.42.54. Dom Hurford and Matt Worlock both finished in the same time of 1.47.52. Sue Leyden, Martin Cook, Pat Hall, Duncan Macarthur and Ben Bonnick all dipped under 2 hours.

Other finishers, including some debutants, were Jeff Flynn, Jan Webb, Mark Harney, Rob Smith, Lynette Bonnick, Tracey Skuse, Michelle Hodges, Alison King, Myles Cutler, Michelle Edgell, Christine Stephenson and Bob Lavis.

The club would like to thank the St John’s Ambulance and all marshals and helpers for making this such a successful day.

News Reporter: The Giant Hogweed


Newshound Posted on: March 14 2012

Hogweeds Travel Up And Down The Country!

Three Hogweeds braced the notorious Grizzly 20 mile off road run in Devon. Pat Hall was first home in 4:03:30, ahead of Ronan Conlon 4:43:43 and Anne Draper in 4:56:47. Ten Hogweeds headed North to take part in the Blackpool Full and Half Marathons.

First home in the Marathon was Paul Kent in a new PB of 3.27.59, ahead of the debuting Mark Offer in 3.35.05, Neil Hopkins 3.49.34, Lee Masters 3.54.43, Steve Moir 4.01.50 (25 minute PB) and Dawn Riden in 4.23.51 (a 30 minute PB). Stuart Wilkie finished the Half Marathon in 1.22.53, ahead of Dom Hurford 1.39.52, Ali Ramsey 1.41.33 and Kim Freestone 2.13.38.

At the scenic Rhayader 20 five Hogweeds survived the hill that went on for a mile and a Half and lived to tell the tale. Shane Toogood was 1st Hogweed home in 2.35.16, followed by Rich King 2.38.16, Jason Bidwell 2.41.24, Chris Lewis 2.44.51 and Bruce Sellers 2.53.43.

At the Blackminster Half Marathon Martin Wood finished in 1.51.15 ahead of Stephen Chandler in 2.14.24 and Tony Batty in 2.16.01.

At the Bath Half Marathon Craig Pritchard finished in 1.31.23, ahead of Shane Toogood in 1.35.51, Bruce Sellers 1.36.08, Gary Weeks 1.43.37, James Tyack 1.44.43 and Ruth Conlon 2.49.52.

At the Rodway Easy Runner 10k Steve Stretton was 2nd overall in 40.57, ahead of Alan Wilcox 45.37, Sarah Richards 49.48, Paul Searle 50.23, Ed Stevens 50.37, Julie Boynes 58.07, Michelle Hodges 1.03.38 and Sallie Beere 1.07.02.

At the latest Weston Prom Run Stuart Wilkie ran a new PB in 30.20 as did Alan Wilcox in 32.39. Chris Lewis 34.01 and Dom Hurford 35.46 were our other finishers.

At the latest Parkrun, Steve Stretton finished in 19.27, ahead of Alan Wilcox 21.18, Ed Stevens 23.50 and Alison King 31.47.

News Reporter: The Giant Hogweed


Newshound Posted on: March 5 2012

Cold Weather Challenges the Hogweeds!

Two Hogweeds headed to Box hill in Surrey to take part in the famous Ballbuster duathlon, consisting of an 8 mile run, 24 mile bike, and another 8 mile run recognised as the toughest duathlon in the UK. Simon Spedding finished as 3rd Vet 50 in 3.18 ahead of wife Mandy in 3.49.

Eight Hogweeds braved the off road challenge that is the Pewsey Vale Terminator. Alan Wilcox was first home in 1.42.03, ahead of Shane Toogood in 1.49.43. Pat Hall was next home in 2.00.08, ahead of Dom Hurford in 2.03.43, Darhyl Davies 2.07.26 and Ronan Conlan 2.07.27. Sandra Killen was our first lady home in 2.11.57, ahead of Anne Draper 2.12.42.

Chris Lewis finished the windy Bideford half marathon in 1.37.01.

Dom Hurford finished the equally windy Llanelli Waterside half marathon in 1.39.45.

At the Devizes 10k Merlin Trudgill was first home 51.03, ahead of Alan Wilcox 56.57 and Ruth Medcroft 57.02.

Some fine performances by Hogweeds at the final Bridge Inn 5K of the Winter Series. Steve Stretton produced yet another PB of 18.34, as did Jason Bidwell in 19.18. Bruce Sellers 19.51, Dave Stott 19.52 (PB), Nigel Burford 19.53 and Alan Wilcox 19.54 (PB) all managed to just dip under 20 minutes. Mike Wenman was next home in 20.13, ahead of Chris Lewis 20.52, Rich Finch 20.57, Dom Hurford 22.20, Ronan Conlon 24.27, Lesley Gavin 24.44, Ruth Medcroft 25.50 and Michelle Edgell 28.14.

At the latest 5K Park Run Gary Stretton finished in 20.04, ahead of Rich King 21.39, Alan Wilcox 22.19, Ed Stevens 23.57 and Ruth Medcroft 31.12.

News Reporter: The Giant Hogweed


Newshound Posted on: February 28 2012

Belated Valentine's Week!

At the Torremolinos half marathon, Simon Spedding returning to racing for the first time in 5 years with time of 1.31.59, ahead of wife Mandy who was 1st LV45 in 1.40.44. Dom Hurford was the other finisher in 1.41.59.

Tony Batty ran the Blackmore Vale Half in 2.24.00, and he is now halfway through his target of racing 12 half- marathons in 12 months.

Adrian Pook ran the Mt Edgcumbe 10mile multi terrain race where he finished in 1.15.27.

There was a great Hogweed turnout at the 1st Bridge Inn race of 2012. Jaroslaw Motyka was first home in 17.41, ahead of Stuart Wilkie 18.56 and Steve Stretton 19.00. John Curtis (3rd MV50) was close behind in 19.06. Jason Bidwell managed to crack the sub 20 minute barrier with his PB time of 19.38. Pat Curtis (1st FV55) was our first lady home in 19.52, ahead of Nigel Burford 20.10 and Alan Wilcox 20.20. Andy Trew and David Stott finished toe to toe in 20.25. Bruce Sellers 21.30, Chris Lewis 21.47, Richard Finch 22.03, Mark Offer 23.00 were next home. Merlin Trudgill in a PB of 24.07, Ruth Medcroft 26.15 and Michelle Edgell 29.22 were our other finishers.

At the latest 5k Park run Stuart Wilkie was first home in 19.45, ahead of Alan Wilcox 20.55, Merlin Trudgill 25.39 and Ruth Medcroft 33.30.

The Dursley Dozen is a challenging 12 mile off road race. Jaroslaw Motyka finished in an impressive fifth place in 1.25.12. Shane Toogood was next home in 1.36.38, ahead of Julian Lewis 1.45.55, Ray Maddock 1.50.24, Jason Walsh 1.52.18 and Gary Weeks 1.55.27. Neil Paice 2.00.46, Martin Cook 2.05.17, Sandra Killen 2.14.04 and Hayley Brock 2.18.20 were our other finishers.

Four Hogweeds headed to chilly Melksham to take part in the Wiltshire 10 mile race. Andrew May was first home in an impressive 1.03.22, ahead of Neil Hopkins 1.11.57, Dom Hurford 1.15.23 and Julie Boynes 1.27.55. This was a 4 minute PB performance for both Julie and Dom, as well as a PB for Neil. Alan Wilcox ran the Inca Trail 7.5 mile trail run in 56.42 for 14th position overall.

This week’s park run saw Stuart Wilkie dip under 20 minutes in 19.57, ahead of Alan Wilcox 21.28 and Katie Pinnington 27.18.

News Reporter: The Giant Hogweed


Newshound Posted on: February 27 2012

Hogweeds Go Dualing!

The Castle Combe Duathlon consists of a 2 mile run followed by a 10 mile bike ride and another two mile run. Gary Stretton was first home in 50.05, holding off both Simon Spedding 50.11 and Richard Powell 50.37. Simon and Richard were 2nd and 3rd Vet 50 respectively. Andy Trew was next home in 54.21 ahead of Rich King 55.10, Steve Stretton 58.14 and sole lady Hogweed Lesley Gavin in 1.06.40.

3 Hogweeds took part in The Castle Combe Polar 10k, Ian Dickson was first home in 48.25, ahead of Jenny McCallum in 57.22 and Pauline Fletcher in 1.03.50.

At this month’s Weston 5 Mile Prom run Alan Wilcox finished in a new PB of 33.06, ahead of Chris Lewis in 34.25. Dom Hurford also set a new PB of 35.07, as did Martin Wood in 38.16. Michelle Edgell was our sole lady finisher in 49.00.

Two Hogweeds headed to Long Ashton for the Ironwood Challenge. The race is described as 6 country miles of tracks fields and forest trails. Due to the hills, mud and ever changing terrain it was a real challenge. Mark Pyke finished in 50.03, ahead of Stu Wilkie in 50.32.

At this week’s 5K Park Run Stu Wilkie finished in 19.30, Alan Wilcox in 20.40 and Ruth Medcroft in 31.24.

News Reporter: The Giant Hogweed


Newshound Posted on: February 19 2012

Tough Weekend Racing For The Hogweeds!

Two Hogweeds headed to the South Coast to take part in the Portsmouth Coastal half Marathon. Scott Leonard was first home in 1.34.13, ahead of Tony Batty in 2.04.27, Tony completing the latest of his 12 half marathons in 12 months challenge.

Two Hogweeds headed to sunny but chilly Berkshire to take part in the flat and fast Wokingham Half Marathon. Stefan Brittain was first home in 1.32.24, ahead of Dom Hurford in 1.38.41.

Closer to home at the Tough Ten in Weston Jarek Motyka continued his fine early year form finishing in 11th place in 1.02.29. Alan Wilcox 1.15.40, Bill Smith 1.36.00, Katie Pinnington 1.38.21 and Michelle Edgell 1.53.25 were our other finishers.

Neill Paice ran the 9 mile May Hill Massacre Multi-terrain race in 1.20.33.

Alan Wilcox ran this week’s Ashton Court 5k Parkrun in 21.52, ahead of Rich King in 30.57.

News Reporter: The Giant Hogweed


Newshound Posted on: February 14 2012

The 2011 Hogweed Awards

An integral part of the Hogweed trotters running calendar is the annual award ceremony; known as the ‘Hoggies.’ Dress code is race teeshirts and medals.

16 awards were given; although it could easily have been twice that number given the clubs successes this year.

Club Champion; sponsored by Clutton Cox was Alan Wilcox in recognition of an incredible year with 117 races completed from 5k to 50miles and the small matter of a six day charity run from Bristol to Blackpool in June.

The most poignant award; the Peter Willoughby Award in remembrance of the popular club member who died after a short illness last year. It was awarded to one of the clubs ‘veteran’ runners, Ian Dickson who demonstrated throughout the year that age is no barrier to running! The Club award was sponsored by the Moda House in Chipping Sodbury. Helen, Peter's wife, made a very moving speech about Peter as a young man and about what he achieved in life and presented a special glass perpectual trophy, donated by the family, to Ian in Peter's name.

Popular club member Vic Garner won the club personality of the year award for his endless enthusiasm and commitment to ensuring members enjoy their running. The award was sponsored by Ron White at the Car Clinic in Kingswood.

Other awards were sponsored by The Toll House Clinic, Jan Webb; Osteomyologist, Kingpin Electrical, Persides ltd, Bubble driving school, Kopperz Hair studio, The Squire Inn, Bourn Tube Systems, HJ therapies, the Beaufort Arms ( Hawkesbury Upton) and a further 2 awards sponsored by Ron White.

Other winners were; Ladies and men cross country: Barbara Denton and Lee Masters.

Ladies and men’s short race: Michelle Hodges and Jaroslaw Moyyka.

Ladies and men’s half marathon: Pat Curtis and Mark Offer

Ladies and men’s marathon: Dawn Riden and Mark Clements.

Triathlete of the year: Mike Mitchell

Superhero: 18 year old Michael Wenman for completing his first marathon

Novice of the year: Sarah Port

The last two winners of the more ‘dubious’ awards were Mark Wolf for his Lazarus like recovery from a series of dramatic injuries that defy modern medicine, and Alison Woods who won the Black Dog for being perpetually late (she was too late to receive her award.)

News Reporter: The Giant Hogweed


Newshound Posted on: February 1 2012

Four Hogweeds headed to Wiltshire to take part in the multi-terrain Slaughterford 9 on a cold and foggy morning. Lee Masters and Ali Ramsey both finished in the same time of 1.30.08, Sandra Killen was next home in 1.35.02, ahead of Anne Draper in 1.38.23.

Back on tarmac, Five Hogweeds headed to Wales to take part in the pancake flat Lliswerry 8. Dom Hurford found the cool conditions much to his liking, finishing just under the hour in 59.46. Martin Wood ran a 3 minute PB in 1.04.03. Making a welcome return to racing was Club Secretary John Conway, who was pleased to finish in 1.06.40. Alan Wilcox 76.13 and Margaret Chandler 79.55 (PB) were our other finishers.

Alan also ran this week’s 5k park run in 21.19.

News Reporter: The Giant Hogweed


Newshound Posted on: January 25 2012

Multi terrain races much to the fore this week.

Anne Draper headed to her home county of Essex to take part in the Benfleet 15 mile race. Anne was pleased to finish in windy conditions in 2.45.00.

Closer to home the family Spedding headed to Wiltshire for the Rough ‘n’ Tumble 10 mile race. Simon was first home in 1.24.15, ahead of wife Mandy in 1.36.18.

Eight Hogweeds headed to the Moorland MT 10k race at Henbury in Bristol. First home was Steve Stretton in 47.08, ahead of Jason Bidwell in 48.47, Alan Wilcox in 50.13 and Neil Paice 56.24. Dom Hurford was next home in 58.00, ahead of Pat Hall in 59.01, Ed Stevens in 61.43 and Katie Pinnington in 62.20.

Back on tarmac at the very windy Weston Prom run Chris Lewis was first home in 37.37, ahead of Martin Wood 40.31, and Alan Wilcox in 47.15.

At this week’s 5k park run Alan Wilcox finished in 21.55, ahead of Ruth Medcroft in 34.15.

Sandra Killen finished the Riverbank Rollick in 1.29.49.

News Reporter: The Giant Hogweed


Newshound Posted on: January 17 2012

A large group of Hogweeds took on the Riverbank Rollick, consisting of 9 miles of hills and mud, starting from Thornbury, along the River Severn and back ran on a chilly winter’s day. Jarek Motyka was first Hogweed home in 1.00.24, for ninth position overall. Shane Toogood was next home in 1.08.07. Nigel Burford 1.08.45 was next home just ahead of Bruce Sellers 1.10.50, Mark Clements 1.11.40, Dave Stott 1.12.09 and Alan Wilcox in 1.13.09. Laura Buet 1.18.47 was our first lady home, closely followed by Neil Paice 1.19.18, Jo Wilson 1.19.41 and Paul Buckley 1.22.19. Ian Dickson 1.23.47 was next home and also first MV65. Ian was closely followed home by Martin Cook 1.24.18. Zoe Harley 1.28.04, Hayley Brock 1.29.03, Rob Smith 1.29.08, Katie Pinnington 1.29.14, Julie Froggatt 1.38.48 and Claire Searle 1.38.49 were the other Hogweed finishers.

Stuart Wilkie ran the 5k park run in 20.06, finishing ahead of Alan Wilcox in 21.57.

News Reporter: The Giant Hogweed


Newshound Posted on: January 4 2012

Three Hogweeds went to Weston to take part in the traditional New Year’s Hangover 10K. Lee Pattison was first home in 38.21, ahead of Alan Wilcox in 43.57 and Martin Wood in 51.57.

Dom Hurford headed up North and completed the scenic but wet and windy New Year’s Central Lancashire Half Marathon in 1.42.25.

Anne Draper ran the Seven Sins Run consisting of 7 hills in the Forest of Dean in 1.29.59.

Lee Masters and Ali Ramsey headed to Cornwall to take part in the Brown Willy 7.3 Mile Run which was run in difficult boggy conditions, both finishing in around 1.20.00.

This week’s park run saw Alan Wilcox finish in 22.11, Rich King 22.22 and Katie Pinnington 28.32.

News Reporter: The Giant Hogweed


Newshound Posted on: January 1 2012

Nine Hogweeds headed to Clevedon to take part in the Boxing Day 4 Mile race and try and run off a bit of Christmas indulgence. Alan Wilcox rounded off his impressive year by being first Hogweed home in 26.41. Andrew Trew in his first race as a Hogweed was next home in 28.13. Alison Ramsey was first Hogweed lady home in 28.35. Dom Hurford was next home in 29.40, ahead of Annabelle Pugh 31.55 and Lesley Gavin 33.29. Michael Plows 34.07, Cheryl Cant in 34.35 and Ruth Medcroft in 37.03 were our other finishers.

Lee Masters headed to Warminster for the Plain Crazy 12. Due to a last minute amendment the route was changed due to non clearance of explosives. The route was both roads & compact army tracks including the abandoned village of Imber. Lee finished in 1.29.20.

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Newshound Posted on: December 19 2011

Six Hogweeds headed to Portsmouth to complete in the Coastal Marathon. Richard King was first home in 3.23.17, a new PB. Stuart Wilkie, completing his eleventh marathon of 2011 was next home in 3.28.51. Mike Wenman on debut managed a fine time of 3.29.22. Annabelle Pugh also running her first marathon, was very pleased with her time of 4.17.20. Lee Masters was next home in 4.25.10. Dawn Riden, running her fifth marathon of the year, completed the Hogweed contingent in 5.09.07.

Closer to home three Hogweeds headed to Bath for the Skyline 10k, a new multi-terrain race starting from Bath University Sports Village. Jaroslaw Motyka was first Hogweed home in 42.22, and fifth overall. Jeff Flynn was next home in 1.00.51, followed by sole lady Anne Draper in 1.05.20.

Four intrepid Hogweeds braved the wet and windy conditions at this month’s Weston Prom run. Alan Wilcox was first home in 33.58. Chris Lewis was next home in 37.07, holding off the challenge of Dom Hurford in 37.18. Derek Newcombe, in a welcome return to racing finished in 51.38.

Alan also ran this week’s 5k Park run in 22.17.

News Reporter: The Giant Hogweed


Newshound Posted on: December 16 2011

Forty-five Hogweeds headed to Weston Super Mare for the traditional end of year Xmas Cracker 10k. Gary Stretton was first Hogweed home in 39.38, just ahead of brother Steve in 40.23. John Curtis, Nigel Burford, Jason Bidwell, Pat Curtis (2nd FV50) and Dave Stott all finished under 45 minutes. Anthony Febry, Dom Hurford, Mark Stephenson, John Perrett, Alan Wilcox, Jo Wilson and Gary Weeks all finished under 50 minutes. Graeme Stephenson, Ian Freestone, Mike Froggatt, Andrew Russell, Chris Lewis, Martin Cook, Katie Pinnington, Vic Garner, Lesley Gavin and Sandra Killen all finished under 55 minutes. Becky Dainton, Julie Froggatt, Kim Freestone, Michelle Hodges, Nicola Hughes and Jo Parry all finished under 60 minutes. Helen Young, Jo Bayston, Ruth Medcroft, Margaret Chandler and Derek Newcombe all finished under 65 minutes. Julie Doyle, Dave Mullins, Michelle Edgell, Christine Stephenson, Pauline Fletcher, Ruth Conlon, Carol Nelson, Mike Mitchell, Jo Wood & Sarah Port were our other finishers.

Simon Spedding headed to Wiltshire to run the multi-terrain Stourhead 10k reindeer race up and down around the grounds of Stourhead Estate and was happy to finish in 40.46.

Al Wilcox ran this week’s park run in 21.24.

News Reporter: The Giant Hogweed


Newshound Posted on: December 8 2011

Catch up news from the 1st December 2011!

Simon Pinnington completed the Pembrokeshire Coast Challenge. This consisted of three marathon length stages along the world famous Coast path. After 18,000ft of ups and downs, Simon somehow crossed the finish line in 40th place with a combined time of 19.16.17.

The Bristol Evening Post made Simon “Athlete of the Week” for his performances.

Running trips to Spain are a Hogweed Trotters tradition and this was continued this year by two of our long standing members. Martin Wood finished the Benidorm half marathon in 1.50.15, which is his best half marathon for several years. Steve Chandler finished in 2.05.33, and was also pleased with his time, as it was a Veteran PB.

Alan Wilcox & Neil Paice headed to Brent Knoll to take on the 5.5 mile off road hill race Alan finished in 51.47, ahead of Neil in 57.21.

Alan finished this week’s 5k Parkrun in 21.39.

Five Hogweeds braced the gruelling Bath Hilly Half, facing over 1650 feet of descent then ascent. Adrian Pook was first Hogweed home in 1.59.35, followed by Mandy Spedding in 2.08.43. Anne Draper was next home in 2.34.14, just ahead of Sandra Killen in 2.37.22 and Tony Batty in 2.51.27.

News Reporter: The Giant Hogweed


Newshound Posted on: December 7 2011

Lee Pattison and Nigel Burford headed to sunnier climes for the Cyprus 4 day challenge. Day 1 was a 6k beach challenge. Lee finished in 22.26, ahead of Nigel in 25.26. Day 2’s 11k hill run saw Lee finish in 57.52 and Nigel in 1.06.28. The third day was the Akamas half marathon. Lee finished in 1.26.43, Nigel in 1.43.39. For the final day’s Paphos 10k Lee finished in 39.02 and Nigel in 43.05. Overall Lee finished 15th in 3.26.04 and Nigel finished 63rd in 3.58.45.

Closer to home the Sleepwalker 20m is a night-time off road race starting at Talybont-on-Usk in the Brecon Beacons. Three Hogweeds braved the damp and drizzly conditions. Pat and John Curtis both finished in 3.50, ahead of Neil Hopkins in 5.26.

Lee Masters headed to the Multi-terrain Bicton Blister 10 mile race and finished in 1.29.54.

At the latest Bridge Inn 5k Jaroslaw Motyka was first home in 18.01, followed by Steve & Gary Stretton both finishing under 20 minutes. Alan Wilcox was next home, ahead of first Hogweed Lady Jo Wilson, Ian Rowland & Ian Dickson. Merlin Trudgill, Ruth Medcroft and Bob Lavis were our other finishers.

At the latest 5k Park run Gary Stretton finished in 20.33, just ahead of Rich King in 21.32 and Alan Wilcox 21.46. Ruth Medcroft was our sole lady finisher in 33.50.

News Reporter: The Giant Hogweed


Newshound Posted on: November 26 2011

There was a successful return for Hogweed Trotters at the Chilly 10k race at Castle Combe. The Strettons both produced PB performances, Gary finishing in 39.30, just ahead of Steve in 39.35. Simon was also under 40 minutes in 39.53. Jason Bidwell was next home in 41.36, his best performance in some time at this distance. Sue Leyden was our first lady home in 48.30, picking up the prize of 1st FVET. Sue finished just ahead of Annabelle Pugh in 48.37 and Zoe Harley making a return to racing in 50.11.

Four Hogweeds headed to Bordon in Hampshire to take part in the Turbo X Cross country 10 miles. Alan Wilcox was first home in 1.25.47, ahead of Neil Paice in 1.31.10, Paul Clark 1.59.46 and sole lady Nic Paice 1.59.50 were our other finishers.

Hogweeds also headed to Weston for the latest 5 Mile Prom run. Nigel Burford 33.10 was first home just holding off Alan Wilcox in 33.33. Chris Lewis was next home in 36.26, just ahead of Dom Hurford 36.48. Ian Freestone 40.01, Martin Wood 40.43, Stephen Chandler 43.46, Kim Freestone 43.47 and Michelle Edgell 47.18 were our other finishers.

News Reporter: The Giant Hogweed


Newshound Posted on: November 26 2011

Justin Littlechild headed to the ITU Long Distance Triathlon World Championships in Nevada. This consisted of a 4k swim/120k bike/30k run. The swim was cancelled due to cold temperatures but the organisers reorganised a time trial start on the bike. Justin was pleased to finish 76th overall and 15th in 40-44 male age category with a total time of 6.02.35.

In glorious sunny conditions Hogweeds headed to the Sodbury Slog to enjoy this year’s mud bath. First Hogweed home was Jaroslaw Motyka in 66.30, closely followed by Richard King, John Curtis, Richard Powell, James Tyack, Craig Pritchard, 1st Hogweed Lady Pat Curtis (1st LV50), Nigel Burford, Mark Clements, Jason Walsh, Anthony Febry and Ian Rowland. Next home were David Dutton, Lee Masters, Jo Wilson, Bruce Sellers, Stuart Bennett, Chris Lewis, Laura Buet, Rachel Bennett, Mark Stephenson, Paul Buckley, Ronan Conlon, Ian Dickson, Stephen Golding and Gary Bircher. Hogweeds kept coming in thick and fast with Tristan Coles, Katie Pinnington, Ed Stevens, Zoe Harley, Ben Bonnick, Nic Paice, Bill Smith, Anne Draper, Sandra Killen, Robert Smith, Andy Cleave, Darhyl Davies, Ian Freestone, Hayley Brock, Andrew Russell, Niall Stewart, Sean Palmer, Lorraine Palmer, Stuart Base, Martin Cook, Michael Plows, Annabelle Pugh, Jeremy Cross, Claire Searle, Julie Froggatt, Rebecca Dainton, Sue Hutchinson and Alison King the next home. Completing the Hogweed contingent were Mark Hill, Jaide Toogood, Michelle Hodges, Kim Freestone, Sharon Wilkie, Donna Conlon, Emma French, Stuart Wilkie, Dawn Riden, Bob Bell, Julie Boynes, Barbera Denton, Bob Bell, David Morgan, Tracey Skuse, Sue Hammond, Shelley Armorgie and Christine Stephenson.

Not to be undone at another off road race, the Over the hills 12k Jason Bidwell was first home in 61.16, closely followed by Mandy Spedding 63.33 (1st FV45) and Geoff Partridge in 70.40.

News Reporter: The Giant Hogweed


Newshound Posted on: November 5 2011

The Horton Winter Bull Run is an off road 6 mile run right on our doorstep guaranteeing a large Hogweed turnout. Lee Pattison was 1st home overall in 38.51. Gary Stretton 41.46 and John Curtis 42.08 were close behind.

Steve Stretton 42.42 and Pat Curtis 43.23 (1st lady 41-54) were next home, closely followed by Nigel Burford in 43.28. Bruce Sellers 45.28, Vic Garner 46.22, Dave Stott 46.50, Matt Worlock 47.08 all finished in quick succession. Ian Dickson 49.40, Jo Wilson 49.51, Graeme Stephenson 53.02, Ian Freestone 53.04, Jeff Flynn 53.29 were the next home. Katie Pinnington 56.04, Tom Worlock 56.13, Rob Smith 56.38, Martin Cook 56.42 and Paul Chard 59.06 were our next finishers. Kim Freestone 1.00.25, Michelle Hodges 1.00.27, David Wells 1.02.29, Alison Woods 1.08.29 and Bob Lavis 1.08.30 completed our contingent.

Gary Stretton 19.47 and Simon Pinnington 23.18 were our runners at the latest 5k parkrun.

News Reporter: The Giant Hogweed


Newshound Posted on: October 31 2011

The Snowdon Marathon is known as one of the toughest road running challenges in the UK. Andy May & Stefan Brittain both produced fine performances, Andy finishing in 3.27.56 and Stefan in 3.59.34.

Four Hogweeds headed to Portsmouth along with 24,000 others for the Great South 10 mile race. Alan Wilcox was first home in 1.13.06 ahead of Chris Lewis in 1.17.19. Michael Evans made a welcome return to racing finishing in 1.38.02. Michelle Edgell was our sole lady runner finishing in 1.43.17.

Closer to home at the latest Weston Prom Run 5 Mile race Chris Lewis was first home in 35.40, closely followed by Dom Hurford in 37.09. Martin Wood ran a PB of 38.41. Michelle Edgell in 48.06 and Alan Wilcox in 48.07 were the other finishers.

At race 2 of the Bridge Inn 5k Winter Series Lee Pattison was first home in 18.02. Nigel Burford was next home finishing in 20.30, just holding off Alan Wilcox in 20.33. Lesley Gavin was our sole lady finisher in 25.04.

At the latest 5k Park Run Alan Wilcox finished in 21.27 ahead of Chris Lewis 23.18.

Congratulations to Alan Wilcox for completing his 100th race of the year.

Finally Lee Masters and Ali Ramsey headed to Warwickshire to take part in the night-time 4 mile multi-terrain Halloween Horror, with no torches allowed. Lee and Ali were pleased to win the best fancy dress prize again and their times were approximately 40 minutes for the race.

News Reporter: The Giant Hogweed


Newshound Posted on: October 26 2011

The last major local Half Marathon took place at Stroud, and Hogweed Trotters were out in force. Lee Pattison was first home in 1.22.22, closely followed by Julian Lewis 1.24.44 and Jaroslaw Motyka 1.25.20. Rich King 1.27.47 and James Tyack 1.28.39 also finished under 1.30.

Gary Stretton (PB), Geoff Doyle, Shane Toogood, Steve Stretton (PB), Craig Pritchard and Mike Wenman all finished under 1.35.

Adrian Pook, Mark Offer, Bruce Sellers, Stu Wilkie, Neil Hopkins, Jason Walsh, Jeremy Cross and Vic Garner all finished under 1.40.

Jason Bidwell, Rachel Bennett, Neil Paice, Annabelle Pugh, Ian Dickson, Simon Pinnington and Dom Hurford all finished under 1.50.

Becky Dainton, Mike Mitchell, Pete Harney, Jeff Flynn and Alison Woods all finished under 2 hours.

Jan Webb, Andrew Russell, Ian Freestone, Julie Boynes, Alan Wilcox, Michelle Hodges (PB), Martin Cook, Kim Freestone and Mark Wolf all finished under 2.10. Nic Paice, Hayley Brock, Tracey Skuse, Ali King and Pauline Fletcher were our other finishers.

News Reporter: The Giant Hogweed


Newshound Posted on: October 18 2011

Sunshine greeted the runners at the fourth running of the Hogweed Muggles multi-terrain races. Matt Collins of Fairwater Runners broke the course record for the Major Muggle finishing in 1.44.26. Emma D’Alton from Westbury Harriers likewise broke the ladies’ course record finishing in 2.04.09. Hogweed finishers were Rich King in 2.12.11 and Mark Clements in 2.19.50.

In the Mimsy Muggle Mark Jennings of Fairwater Runners finished in 1.10.12. The ladies winner was Cavin Hume of B2P in 1.24.59. Hogweed finishers were Mandy Spedding in 1.33.03, Jo Wilson in 1.35.32 and Laura Buet in 1.36.42.

In the Minor Muggle Andrew Lane was first home in 34.34. First lady was Sarah Richards of Hogweed Trotters in 44.44. Gary Stretton in 37.16, Steve Stretton in 38.07 and Paul Searle in 46.05 were our other finishers.

The Abingdon Marathon is known for its fast and flat route. Stuart Wilkie was first home in 3.26.27, ahead of another PB for Katie Pinnington in 3.53.50 and Duncan MacArthur also getting under the magic 4 hours in 3.57.27.

Hogweeds headed across the Severn Bridge to complete in the Cardiff Half marathon. John Curtis was first home in 1.28.49, ahead of wife Pat in 1.31.06 (1st FV50).Craig Pritchard finished in 1.32.24, just ahead of Shane Toogood in 1.34.41, Alan Wilcox in 1.35.17 and Nigel Burford in 1.35.23 There was a big PB for Mark Offer in 1.35.57, finishing ahead of evergreen Vic Garner in 1.36.13, Scott Leonard in 1.38.50, 2nd Hogweed lady Rachel Bennett in 1.39.11, Geoff Partridge in 1.42.51, Nick Woodhill in 1.46.32, Becky Dainton in 2.01.50 and Rich Finch in 2.08.06.

News Reporter: The Giant Hogweed


Newshound Posted on: October 11 2011

It is with much sadness we inform you of the death of Ray Mardle. Ray who was just 53 years old joined the Hogweeds in 2006. He died on Saturday 8 October following a short illness.

Ray was a very popular member of the club. Only four weeks ago he ran, as part of a team of staff and pupils from Colston School where he was Deputy Headteacher, the Bristol Half Marathon, raising money for the Bristol Dolphin Society.

Ray will be much missed and our condolences go out to his wife Caroline, his daughter Charlotte and sons William and Peter.


Tony Aims For 12 Half Marathons In 12 Months

Newshound Posted on: October 11 2011

Duncan Macarthur headed to Hungary to run in the Budapest marathon, finishing in 4.16.49.

This year saw the return of the Liverpool marathon. Three Hogweeds headed north to take part. Andy May was first home in a new PB of 3.04.12, followed by Dave Dutton who also did a new PB in 3.47.49. Dave Wintle was our other finisher in 4.26.07.

Two other Hogweeds also headed up country for the Chester marathon. Mark Stephenson kept up his consistent form finishing in 3.45.53, ahead of Martin Wood in 4.29.05.

Closer to home Nic Paice finished in 2.06.17 at the Burnham on Sea half marathon.

Tony Batty ran the Swindon half marathon as part of his 12 half marathons in 12 months challenge, finishing in 2.11.34, ahead of Tracy Marchant in 2.21.04.

There was a bumper turn out of Hogweeds at the Oldbury 10 mile race in uncomfortably hot conditions. Lee Pattison was first home in 1.02.50, just ahead of Julian Lewis 1.04.33. Rich King was next home in 1.10.12, ahead of Steve Stretton 1.10.50, Mike Wenman 1.11.05 and Nigel Burford 1.11.06. Neil Hopkins 1.13.21, Mark Offer 1.14.59, Alan Wilcox 1.15.06, Dave Gynn 1.17.26, Mark Stephenson 1.17.42, Ian Dickson 1.18.37 were next home. Rachel Bennett was first lady home in 1.18.44, ahead of Annabelle Pugh in 1.24.38, Martin Wood 1.27.02, Jeff Flynn 1.27.43, Peter Harney & Jan Webb both finished in 1.32.00 were our next finishers. Our other finishers were Martin Cook 1.34.20, Michelle Hodges 1.40.51, Margaret & Stephen Chandler who both finished in 1.49.12, and Michelle Edgell & Christine Stephenson who both finished in 2.03.00.

News Reporter: Giant Hogweed


Hogweeds On Tour Yet Again!

Newshound Posted on: October 4 2011

The Berlin Marathon saw yet another world record fall. Hogweed Trotters were also there putting in some impressive performances. Gary Stretton was first home in 3.36.21, followed by Dom Hurford in 3.51.58 and Lee Masters 3.55.44.

Five Hogweeds headed to Loch Ness to partake in the Marathon as well as dome monster spotting. Stuart Wilkie was first home in 3.17.48, just holding off the ever improving Shane Toogood who finished in 3.19.14. Gary Weeks finished in 3.42.09 on debut, ahead of Stephen Moir in 4.27.16 and Dawn Riden 4.58.39.

At the first running of the Bridge Inn 5k Winter Series Mike Wenman was first home in 19.49, followed by Bruce Sellers in 19.55. Alan Wilcox followed in 20.17, ahead of Nigel Burford 20.34 and Dave Stott 20.41. Ian Dickson 21.48, Annabelle Pugh 22.59 & Jeremy Cross 23.00 were close behind. Lesley Gavin 23.59, Michelle Hodges 24.50, Ruth Medcroft 27.58 & Michelle Edgell 28.53 were our other finishers.

Lee Masters and Ali Ramsey completed in the Devils Aquathon consisting of a 2k swim and a 10k out and back run with a 500ft climb. Lee finished in 1.42.12 ahead of Ali in 1.45.28.

Neil & Nic Paice headed to the New Forest for the half marathon, Neil finishing in 1.46.42, ahead of Nic in 1.58.02.

Vic Garner was first Hogweed home at the off road Dyrham Park 10k in 47.42 for 2nd Vet 40, ahead of Amanda Conway who was 2nd lady overall and 1st Vet Lady in a time of 48.11.

Bruce Sellers completed the Highworth Triathlon consisting of 400m swim, 22k bike and 6k run in 1.13.01, ahead of Ali Ramsey in 1.19.56.

Alan Wilcox completed the latest park run 5k in 21.29.

News Reporter: Giant Hogweed


Hogweeds North And South!

Newshound Posted on:September 19 2011

6 Hogweeds headed north alongside 37,500 others for the Great North Run. Shane Toogood was first home in a new best time of 1.30.24, followed by Alan Wilcox in 1.33.29, also a new PB performance. Mark Wolf finished in 2.13.32, ahead of Jaide Toogood 2.23.28, Paul Chard 2.43.46 & Becky Dainton 2.52.03.

Sue Hammond completed her first marathon from Stonehenge to Avebury.

Alan Wilcox ran the latest 5k Park run in 22.19.

At the first Weston Prom Run of the 2011-12 series, Gary Stretton was first home in 30.43, ahead of Alan Wilcox 33.29, Dom Hurford 35.45, Stephen Chandler 42.31 & Martin Wood 42.33.

At the Friends 5.5 mile race Mark Pyke was first home in 34.23, followed by John Curtis 35.55, Pat Curtis 37.42, Alan Wilcox 38.30 and Nigel Burford 38.45. Our other finishers were Mark Stephenson 40.09, Dave Gynn 40.45, Gary Bircher 43.23, Sue Hammond 55.28, Shelley Armorgie 57.31,Becky Dainton and Christine Stephenson both finished in 58.45.

Ron White finished as 1st super vet 50 in the Tockington triathlon in a time of 1.10.28 for 24th position overall.

As a final note, Hogweed Trotters eighth Kilcott Experience is on Sunday 25 September. This is our club’s annual charity event in aid of PROPS – the Rugby charity which supports children and young adults with learning difficulties. The Venue is the Beaufort Arms, Hawkesbury Upton at 10.30am for a 7 mile run or 5 mile XC walk. No costs involved – BBQ & raffle follow from noon.

News Reporter: Giant Hogweed


Bumper Week For The Hogweeds!

Newshound Posted on:September 12 2011

There was a bumper turn out of Hogweeds at the Bristol Half Marathon. John Curtis in 1.29.45 was first home ahead of wife Pat in 1.32.38. Shane Toogood & Steve Stretton (PB) both finished under 1.35. Nigel Burford, Mike Wenman, Bruce Sellers, Anthony Febry, Gary Weeks & Vic Garner all finished under 1.40. Rachel Bennett, Mark Pyke, Dave Gynn, Jonathan Crook, Bob Emery, Jeremy Cross & Annabelle Pugh finished under 1.50. Lesley Gavin, Geoff Partridge, Rothery Harris, Zoe Harley, Becky Dainton, Tony Batty, Jaide Toogood (PB), Michelle Hodges (PB), Ray Mardle, Hayley Brock, Donna Conlon, Helen Young, Ruth Medcroft, Mark Hill, Serena Griffiths & Ted Atkins were our other finishers.

There was also a high turnout of Hogweeds at the Chippenham Half Marathon. Julian Lewis was the first home in 1.27.35, holding off Andy May in 1.27.55. Craig Pritchard recorded a new PB in 1.31, as did Mark Clements in 1.33. Mark Stephenson and Alan Wilcox also finished under 1.40. First lady home Mandy Spedding, Neil Hopkins, Dom Hurford, Dave Stott, Mark Offer, Jo Wilson, Neil Paice, Laura Buet, Simon Pinnington & Ian Dickson all finished under 1.50. Duncan Macarthur, Jenny McCallum, Jeff Flynn, Andrew Russell, Sue Leyden, Rob Smith, Nicky Davies, Katie Pinnington and Nicola Paice all finished under 2 hours. Martin Cook, Julie Doyle & Pauline Fletcher were our other finishers.

Dave Wintle ran the Nottingham Marathon in 3.48.

Lee Masters & Ali Ramsey headed to Devon to take part in the Powderham Castle 10k, Lee finishing in 44.40, Ali in 46.02.

Alan Wilcox ran the latest park run 5k in 21.52.

7 Hogweeds headed to Castle Combe for the latest duathlon. Gary Stretton was first home, closely followed by Rich Powell, Martin Young, Ali Ramsey, Gary Weeks, Jo Wilson & Philippa Crocker.

News Reporter: Giant Hogweed


From Wolverhampton To Mont Blanc!

Newshound Posted on:September 6 2011

Neil Hopkins headed to France and ran the Ultra Trail de Mont Blanc, a 93km run with 5100 metres of ascent in 21.50.23.

At the multi-terrain Malmesbury 10k Julian Lewis finished in 39.32, ahead of Jo Parry in 1.00.05 and Nicola Hughes in 1.05.04.

Dave Mullins ran the Dartmouth 5 mile road race in 52 minutes in a welcome return to racing.

Alan Wilcox ran the latest 5k park run 21.26 as well as the Cheltenham half marathon in 1.41.55.

Adrian Pook ran the Wye Valley adventure marathon in 3.55.10. This was a very scenic run through the forest and a big climb to the top of Symonds Yat then follows the river to Monmouth.

Dave Wintle ran the Wolverhampton marathon, his 63rd, in 3.45.

Simon Spedding headed into the murky waters of the North sea for Clacton on sea triathlon consisting of a choppy 1500m swim, a flat 40km bike and a flat 10km run out and back on the sea front, finishing in 2.25.

Gary Stretton completed the Cotswold Sprint Triathlon in 1.07.25.

News Reporter: Giant Hogweed


Hogweed Triathlon, Marathon, Off Road and On Road Success

Newshound Posted on:September 1 2011

Justin Littlechild headed to the ETU European Long Course Triathlon Championships in Tampere, Finland. This consisted of a 4km swim, 120km bike and 30 km run. Justin finished in 6.41.40 for a fantastic 7th place in his age category.

At the Carterton triathlon consisting of 400m pool swim, 25km bike and 5km run Simon Spedding was 7th overall in 1.11.03, ahead of wife Mandy who was 2nd lady overall and first FV40 in 1.18.39.

There were 6 Hogweeds racing at the Malmesbury Triathlon, Paul Chappell was first home in 1.10.02, ahead of Anthony Febry 1.12.24, Ian Rowland 1.12.52, Ron White 1.17.42 (1st SV55), John Perrett 1.26.14 and Ian Dickson 1.27.35. Ron’s performance was remarkable for winning his age category by 5 thousandths of a second.

Dave Wintle ran the Enigma Gold Marathon in Milton Keynes in 3.46, completing his 62nd marathon, almost two thirds of the way to his target of 100 marathons.

At the sunny Guernsey marathon Stu Wilkie finished in 3.33, ahead of Dawn Riden in 4.53 (PB).

At the Foxtrot 5 Mile in Broughton Gifford, Wiltshire, Simon Spedding was 26th in 32.31 ahead of wife Mandy in 35.25.

At the Battle of Sedgemoor 10k Alan Wilcox finished in 43.54. Alan also ran the latest park run in 21.32.

At the Towpath 5k Alan Wilcox finished in 21.07, ahead of Chris Lewis in 21.37 and Michelle Edgell in 29.40, Michelle winning the first lady veteran award.

Thanks to Darhyl’s efforts some 10 Hogweeds attended the inaugural Roundway Rampage consisting of 7 miles of trails near Devizes. Bruce Sellers was first home in 52:40, ahead of Chris Lewis 54.31, Darhyl Davies in 55.15, first lady Ali Ramsey in 55.38, Jeremy Cross 57.17, Annabelle Pugh 59.19, Ian Freestone in 1.04.17, Katie Pinnington in 1.04.47, Kim Freestone in 1.0957 and Michelle Edgell in 1.17.26.

News Reporter: Giant Hogweed


Podium Success

Newshound Posted on:30 August 2011

There was double podium success for Hogweed Trotters at the Pewsey Vale triathlon consisting of 400m swim,27k bike and 5.5k run. Paul Chappell finished in 1.22.24 for 3rd male overall, and 2nd mv50. Ali Ramsey finished 1.31.18 for 3rd female overall.

It was a busy week for Ali, also running the Barbury castle Track & trail 5m in 39.46.

Ali also found time to complete in the Eton Dorney lake triathlon, taking place at the venue for the rowing at next year’s Olympics. Ali completed this sprint triathlon in a time of 1.15.37, finishing just ahead of partner Lee Masters in 1.16.08.

The Standish Woodland Chase is a multi-terrain race of almost 10 miles in length. Lee Pattison was first home in 1.03.55 for 7th place, followed by Pat & John Curtis in 1.14.24. Nigel Burford was next home in 1.16.54, ahead of Alan Wilcox 1.21.08 and Ian Dickson 1.26.33. Jenny McCallum was next in with a time of 1.28.24, ahead of Becky Dainton & Julie Froggatt who both finished in 1.42.07.

At the Corsham 5k, Alan Wilcox finished in 20.53 ahead of Chris Lewis 21.01.

News Reporter: Giant Hogweed


Bumper Bitton & Successful Tri's

Newshound Posted on:16 August 2011

There was a bumper turn out of Hogweeds at the final 5k of the Bitton Summer Series. Lee Pattison was first home in 17.52 followed by Gary Stretton in 18.30. John Curtis, Stuart Wilkie and Steve Stretton (PB) also finished under 19 minutes. Rich King and Bruce Sellers (PB) finished under 20 minutes. Jason Bidwell, Pat Curtis, Chris Lewis, Alan Wilcox (PB), Nigel Burford, Mark Stephenson (PB), Neil Hopkins and Vic Garner finished under 21 minutes Dave Stott (PB), Amanda Conway, Richard Finch and Ian Dickson (PB) finished under 22 minutes. Mark Offer, Dom Hurford, Ali Poole & Martin Wood (PB) finished under 23 minutes. Annabelle Pugh, Ian & Kim Freestone (pb), Stephen Chandler, Katie Pinnington, Michelle Edgell, Sue Hammond, Shelley Armorgie & Christine Stephenson (pb) were our other finishers.

At the Salisbury 54321 series of off road races Dave Wintle completed his 61st marathon in 4.13, followed by Scott Leonard in 4.58. Lee Masters completed the 30km race in 2.59. At the hilly Maiden new Ten 10k Rich King finished in 46.32 ahead of Alan Wilcox in 49.24.

At the latest Towpath 10k Alan Wilcox finished in 42.28, ahead of Chris Lewis in 43.38, Alison Ramsey in 44.20 and Michelle Edgell in 59.36.

Mark Stephenson headed further afield to compete in the Indian Queens Half in Cornwall, finishing in 1.38.59.

Ron White competed in the Alpe d’Huez triathlon in France consisting of 1300m swim, 30km bike (15km of it uphill) and 7km run at 2000 metres above sea level for a time of 2.49.34.

Closer to home Ron finished the London Sprint Triathlon in 1.22.55 to finish 2nd Supervet 55.

News Reporter: Giant Hogweed


Thunder And Marshes!

Newshound Posted on:10 August 2011

Geoff Partridge managed to clock up 100km at the Thunder Run 24 over the weekend. He entered the male pair category – a team total of 190km which was good enough for 11th place out of 21 in the category.

Mike Bowes completed the UK Ironman 2011 in 13.59.07 for a big new PB by 36 minutes.

Six Hogweeds headed to one of the flatter parts of Wales to take part in the Magor Marsh 10k. Chris Lewis was first home in 44.53, followed by Mandy Spedding 45.38, Ruth Twiss 67.34, Jan Hall 67.39, Ruth Conlon 77.11 and Sarah Port 79.37.

At the latest Blaise Blazer 4 mile off road race Alan Wilcox finished in 27.52 ahead of Chris Lewis in 29.47

At the Trowbridge Triathlon consisting of a 400m swim, 25k bike, 5k run, old hands Simon Spedding 1.14.11 in and Paul Chappell in 1.18.03 finished ahead of young guns Gary Stretton 1.18.53 and Simon Pinnington 1.26.01.

At the latest Dyrham Park 10k Vic Garner finished in 47.39 ahead of Alan Wilcox in 48.13 and Amanda Conway 49.12. Amanda was first Lady Vet.

News Reporter: Giant Hogweed


Great Turnout At The Mob Match!

Newshound Posted on: 1 August 2011

Hogweed Trotters had a strong performance at the Annual 10k Mob Match, finishing 5th of the nine teams competing. Jaroslaw Motyka led the troops home in a new PB of 36.32, followed by Julian Lewis and Andy May who finished under 40 minutes. John Curtis, Steve & Gary Stretton, Craig Pritchard, first lady Pat Curtis, Alan Wilcox, Paul Kent, Scott Leonard, Vic Garner, Anthony Febry , Mark Stephenson Ali Ramsey (PB), Neil Hopkins, Chris Lewis, Jason Walsh, Geoff Partridge and Jeremy Cross finished under 45 minutes. Jo Wilson, Dom Hurford, Martin Young, Rich Finch, Ian Dickson (PB), Ian Freestone (PB) & Jenny McCallum finished under 50 minutes. Our other finishers were Bill Smith, Rebecca Dainton, Martin Cook, Mike Mitchell, Kim Freestone, Anne Draper, Michelle Edgell and Derek Newcombe.

At the latest Bridge Inn 5k Lee Pattison was first Hogweed home in 18.03 followed by Steve Stretton in 19.20, Chris Lewis 20.57, another PB for Ian Dickson in 21.59 and sole lady Jenny McCullum in 23.58.

At the latest Park run Alan Wilcox finished in 21.23 for a course PB. Alan also ran the Dorchester 10k finishing 3rd in 45.21. If it wasn’t for getting lost Alan may well have won the race.

At the Portishead Sprint Triathlon Simon Spedding was first Hogweed home in 1.22.15, followed by Anthony Febry, Ian Rowland, Bruce Sellers, Ali Ramsey, John Perrett & Rothery Harris.

The Seaview 17 held near Minehead saw two Hogweeds finish in the same time. Both Lee Masters and Scott Leonard finished in 3.56.29.

News Reporter: Giant Hogweed


Cycling, Tri and Chimney Chasing!

Newshound Posted on: 24 July 2011

At the Cotswold Sportive 90miles Bike ride Justin Littlechild finished in 5.18.01, ahead of Chris Martin 6.09.13 and Lee Masters 6.36.35.

At the Cromhall Sprint Triathlon consisting of 750m swim/ 18.5k bike/ 5k run, Martin Young was 1st home in 1.13.41, followed by Ron White in 1.16.42 (2nd Supervet), Ali Ramsey in 1.18.23 (1st lady overall) and Phillipa Crocker 1.42.44.

Simon Spedding finished the Marlborough Triathlon consisting of 400m swim/20mile bike /5mile run. in 1.39.40 ahead of wife Mandy in 1.55.59. Simon was 3rd MVET 45-49 and Mandy 1st FVWT45-49.

Simon also completed the St Mary’s Aquathlon consisting of 400m swim followed by 5k run. Simon finished in 29.53, finishing 1st in age group & 6th overall.

Alan Wilcox completed the hilly 6.2 mile Devils Chimney Chase in 48.43, ahead of Neil Paice in 53.37, Nicola Paice 60.14, Rebecca Dainton 60.14.

News Reporter: Giant Hogweed


Frampton And France!

Newshound Posted on: 17 July 2011

At the Frampton 10k Mike Wenman was first home in a new PB of 41.38 followed by Alan Wilcox, Shane Toogood & Nigel Burford who all finished under 43 minutes.

Making a return to racing was Chris Martin in 43.07, followed by Mark Stephenson 43.12 and our first lady Rachel Bennett 43.36 (PB). Gary Weeks and Chris Lewis both finished under 45 minutes. Ali Ramsey, Mike Froggatt, Colin Armorgie, Dom Hurford, Ian Dickson, Ian Freestone and Jenny McCallum all finished under 50 minutes. Julie Boynes, Becky Dainton, Sandra Killen, Kim Freestone, Julie Froggatt, Nic Paice, Paul Chard, Jo Bayston & Jo Parry finished under the hour. Rachael Green (PB), Michelle Edgell, Sallie Beere, Derek Newcombe, Shelley Armorgie, Pauline Fletcher & Christine Stephenson were our other finishers.

Vic Garner ran the Dyrham Park 10k off road race in 48.45.

Alan Wilcox ran the Chippenham 5k river run in 20.52, as did Paul Chard 24.52. Alan also ran the latest Park run 5k in 21.31. Alan was also part of the winning team in the 3 mile relay race at Eastville Park.

Jeremy Cross was first home at the Castle Combe 10k in 46.46, followed by Annabelle Pugh in 47.24 and Stuart Base in his first race 54.51.

Chris Lewis was first Hogweed home in the off road Bitton Beach Buster in 56.10 followed by Ruth Stewart 1.10.53, Niall Stewart 1.10.55 & Michelle Edgell 1.14.50.

At the latest Bitton 5k series Adrian Pook was first home in 19.10 followed by Steve Stretton 19.12 (PB). There were also PB’s for Jason Bidwell 20.04 and Dom Hurford 21.21. Katie Pinnington 24.48 & Stephen Chandler 27.46 were our other finishers.

Stuart Bennett rode the Etape du Tour, a 109 km ride to Alpe d’Huez which will be stage 19 on this year’s Tour de France in 7.37.51.

News Reporter: Giant Hogweed


Hogweeds Tough It Up!

Newshound Posted on: 12 July 2011

Two Hogweed Teams finished the Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon this year. Kaye Hall and Anne Draper were delighted to finish in tough conditions in 93rd place overall on Harter Fell. Pat & John Curtis finished 45th overall out of 63 finishing teams on Carrock Fell.

At the Forestman Ironman Triathlon Martin Young finished in 12.51.20, ahead of Simon Pinnington in 13.36.03, Ben Bonnick in 15.04.07 and Mike Mitchell in 16.07.42.

At the Worcester triathlon of 1500 swim/54k bike /10k run Simon Spedding finished in 3.00.30 ahead of wife Mandy in 3.24.16, Mandy finishing 2nd FV40.

At the latest Bristol 5k Park run, Alan Wilcox finished in 21.32, ahead of Chris Lewis 23.11.

Chris also competed at the Towpath 10k finishing in 44.15, ahead of partner Michelle Edgell in 60.53.

At the local Thornbury Carnival 10k traditionally well supported by Hogweeds Jaroslaw Motyka continued his fine form finishing in fourth place with a time of 38.01, ahead of Scott Leonard 42.52, Alan Wilcox 43.05, Dom Hurford 45.48, Becky Dainton 52.35, Nic Paice 56.02 and Derek Newcombe 62.36.

At the Bristol Self-Transcendence 2 Mile Race around Eastville Park in Bristol, Alan Wilcox finished in 13.23.

At the latest Blaise Blazer 4 mile multi terrain race Alan Wilcox finished in 28.28, ahead of Nic Paice in 37.24 and Michelle Edgell 40.26.

Finally rounding off an exceptionally busy week for Alan Wilcox he completed the Islwyn Scenic 7 in wet conditions in 52.08, ahead of Chris Lewis in 54.50.

News Reporter: Giant Hogweed


A Very Sad Loss For The Hogweeds

Newshound Posted on: 5th July 2011

The Hogweed Trotters Running Club have been saddened this week by the death of club member Peter Willoughby at his home. He had been a Hogweed for 9 years, and had been one of the finest veteran runners in the country. Amongst many other achievements Peter finished as 2nd Male Veteran 60 in the 2009 Dublin Marathon. Our sincere condolences go to his wife Helen and his family.

At the inaugural Mob match 5k as part of the Bridge Inn series, Hogweed Trotters put out a strong team finishing 4th overall. Jaroslaw Motyka was 1st home in 17.39, closely followed by Lee Pattison 17.59. Andy May & John Curtis both finished under 19 minutes. Terry Murphy, James Tyack, Gary & Steve Stretton & Michael Wenman finished under 20 minutes. Pat Curtis, Nigel Burford, Paul Hyams, Bruce Sellers, Alan Wilcox & Chris Lewis finished under 21 minutes. Matt Worlock, Vic Garner, Gary Weeks, Dave Stott & Annabelle Pugh finished under 22 minutes. Our other finishers were Dom Hurford, Jo Wilson, Ian Dickson, Simon Pinnington, Jenny McCallum, Paul Chard, Katie Pinnington, Becky Dainton, Tom Worlock, Rob Smith, Rachel Green, Michelle Hodges, Barbera Denton, club chairman Bob Bell, Christine Stephenson & Bob Lavis.

At the inaugural Great Chalfield 10k in Melksham Alan Wilcox finished in 43.19 ahead of Chris Lewis in 43.59. Alan also completed the latest 5k Parkrun in 21.32.

At the Windermere triathlon consisting of 1500m swim, 43k bike, 10k run. Lee Masters finished in 3.05.26 ahead of Ali Ramsey in 3.07.26.

News Reporter: Giant Hogweed


Cotswold Relay And More!

Newshound Posted on: 28 June 2011

The Hogweed Trotters had three teams representing the club at this year’s Cotswold Way Relay, covering the 103 miles from Chipping Campden to Bath in 10 stages.

The Hogweed Blend consisting of Rich King, Alex McPherson, Rachel Bennett, Will Gray, Pat & John Curtis, Ali Ramsey, Nigel Burford, Shane Toogood and Scott Leonard finished as 6th mixed team and 21st overall in a time of 14.45.50.

The Intrepid Hogweeds, consisting of Gary Weeks, Dom Hurford, Anthony Febry, Stewart Ranshaw, Jaroslaw Motyka, Lee Masters, Paul Hyams, Alan Wilcox, Mark Stephenson and Neil Paice were 15th in the senior men category and 39th overall in a time of 15.58.50.

The Hogweed Muddled Mudlarks, consisting of Dave Dutton, Anne Draper, Steve Weeks, Ian Freestone, Martin Cook, Ali Poole, David Wells, Nic Paice, Jenny McCallum and Sue Hutchinson were 33rd in the mixed category and 69th overall in a time of 18.03.47.

There was a top 10 stage finish for Jaroslaw in his 1st race as a Hogweed, and top 20 stage finishes for Anthony Febry, Will Gray and Shane Toogood. Ali Ramsey and Pat Curtis both finished as 5th lady in their respective stages.

The St Mary’s race wends its way out from Yate to Engine Common and back in its 5.5 kilometres. Terry Murphy was 4th overall in a time of 21.20, followed by Bruce Sellers, Jeremy Cross, David Stott and Annabelle Pugh. Hazel Friis, Jo Parry & Ruth Conlon were our other finishers.

At the Nailsea 10k, Alan Wilcox was first home in 44.05, followed by Chris Lewis, Paul Clark, Nic Paice& Michelle Edgell.

Alan & Chris also ran the Beacon Batch 5 mile finishing in 41.48 & 44.04 respectively.

Alan completed in the last two 5k Parkruns, finishing in 22.52 and 21.49.

Mike Bowes completed the Wimbleball Half Ironman in a time of 6.52.19 for a new PB by 20 minutes.

Justin Littlechild was 13th in the Cotswold half ironman in a time of 4.33.53.

At the Springfield Sprint Triathlon Paul Chappell was first home in 1.12.17 followed by Anthony Febry 1.12.46 and Ross Mackenzie 2.21.33.

News Reporter: Giant Hogweed


Big Al Runs to Blackpool!

Newshound Posted on: 24 June 2011

Pride of place this week goes to Alan Wilcox who completed his Bristol to Blackpool challenge of 208 miles in 7 days of running, earning him Performance of the week in the Bristol Evening Post.

A local race with a high Hogweed turnout was the Bradley Stoke 10k. Andy May was first home in a speedy 38.50 for 10th overall and 2nd Vet40, closely followed by the young guns Gary & Steve Stretton in 39.46 & 41.36 respectively.

Close behind were Craig Pritchard, Richard Powell, Shane Toogood, Chris Lewis, Gary Weeks & Graeme Stephenson, all finishing under 50 minutes.

Rob Smith, Katie Pinnington, Nic Paice, Rebecca Dainton and Chris Martin all finished under the hour.

Jaide Toogood, Serena Griffiths, Margaret Chandler and Michelle Edgell were the other finishers.

At Bourton on the Water Humph’s Hilly half Lee Masters completed in 1.44.11.

For the Clevedon Midsummer 10k the weather lived up to the billing for once. Chris Lewis finished in 42.16 ahead of Dom Hurford 45.44.

At the latest running of the Bitton 5K 6 Hogweeds braved the downpour. Terry Murphy was first home in 18.21 (PB), followed by Steve Stretton 19.31. Jason Bidwell also put in a PB performance of 20.11, his 2nd at the distance this year. Dom Hurford 22.10, Martin Wood 24.06 and Stephen Chandler 26.39 were the other finishers.

Stuart Wilkie finished the Wimbleball lake Half Ironman in 6.35.00. This consisted of 1.9km mile Swim, 90km Bike ride and finished with a 21.1k half marathon.

Simon Spedding was 2nd Vet 40 and 11th overall at the Cosmeston Tri 750m swim, 21k bike, and 5k run amidst horrendously heavy rain in 1.14.39.

At the South Cerney Triathlon over the Olympic distance of 750m swim,43k Bike ride and 10k run Ali Ramsey 2.52.01was first home just ahead of Lee Masters in 2.53.33.

News Reporter: Giant Hogweed


Westonbirt And Beyond!

Newshound Posted on: 14 June 2011

The Westonbirt 10k is a popular run through the grounds of the Arboretum and this year proved no exception with over fifty Hogweeds taking part. Terry Murphy was first home in 39.32 with John Curtis and Adrian Pook also under 40 minutes.

Craig Pritchard, Dave Gynn, Shane Toogood, Pat Curtis, Chris Martin, Rachel Bennett (PB), Nigel Burford, Alan Wilcox and Chris Lewis were our finishers under 45 minutes.

Gary Weeks, Mike Froggatt, Annabelle Pugh, Bruce Sellers, David Stott, Ian Freestone, Ruth Stewart and Jenny McCallum finished under 50 minutes.

Ian Dickson, Nicky Davies, Andy Bates, Martin Cook, Geraldine Bates, Sean Palmer, Paul Chard, Julie Boynes, Jo Bayston, Zoe Harley, Lorraine Palmer and Sandra Killen all finished under 55 minutes.

Nic Paice, Niall Stewart, Julie Froggatt, Claire Searle, Kim Freestone, Michelle Edgell, Tracey Skuse, Ray Mardle, Tracey Stokes, Rachel Hill, Alison King, Tracy Marchant, Helen Young and Andy Williams all finished under the hour.

Margaret Chandler, Jaide Toogood, Dave Mullins, Rachel Green, Sue Hammond, Shelley Armorgie and Pauline Fletcher completed the Hogweed contingent.

At the Castle Combe Manic Midweek duathlon consisting of a 2 mile run, 10 mile bike ride and another 2 mile run, Richard Powell was first MV50 in a time of 51.26, Martin Young finished in 54.34, Jo Wilson 58.21, Ed Stevens 59.27 and Paul Chard 1.02.59.

At the Cotwolds women only sprint triathlon of 750 metre swim, 20 kilometre bike ride and 5 kilometre run Ali Ramsey completed in 1:17:43.

At the Bath hilly Ten Adrian Pook finished in 1.15.01 & Martin Wood in 1.36.59, Martin also running the Broad Town 5 Miler in a time of 38.44.

News Reporter: Giant Hogweed


Hogweeds Face Up To the Challenge!

Newshound Posted on: 7 June 2011

Those running the Dartmoor Discovery 32.2 mile Ultramarathon experience everything Dartmoor can offer, from stunning views, beautiful scenery, wild ponies, unpredictable weather and of course those infamous hills!

This year’s race was a hot one, and the four Hogweeds present were all pleased to finish. Stuart Wilkie was first home in 4.50.49, followed by Lee Masters 5.49.05, Neil Hopkins 5.51.00 & Alan Wilcox 5.53.28.

At the latest running of the Bridge Inn the Stretton twins continued their recent good form, Gary finishing in 19.15 just ahead of Steve in 19.34. Pat Curtis was next home in 20.23, ahead of Chris Lewis 20.52, Nigel Burford 21.25, Martin Wood 23.39, Paul Chard 24.40, Bill Smith 25.04 and Michelle Edgell 31.08.

Following the Dartmoor Discovery both Stuart and Alan chose races on the following day. Stuart took part in the Tenby marathon with six other club members.

First of the group of 7 home was Richard King, in 3:27; followed by Dave Wintle who completed his 8th marathon of the year in 3:27, and then Stuart in 3:58. First time marathon runners Stephen Moir and John Wheeler completed the race in 4:36 and 5:18 respectively. Dawn Riden completed the marathon in 5:22 just 6 weeks after her debut at London. Alison King completed the half marathon in 2:20.

Alan joined eight other Club members at Devises to race the off road Kennet Kanter. First home was Gary Stretton in 67 minutes, followed by Shane Toogood, Darhyl Davies, Mark Stephenson, Chris Lewis and Gary Weeks who all finished in under 1:20. Ronan Conlan was next home, followed by the only lady Hogweed competing, Michelle Edgell.

Next week see ‘Big’ Al Wilcox running from bristol to Blackpool over 7 days to raise money for two children’s charities. His just giving website is http://www.justgiving.com/alan-wilcox2/ for donations.


A Busy Week For The Hogweeds

Newshound Posted on: 1 June 2011

A Busy Week For The Hogweeds

A group of Hogweeds braved the windy conditions at the Edinburgh marathon. Andy May was first home in 3.04.41 (pb), followed by marathon regular Dave Wintle completing his fifty-ninth marathon in a time of 3.27.42, Paul Kent 3.29.51 (pb), Chris Lewis 3.40.07, Neil Hopkins 3.41.54 (pb), Simon Hemmings 4.17.40, Ian Freestone 4.19.46 and Kim Freestone, who knocked a fantastic 18 minutes off her previous marathon time.

In the Half Marathon Stuart Wilkie finished in 1.29.19 ahead of partner Dawn Riden in 2.14.26.

In Edinburgh there was also the option of running the marathon as part of a Relay team. The Hogweed Hairy Haggis's completed the Marathon in 4.08.58, the team consisting of Michelle Edgell, Rachael Green, Christine & Mark Stephenson.

At the Keynsham 10k evergreen Vic Garner was first home in 45.14, closely followed by Ali Ramsey in 45.31. Ed Stevens was the other finisher in 49.33.

Lee Masters is constantly on the look out for more off road challenges and he found one in the inaugural Whitebrook wind up half marathon consisting of riverbanks, forest tracks and challenging trails on the banks of the River Wye. Lee finished in 1.55.34.

At the Tyntsfield 10k multi terrain, Adrian Pook was home in 43.12, followed by Alan Wilcox in 48.19, Chris Lewis in 49,19 and Nicola Paice in 64.15.

Several Hogweeds headed south-west to the Plymouth Half Marathon Shane Toogood was first home in 1.35.26, closely followed by Alan Wilcox in 1.37.19, Gary Weeks in 1.38.52, Scott Leonard 1.40.23 and Michelle Edgell in 2.17.52.

Hogweeds are known to head to the Dymock half marathon for the famous local hospitality, Andy May was first home in 1.29.04, followed by 1.38.56 & Martin Cook in 2.08.00.

Triathlon season is still in full flow, several Hogweeds bracing the windy conditions at the Westonbirt Triathlon, consisting of a 400 metre swim, 20 kilometre bike ride and a 5 kilometre run. Anthony Febry was first home in 1.14.07, closely followed by Paul Chappell in 1.14.31, Ian Rowland 1.15.22, Bill Shackloth 1.23.10, Jo Wilson 1.24.22, Jenny McCallum 1.39.36 and Ian Dickson 1.43.02 were the other Hogweeds in action.

Simon & Mandy Spedding completed the Gloucester Triathlon consisting of 400m swim, a 28 kilometre bike ride and a 6 kilometre run. Simon finished in 1.18 and Mandy 1.29.

Jo Wilson and husband Al completed the first Questars adventure race in the Brecon Beacons. This consisted of 5 hours of trail/fell running, kayaking & mountain biking all with fantastic scenery. Jo was surprised to finish joint first out of the 62 novice teams.


Another Successful Hogweed Trot!

Newshound Posted on: 31st May 2011

Another Successful Hogweed Trot

The 8th running of the Hogweed Trot was won by Rob Farley of Bitton Road Runners in 33.48 with Mike Blackmore also of Bitton 2nd in 34.19. First lady to finish was Holly Rush of Team Bath who was 3rd overall in a new Ladies’ Course Record of 34.39.

Anthony Glover was 4th in 34.45 with Terry Murphy 37.29 also finishing under 40 minutes. Alex McPherson 40.14 was next home ahead of Craig Pritchard 41.21 and Dave Gynn in 41.32. Other Hogweeds finishing in under 45 minutes were Mike Wenman and Nigel Trickey who finished in 42.10 and 42.33 respectively, first Hogweed Lady Ruth Stewart finished in 46.55 ahead of Laura Buet 47.45, Annabelle Pugh 48.12, Ian Dickson in 48.13, Graeme Stephenson in 49.15 and Martin Wood in 49.43. Other Hogweeds under 55 minutes included Rob Smith 50.37, Steve Curtis 51.11, Paul Chard 51.14, Bill Smith 51.18, Geraldine Bates 51.23, Martin Cook 51.27, Nicola Paice 51.36, Janice McPherson 51.52, Becky Dainton 52.01, Bill Bretherton 52.06, Matt Worlock 53.05, Katie Pinnington 53.13, Niall Stewart 53.30, a PB for Anne Draper in 53.47 and Dave Wells 54.10.

Finishing under the hour were Tony Batty 55.27, John Wheeler 55.46, Jane East 56.25, Andy Bates and Sallie-Ann Beere both finishing in 56.28, Mike Plows 56.48, Jaide Toogood 57.17, Michelle Hodges 57.26, Ray Mardle in 58.07, Julie Doyle in 59.13 and Margaret Chandler in 59.42.

Other Hogweed finishers were Derek Newcombe in 60.17, Philippa Crocker & Jo Butters finished together in 62.44, and Pauline Fletcher in 68.40 were the Other Hogweed finishers.


Bumper Week For the Hogweeds

Newshound Posted on: 28th May 2011

Bumper Week For The Hogweeds

At the Bitton 5k summer series Steve Stretton contined his fine 2011 form with 19.27 for another PB. Another Hogweed returning to form was Jason Bidwell with 20.58, for his first PB in 7 years. The other finishers were Dom Hurford 22.03 & Ed Stevens 22.09.

Terry Murphy was the first finisher of the bumper contingent of Hogweeds at the Berkeley 10k in a speedy 37.47 ahead of John Curtis in 38.27. Steve & Gary Stretton, Dave Gynn, Mike Wenman, Bruce Sellers, Chris Lewis, Shane Toogood, first Hogweed lady Pat Curtis, Alan Wilcox, Mark Stephenson, Nigel Burford, Rachel Bennett, Vic Garner & Dom Hurford all finished under 45 minutes. Mike Froggatt, Annabelle Pugh, Ian Dickson, Ruth Stewart, Jenny McCallum finished under 50 minutes. Martin Wood, Julie Boynes, Becky Dainton, Martin Cook, Nic Paice, Sandra Killen, Niall Stewart, Paul Chard, Mark Spary, Michelle Edgell, Sallie-Anne Beere, Michelle Hodges, Margaret & Stephen Chandler all finished under the hour mark. Andy Cleave & Pauline Fletcher were the other finishers.

The Tewkesbury half is normally supported well by Hogweeds and this year was no exception.Richard King was first home in 1.28.49, closely followed by Dave Gynn 1.33.59, Mark Offer 1.40.15, Annabelle Pugh 1.47.17, Becky Dainton 1.59.17 & Sue Leyden 2.08.39.

At the last race of the Weston Prom Run Alan Wilcox was first home in 34.07 for another PB, followed by Dom Hurford 35.53 which was also a PB. The other finishers were Michelle Edgell 47.34 & Chris Lewis 47.36.

At the Castle Combe Bike Time trial 10 mile Ali Ramsey on debut completed in 28.30.

Adrian Pook ran the Jack & Jill 10k multi-terrain in 47.06 to finish 19th.

Alan Wilcox ran the Cardiff Ultra 50 mile race in 9.11 as part of his preparation for his Bristol to Blackpool run.


Hogweeds Beat The Black Death!

Newshound Posted on: 17th May 2011

Hogweeds Beat The Black Death!

Five Hogweeds braved the scarily titled Black Death Run, a 10 mile multi-terrain race billed as one of the toughest nationwide. Rich King was first home in 1.34.58, followed by Alan Wilcox 1.41.31, Chris Lewis 1.42.57, first lady Ali King 2.23.00 and Michelle Edgell 2.26.25.

At the first running of this year’s Towpath Series Chris Lewis was first home in 43:06 followed by Michelle Edgell and Alan Wilcox in 58.59, Serena Griffiths completing the Hogweed contingent in 60.12.

At the South Cerney Super Sprint Triathlon, Ron White finished 2nd Super Vet 55 in 1.07.07.

Lee Masters completed the Marlborough Downs Multi terrain 19 miler in 2.43.51.

The Bristol 10k attracted its biggest field to date in its 4th year, including a large Hogweed Presence. Two Hogweeds enjoying a fine 2011 had personal bests, first home was Alan Wilcox in 42:04 closely followed by Shane Toogood in 42:25, Robert Emery, Geoff Partridge, Jonathan Crook and Steve Curtis finished under 50 minutes. First lady home Zoe Harley, Rebecca Dainton, Lorraine Palmer, Sallie Anne Beere (PB), Michelle Hodges, Tony Batty, Jaide Toogood, Michelle Edgell, Derek Newcombe finished under the hour. Dawn Riden, Stuart Wilkie, Rachael Green, Shelley Armorgie, Yvonne Day, Hayley Brock, Ruth Twiss, David Morgan, Linda Morgan completed the Hogweed contingent.

Report by: Giant Hogweed - Dom!


Shakespeare Marathon And More!

Newshound Posted on: 10th May 2011

Shakespeare Marathon And More!

There were some cracking Hogweed performances at The Shakespeare Marathon run in and around Stratford upon Avon.

Mark Clements was first home smashing his PB by 19 minutes in 3.31.32 and was followed by Katie Pinnington breaking the magical 4 hour barrier in 3.57.15, also a big PB of nearly 10 minutes. Next home were four Hogweeds who were each making their Marathon debut, Neil Paice finished in 4.01.07, Laura Buet in 4.08.07, Nicola Paice in 4.22.12 and Kate Hoskins in 5.21.45 all producing fine performances.

At the undulating North Dorset Marathon regular Dave Wintle was first home in 3:39:05, closely followed by Stefan Bittain in 3:42:15, Adrian Pook 3:44:17 and Ronan Conlon in 4:15:24, this being a fantastic 55 minute PB for Ronan.

At the Corsham 10k first home was Katie Pinnington in 52:30, followed by Pauline Fletcher in 1:05:59.

At the Pensford 10k Vic Garner, in 46.35, was first home followed by Ruth Stewart in 54.45 and Niall Stewart in 59.13.

The Grendon Triathlon consists of 750 metre swim, 23k bike ride, and a 5k run. Tri regular Ali Ramsey was 1st home in 1.32.11, closely followed by Lee Masters in 1.32.41.

Alan Wilcox completed this week’s Parkrun 5k in 21.42.

Report by: Giant Hogweed - Dom!


Hogweeds Out And About

Newshound Posted on: 2nd May 2011

Hogweeds Out And About

At the latest running of the popular Frenchay 10k 1st Hogweed home was Adrian Pook in 41:55, followed by John Curtis 42:10, Bruce Sellers 43:38, Pat Curtis 45:37, Gary Weeks 47:07, Annabelle Pugh 50:35, Graeme Stephenson 52:34, Robert Smith 54:27, Zoe Harley 54:43 , Martin Cook 56:25 , Rebecca Dainton 58:08 Niall Stewart 59:27 486 Cindy Peters 01:02:52, Jaide Toogood 01:05:10, Sue Hammond 01:05:52, Shelley Armorgie 01:06:25, Ray Mardle 01:07:20, Rachael Green 01:07:34, Michelle Hodges 01:07:34, Margaret Chandler 01:09:10, Yvonne Day 01:09:10 and Pauline Fletcher 01:10:06.

At the Hanham Horror off roader 1st Hogweed home was Rich King 49:07, followed by Chris Martin 49:22, Adrian Pook 50:07, Bruce Sellers 51.02, Chris Lewis 51:44, Alan Wilcox 52:27, Gary Weeks 53:22, Ali Ramsey 54:18, Neil Paice 55:26, Jason Walsh 55:39, Ange Martin 56:52, Annabelle Pugh 58:57, Nic Paice 1:02:07, Michelle Moore 1:03:08, G Bryant 1:03:09, J Froggatt 1:03:53, Paul Chard 1:05:50 and Ali King 1:13:00.

At the Weston Prom 1st Hogweed home was Chris Lewis in 34:13 followed by Alan Wilcox 34:29, Ali Ramsey 35:43 and Michelle Edgell 48:04.

At the Offa’s Orror off road 20k Lee Masters was the first Hogweed home in 1:54:51 followed by Helen Crook in 2:14:58 and Anne Draper in 2:30:33.

Trowbridge offroad 10k Al Wilcox 45.24, Al also completed the Great West Run Exeter half marathon in 1.39.44.

The Parkrun series is a weekly 5k run through Ashton court Estate in Bristol. Steve Stretton was the 1st Hogweed home in 21:01 followed by his twin Gary stretton in 21:13, Alan Wilcox 21:57, Geoff Partridge 22:11, Katie Pinnington 26:46, and Michelle Edgell 30:38.

At the first run of the Bridge Inn 5k summer series, 1st Hogweed home in 18:32 was John Curtis, followed in 19:43 by Steve Stretton, twin Gary Stretton close behind in 20.05, Chris Lewis 20.07, Pat Curtis 20.45 and 24:32 and Zoe Harley 24.32.


Virgin London Marathon 2011

Newshound Posted on: 25th April 2011

Hot, Hot, Hot

For twenty members of Hogweed Trotters the unseasonably warm weather was not welcome, at least last Sunday as they tackled London marathon.

Rightly London is the ‘main event’ in British running, and with over 35,000 finishers again it will remain so. Many club members will be up early on Tuesday to take their chance in the ballot for 2012.

The Ted Atkins London Marathon Experience weekend had an element of ritual about it, starting with the visit to the EXPO to pick up the number, and to spend money on a bargain at the trade stands. Saturday was then a day of rest, eating and more rest.

An early morning on Sunday and the trip out to Blackheath marked the real start of the marathon. The scene resembled a festival and refugee camp as the crowds gathered for the start.

For Club Members the race started at 9:45 and it was already getting hot. The first few miles tended to be chaotic as runners start out on the 26.2 mile journey. By mile 3 most had settled into a rhythm, some maybe a little too quick for comfort.

Spectators lined the entire route, but the first really crowded area was in Greenwich at 6 miles. The pace at this stage generally feels very comfortable; almost too easy and we had to remember there was still 20 miles to go.

The next high spot on the race was Tower Bridge at 12.5 miles. Most of our supporters congregated here and the noise was incredible. As the race headed out to Docklands for those at around 3:15 – 3:30 pace there was an opportunity to see the leaders heading in the opposite direction having completed a further 8 miles! I was fortunate to see the leader and the top 12 or so runners. This is one of the joys of running, the opportunity to run the same race as the world’s best.

The phase through Canary Wharf and the Docklands can be a difficult part of the race as fatigue and the heat starts to tell, and if you started too quickly your body will let you know. The route also twists and turns and it is easy to lose your bearings. The only constant was the sun beating down and the temperature rising.

At 20 miles the race finally headed back towards Westminster and the finish. The last 6 miles of a marathon is often thought of the race of truth. It’s at this stage that your training, race pace, the heat, food and drink combines and can make you suffer. Most Club Members confessed to a difficult last 6 miles and this showed in the individual time splits.

The final 3 miles along the embankment and around St James Park is always a highlight of the race, with fantastic support from the crowds. As the finish approaches a series of banners announce 800m to go, 600m to go, 400m to go, and most annoyingly 385 yards to go! It seems to take forever to finally reach the finish on the Mall.

The race organisation at this point is excellent as you stumble along on tired legs you get a medal, have your photograph taken, get a tee-shirt, drink and goodie bag before meeting family and friends at Banner H in the Horseguards Meet and Greet Area.

Surprisingly this is one of the best times of the day. You can sit down, although it may be hard to get up, and share tales of your personal London Marathon experience.

Every one of our runners who started finished, a fantastic achievement.

Finishing times for Hogweed Trotters are below.

Andy May 03:09:00, Nick Woodhill 03:10:20, Vic Garner 03:27:33, Dave Wintle 03:27:51, Ray Maddock 03:32:54, Craig Pritchard 03:33:21, Shane Toogood 03:34:25, Chris Lewis 03:36:49, Mark Stephenson 03:40:06, Dom Hurford 03:54:30, Geoff Partridge 04:20:02, Jo Bayston 04:30:05, Lynette Bonnick 04:34:31, Hazel Friis 04:59:05, Rachel Hill 05:03:07, Tracey Skuse 05:03:09, Dawn Riden 05:03:37, Serena Griffiths 05:12:45, Martin Wood 05:12:47, Derek Newcombe 05:23:39, Julie Doyle 05:57:17, Philippa Crocker 06:06:58 and Jo Wood 06:44:23

Special mention should go to first timers Craig, Shane, Jo Bayston, Hazel, Rachel, Tracey, Dawn, Derek and Julie.

Chris Lewis and Jo Woods recorded PB’s- an achievement in the hot conditions.

Andy May and Vic Garner qualified for the next 2 years by virtue of ‘good for age’ times.

Philippa deserves special mention completing her first London a few weeks after valiantly completing half of the infamous Marathon de Sables in Morocco.

The Club was fortunate to have fantastic support located along the route.

And finally, special thanks to Ted Atkins for organising a great trip. The hotel, overlooking the River Thames and Big Ben, was fantastic and only 10 minutes walk from the finish.

The photographs will be on the website soon!

Mark Stephenson


Triathlon Season In Full Flow

Newshound Posted on: 11th April 2011

Triathlon Season In Full Flow

Triathlon results from Burnham-on-Sea Supersprint 250m swim 10km bike(closed roads) 2.5km run on the beach. Ron White was 1st home in 20th position, 1st Supervet 50, time 35.50. Bruce Sellers was in 34th position with a time of 37.22.

At The Monmouth Tri Simon Pinnington 1:12:33 (9th in category, 43rd overall) finished ahead of Alison Ramsey 1:18:07 (9th in category, 67th overall)

At the latest running of Burnham-On-Sea 5k Chris Lewis was 1st home 20.12 folowed by Alan Wilcox in 20.52.

The Taunton Marathon is a well established local Race, Dave Wintle finished in 3hrs 32, ahead of Alan Wilcox in 3hrs 46.

Stuart Wilkie completed the Sussex marathon in 3hrs 26.

Stuart and Dave also headed to Llanelli for the Great Welsh marathon, Stuart finishing in 3hrs 25 and Dave in 3hrs 31. Rachel Bennett was also in attendance, completing her first marathon in an impressive time of 3hrs 31 for 4th lady overall.

Adrian Pook and Stefan Brittain ran the Axe to Exe a lovely run along the coastal path with lovely views but hilly 4000ft of ascent. Adrian completed the run in 3.29.31 (30th place) and Stefan finished in 3.36.22 (44th place).

Philippa Crocker headed to the Marathon des Sables in Morocco, known as the toughest footrace on earth. Philippa had to pull out on stage 4, the day of the double marathon stage. Still a fantastic achievement to get that far!

All eyes turn now to next weekend’s London Marathon!


Results Catch Up

Newshound Posted on: 4th April 2011

At the Duchy Marathon in Cornwall Dave Wintle and Alan Wilcox finished in the same time of 3.35.30, yet another Pb for the prolific Alan.

At the notorious off road Grizzly, first home was Mark Pyke in 3.04.05 followed by Amanda Conway in 3.39.10 and Ronan Conlon finished in 4.23.42. Completing the Grizzly Cub run were Kaye Hall, Anne Draper and Pat hall who finished the 8.5 mile route in 1hr 50.

The Gloucester 20 is part of the build up for the London Marathon and there were plenty of Hogweeds there getting the miles in. First Hogweed home was Peter Willoughby in 02:24:02, followed by Vic Garner 02:35:05, Nigel Burford 02:39:41 and 108 252 Mark Stephenson M45 02:39:47. Finishing under three hours were Lee Masters, Dom Hurford & Neil Paice. Completing the Hogweed contingent were Nicola Paice, Hazel Friis, Tracey Skuse, Rachel Hill, Dawn Riden & Stuart Wilkie.

Thornbury Running Club Aquathlon results:

Long Course (1000m Swim/10k run) Martin Young 36th 19:54/49:14 total 1:09:08, Ali Ramsey 37th (6th lady) 22:44/46:25 total 1:09:09

Short Course (500m Swim/5k run) Simon Spedding 7th 7:52/20:48 total 28:40, Ron White 12th 8:00/23:12 total 31:12, Paul Chappell 15th 9:45/21:52 total 31:37, Mandy Spedding 22nd 8:57/24:01 total 32:58.

Weston Prom results: Stuart Wilkie 30.55, Chris Lewis 33.26 (pb), Al Wilcox 34.49, Dom Hurford 36.54, Michelle Edgell 46.25

At the scenic Rhayader 20 five Hogweeds survived the hill that went on for a mile and a half and lived to tell the tale. Shane Toogood was 1st Hogweed home in 2.37.11, followed by Chris Lewis 2.46.29, Alan Wilcox 2.47.24, Rachel Bennett 2.50.28 and Dom Hurford 2.50.49

Peaky Freaky Challenge results: Ali Ramsey total time 03:41:40. 1st lady overall. There are approximately 40 miles of cycling with runs up Brent Knoll, round Brean Down and up Crooks Peak in-between.


Forest of Dean And Other Races

Newshound Posted on: 2nd April 2011

Forest of Dean And other Races

A coach load of Hogweeds headed to the Forest of Dean half marathon.

First home was Will Gray 01:23:39, followed closely by Peter Willoughby and John Curtis both under 1hr 30. Chris Martin, Alex McPherson, Stuart Wilkie, Shane Toogood and Nigel Burford all finished under 1hr 35. Follwing thick and fast came Bruce Sellers, Steve Stretton, 1st Hogweed lady Pat Curtis, Chris Lewis PB, Vic Garner, Dave Gynn, Mark Clements, Andy Cleave, Mike Wenman, Mark Stephenson, Darhyl Davies PB and Alan Wilcox all finishing under 1hr 40. Gary Weeks, Jo Wilson, Neil Paice, Jason Walsh, Laura Buet, Geoff Partridge and John Perrett all finished under 1hr 50. Annabelle Pugh, Jenny McCullum, Nicola Davies, Nic Paice, Rob Smith and Jo Bayston finished under 2hrs. Finishing off the Hogweed Contingent were Martin Cook, Becky Dainton, Janice McPherson, Julie Froggatt, Peter Harney, Paul Chard, Jan Webb, Jeff Flynn, Steve Weeks, Emma Erentz, Christina Saltmarsh, Jaide Toogood, Michelle Hodges, Michelle Edgell and Club Chairman Bob Bell.

At the latest running of the Bridge Inn 5k, Ist home was Lee Pattison in 18.55, Chris Lewis 19.54, Nigel Burford 20.10, Amanda Conway 21.16, Chris Gardner 22.29, Ian Dickson 22.59, Ian Freestone 23.08, Paul Chard 25.02 & Martin Cook 25.36.

Dave Dutton ran the Liverpool Half in 1.35.16


Hogweed Hilly Half VII

Newshound Posted on: 28 March 2011

The 7th Hogweed Hilly Half was held on a crisp, spring day. The weather always behaves although the hills were as steep as usual.

Tom Fisher (Avon Valley) made it a hat-trick of wins in 1.16.37, just 33 seconds off the course record and his fastest Hilly Half time to date. First lady was Louise Summers (Chepstow) in 1.35.01.

Other age group winners were MV40 Dave Fredrickson (Unaffiliated) 1.28.23, MV50 Lee Christmas 1.27.36, MV60 Peter Willoughby (Hogweeds) 1.33.01, MV70 Michael Coupe (Nailsea) 1.49.28, 1st Senior Lady was Luned Jones (Chepstow) 1.37.28, LV45 Shan Aguilar-Stone (Bitton) 1.47.16, LV55 Sue Ashton (Chepstow) 1.54.43, LV60 Brenda Avery (Chepstow) 1.55.41

There were impressive performances from other Hogweeds especially Andy May who was 13th in 1.29.04 ahead of Terry Murphy 1.30.14 and Peter Willoughby 1.33.01.

Others finishing under 1h 40m were Michael Wenman 1.38.54, Bruce Sellers 1.39.37 and Steve Stretton 1.39.41.

Adrian Pook, Nigel Trickey, Paul Kent, Ray Maddock, Alan Wilcox and Mark Offer all dipped under 2 hours. Other finishers, were Rob Smith, Tracey Skuse, Martin Wood, Lorraine Palmer, Geraldine Bates, Martin Cook, Niall Stewart, Brian Tesdale, John Wheeler & Chris Shepperd.

The club would like to thank the St John’s Ambulance and all marshals and helpers for making this such a successful day.


Bath Half and Other Races

Newshound Posted on: 14 March 2011

The 30th Bath half marathon was run on the 6th March 2011. As always a huge field entered, including 19 Hogweeds who recorded a series of personnel bests and other notable times.

First club member home was Will Gray who recorded a fast 1:21:19. Unfortunately Will’s day was memorable for the ‘banana’ that ran in just front of him for 13.1 miles! Fortunately he didn’t look back to see the Gorilla! Next finisher was Stuart Wilkie, in 1:23:14. Next to finish was the improving Shane Toogood (pb) who took a massive 13 minutes of his half Marathon best with a 1:32:03. Shane is running London this year for St Johns Ambulance and the training is obviously going very well! Scot Leonard, Dave Glynn (pb) and Gary Weeks (pb) were inside 1:35. First lady finisher Rachel Bennett finished in 1:38:43, closely followed by Mark Offer. Steve Moir, Annabelle Pugh (pb), Ian Freestone (pb) and Katie Pinnington all beat 1:50. Next finishers were Jo Bayston and Kate Hoskins with a massive PB in 1:56. Dawn Riden did 2:09 (pb), Fern Yam completed the race in 2:18 and Melanie Welch in 2:23.

Three races in 2 weeks for Shelley Armorgie and Sue Hammond and they’re inseparable. Both debuted at the half marathon with 2:24:23. Finally Andrea Thomson Taylor completed the race in 2:56.

Other races completed by club members include the Gloucester 20, the Duchy marathon and the infamous Grizzly. More news on them next week.

Sunday the 20th March is the 7th running of the popular Hogweeds Hilly Half. Run over rural lanes from Horton to Hillesley to Hawksbury Upton and back to Horton, it is a scenic but challenging race. It’s not too late to enter, or alternatively to enjoy a day supporting a great event.

New members are always welcome at the club on a Wednesday or Friday evening at Chipping Sodbury Cricket Club at 6:30!


Hogweeds Race Here There And Everywhere

Newshound Posted on: 7 March 2011

Hogweeds Race Here There And Everywhere!

Whilst Bath Half Marathon is the big event this week at the time of writing the official results are not published. Early reports are of some good times on a cold but sunny day in the city. A full report will follow next week.

Consequently this week’s report is made up of several other races.

Shelly Armorgie and Sue Hammond both broke the magic 60 minutes at the Castle Coombe 10k proving them to be in great shape for Bath half which will be their third race in two weeks.

Alan Wilcox is known for doing three races in three days; however only managed two this week. The first was the Burnham 5k which he ran in a PB of 20:51, 17 seconds ahead of the almost as prolific Chris Lewis.

Al then ventured east to Silverstone completing the Silverstone half in a fast 1:37:59. Rebecca Dainton joined him on the racing circuit finishing in 1:58:52. Apparently Katie Price also ran at Silverstone, and rumour had it that Al was prepared to chaperone her round the course.

Triathlon star Ali Ramsey completed the Castle Coombe duathlon and is ranked second lady in the St Mary’s Aquathlon winter series. If she stays injury free this summer we expect great things!

The Cotswold tourist trap Bourton on the Water hold an annual 10k; renowned for fast times. The race fills up quickly; so Shane and Jaide Toogood were quick to enter and complete the race in 42:35 and 57:58 respectively. Our usual correspondent Dom Hurford completed the race in 45:16, and Cindy Peters finished in 58:26. Finally Adrian Pook ran the Babcary 7.5 mile race in 53:17, finishing 33rd overall.


The Bridge Inn And The Terminator!

Newshound Posted on: 28 February 2011

The Bridge Inn And The Terminator!

February marks a transition in the running year, as triathletes come out of hibernation, winter off road races turn to half marathons, and many runners doing the hard miles for spring marathons. So this week the Hogweeds have been competing in a mixed bag of races.

The regular Bridge Inn 5k series race was teeming with Hogweeds this month with 15 club members amongst the 114 finishers. First home was new runner Terry Murphy who forgot that 5k is 200m longer than 3 miles, but still recorded an impressive 18:22. Stuart Wilkie, two days after a 50k ultra recorded 18:47. Other male finishers included Nigel Burford 20:03, Chris Lewis 20:30; Dom Hurford, Simon Pinnington and Ian Dickson all finished inside 23 minutes, Martin Cook recorded a pb of 24:14 and Paul Chard was a few seconds back. First lady finisher was evergreen Jenny McCallum in 23:17, followed by Sandra Killen and Katie Pinnington, both under 25 minutes. Michelle Edgell finished in 28:21 and Shelly Armorgie and Sue Hammond both broke 30 minutes.

The Terminator is a hard, hilly,muddy wet off road 11 -12 mile race. Lee Masters finished in 1:56:10, Neil Paice in 2:02:38, Pat Hall in 2:11:12, Nic Paice in 2:22:43 and Anne draper in 2:32:09. Al Wilcox had a quiet week, after the 50K Ultra, completing the Ironwood challenge in just over the hour. Neil Hopkins competed in Tokyo marathon, but no results are available yet.

Finally Ron White completed the Taunton aquathon (swim/ run) in 30:55 winning the vet 50 age group. Paul Chappell and Richard Powell completed a 1-2 in the same age group at the Castle Coombe duathlon (run/ bike) both recording just over 50 minutes.

Bath half is next Sunday, the first ‘big’ local race of the year, and club members are expected to be out in force!


Ultra Success and Tough Ten!

Newshound Posted on:20 February 2011

Ultra Success And Tough Ten!

A marathon is far enough for most people but not for three Hogweeds who headed to the part urban, part rural point to point London 50k, Stuart Wilkie finished in 4hrs32, Dave Wintle in 5hrs01 and Alan Wilcox in 5hrs15 despite the occasional wrong turn due to poor signage and never ending mud.

Two races at the seaside:

At the Weston Tough Ten new member Bruce Sellers continued his fine form being 1st Hogweed Home in 1.15.19, followed by Shane Toogood 1.16.46, Gary Weeks 1.20.24, Ed Stevens 1.30.52, Sandra Killen 1.32.50, Rob Smith 1.34.14, Zoe Harley 1.34.25, Ian Freestone 1.37.16, Paul Chard 1.38.25, Coral Nash 1.39.09, Kim Freestone 1.46.46, Michelle Edgell 1.54.22

At the latest running of the Weston Prom Run Terry Murphy was 1st home in 30.20 followed by Shane Toogood 34.00, Chris Lewis 34.21, Alan Wilcox 34.46, Dom Hurford 36.10 and Derek Newcombe 46.22.

Dursley Dozen Cold, Wet and Windy!

Newshound Posted on: 14 February 2011

Dursley Dozen Cold, Wet and Windy!

At the infamous multi terrain Dursley Dozen 1st home in 01:33:55 was Stuart Wilkie, followed by 01:37:07 Peter Willoughby (1st Vet 60), 01:42:11 John Curtis, 01:42:58 Andy Cleave, 01:43:10 Chris Martin, 01:43:52 Pat Curtis 1st FV50, 01:49:45 Amanda Conway, 01:51:16 Stuart Bennett, 01:51:58 Lee Masters, 01:52:23 Alan Wilcox, 01:53:21 Mark Stephenson, 01:56:23 Rachel Bennett, 01:56:40 Jo Wilson, 01:59:31 Jason Walsh, 02:01:37 Neil Paice, 02:15:08 Julie Froggatt 02:15:08 Claire Searle, 02:17:31 Paul Buckley, 02:19:10 Martin Cook, 02:21:19 Rebecca Dainton

Alan also competed in the Hell in the Middle multiterrain Race, finishing in 1.52.44, another 2 races in 2 days for him.

At the Wiltshire 10, a new flat race for 2011 1st home in 41st was Adrian Pook 67:36 followed by 132nd Ruth Stewart in 83:02, 152nd Katie Pinnington in 85:58 and 182nd Niall Stewart in 90:43

At the undulating Longleat 10k Vic Garner finished in 44.27

At the Burnham on Sea 5k, Chris Lewis finished in 21.20 and Alan Wilcox 21.35


The Hogweed Trotter Annual Awards

Newshound Posted on: 7 February 2011

The Hogweed Trotter Annual Awards

Members of the Hogweed Trotters gathered, in their smartest race T-shirts and medals, to celebrate the Club’s achievements for 2010. There have been many memorable performances over this year.

The main award this year was richly deserved, as Dave Wintle was crowned Club Champion. Becoming only the third man to complete the Brathay 10 marathons in 10 days challenge in under 3hrs 30 each day.

Jo Wilson won the Triathlete Of The Year Award for her fine performances.

The Cross-Country Champion Awards went to Nicola Paice and Dave Gynn.

Shane Toogood capped a remarkable year, in which he lost 10 stone in weight, by winning the Men's Half Marathon Award, by running 1hr 45 at the Burnham on Sea Half, the Ladies Half Marathon Award being won by Hayley Brock for her fine PB Performance at the rain sodden Benidorm Half.

Katie Pinnington and Gary Stretton won the Marathon Awards for impressive debuts at Stratford and Snowdonia respectively.

Jo Wood won the Ladies Best Short Race Award for a series of PBs and Dom Hurford was awarded Men's 10k Champion for a PB at the Castle Combe 10k, one of his 12 for the year.

The Peter Pan Award, for our more seasoned members, was won by Ross Mackenzie who at the ripe age of 76 is turning out fantastic triathlon performances, while Tracey Whawell won The Novice Of The Year Award for her fine performance at the Christmas Cracker 10k.

Martin Cook won the dastardly Black Dog Award, as a result of a series of falls on the Cotswold Way Relay. Kaye Hall won An Award For 'Laurence' for exaggerating injuries. Kaye completed the Keswick to Barrow 40 miler after complaining of injuries beforehand.

Alan Wilcox won the Super Hero Award for his prolific year in which he ran more races than a Hogweed ever had before with 55 and The Founders Award went to Ali King for her continual improvement.

We would like to thank the many sponsors of these awards.


Gloucester Marathon, Bridge Inn, Lliswerry and Quedgely

Newshound Posted on: 31 January 2011

Gloucester, Bridge Inn, Lliswerry & Quedgeley

Stuart Wilkie came mighty close to beating the sub 3 hour marathon at Gloucester finishing 25th in 3.01.32, a PB by some 4 minutes. Regular Marathon Runner Dave Wintle was next home finishing in 3.31.42 for 89th place. Alan Wilcox was next home in 3.47.40 for 162nd place. Martin Young finished in a creditable time of 3.56.49 for 200th place.

At the latest running of the Bridge Inn 5k Series Hogweeds were led home by Nigel Burford 20.20 2nd M45, followed by Chris Lewis 20.55 3rd M40, Alan Wilcox 21.50, Jo Wilson 22.41, Jenny McCallum 23.37 1st L55, Nicola Paice 25.05, Paul Chard 25.30 and Kate Pinnington 25.55.

At the rescheduled Quedgeley 5 Mile race Alan Wilcox finished in 37.02.

Alan made it a double of two races in two days by being first Hogweed home at the Lliswerry 8 mile run near Newport in 60.20, followed by husband and wife team Martin & Jo Wood both finishing in personal best times for the distance, Martin in 67.14, Jo in 95.33. Stephen Chandler also finished in 95.33


Hogweeds Out In Force

Newshound Posted on: 24 January 2011

Hogweeds Out In Force!

At the latest running of the Weston Prom Series Chris Lewis was first Hogweed home in 34.49, followed by Alan Wilcox in 35.35, Derek Newcombe in 46.43 and sole lady Hogweed Michelle Edgell in 47.20

Six Hogweeds ran the Moorland 10k, a multi terrain run from the Avon Disabled Riding Centre. First home was 17th Adrian Pook 45:42 (17th) followed by Gary Weeks 50:52 (43rd), Pat Hall 58:49 (94th), Rob Smith 60:00 (104th), Kaye Hall 60:02 (105th) and Anne Draper 63:45 (129th)

Five Hogweeds headed to the Stormforce 10 Mile in Cornwall. Chris Lewis was first home in 1.15.52, followed by Mark Stephenson in 1.16.12, Ian Freestone in 1.25.42, Kim Freestone in 1.37.50 and Michelle Edgell 1.53.37.


New Year Gloucester 10 Mile and Thornbury's Riverbank Rollick

Newshound Posted on: 18 January 2011

New Year Gloucester 10 Mile and Thornbury's Riverbank Rollick

Four Hogweeds decided that the icy conditions were no match for them at the traditional Curtain-raising New Year Gloucester 10 mile race. Alan Wilcox was the first and sole male Hogweed home in 1.16.36 followed by the first of our ladies Julie Froggatt 1.33.28, Claire Searle 1.33.29 175th & Rebecca Dainton 1.35.43.

Bumper turn out of Hogweeds at the Riverbank Rollick in Thornbury, known as being muddier than the Sodbury Slog!

First Hogweed Home in 1:10:52 was John Curtis, followed by Richard Powell 1.11.03, Richard King in 1.13.00, Chris Martin 1.13.17, Nigel Burford 1.13.58, Pat Curtis 1.14.11, Shane Toogood 1.14.21, Bruce Sellors 1.15.08, Lee Masters 1.15.43, Gary Weeks 1.17.05, and Alan Wilcox 1.17.54.

Finishing under 1hr 25 were Dave Gynn 1.18.14, Michael Wenman 1.18.18, Darhyl Davies 1.19.06, Stuart Bennett in 1.19.28, Rachel Bennett 1.20.51, Neil Paice 1.21.48, Jo Wilson 1.22.48, Ali Ramsey 1.24.01.

Hogweeds finishing thick and fast at this point with Annabelle Pugh, 1.25.50, Laura Buet 1.28.55, Pat Hall 1.29.09, Zoe Harley 1.30.54, Jenny McCallum 1.32.08, Nic Paice 1.32.17.

Rounding off the Hogweed Contingent were Kaye Hall 1.33.06, Paul Buckley 1.33.31, Sandra Killen 1.33.32, Rob Smith 1.35.33, Sean Palmer 1.35.37, Anne Draper 1.44.00 and Alison King 1.45.22


Ali and Lee Head To Cornwall!

Newshound Posted on: 4 January 2011

Ali and Lee Head To Cornwall

Lee Masters and Ali Ramsey headed to Cornwall’s highest point to complete in the Brown Willy run. Starting and finishing in the Jamaica Inn pub car park, this is known as being a cracking hangover cure containing several challenging gradients. Lee and Ali both finished in 1 hour 10 minutes.

Chris Lewis was the sole Hogweed in action at the New Year’s Day Hangover 10k in Weston Super Mare, finishing in 47 minutes 10 seconds.

Alan Wilcox headed to Liverpool to compete in the Liverbird double marathon header on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Alan completed day 1 in 3hrs 55 and day 2 in 4hrs18. Dave Wintle also attempted day 1 but had to pull out at 20 miles with a calf problem. Stuart Wilkie headed up for day 2 and finished in 3hrs 12 minutes.


Hogweeds In The Snow!

Newshound Posted on: 29 December 2010

Hogweeds In The Snow!

St Marys Aquathon Race 3 Results -There is never normally a large field for this one but in the end only seven including our own Ali Ramsey braved the snow. This was a 400 metre swim followed by 5k run (10 laps round a snow covered field!). Ali’s overall time was 32 mins 25 which included the 10 seconds deducted for doing a "snow angel" at the end of the run!!! Ali was 1st of the one ladies taking part and commented that although this is certainly not a PB for anyone taking part but great fun and respect to the organisers for their effort in making sure the event went ahead.

Clevedon Boxing day 4 mile results. The route changed to 6k due to ice at planned start/finish.Ali Ramsey 26:47, Chris Lewis 27:45 and Michelle Edgell 34:42

Adrian Pook ran the Warminster plain crazy. A 14 mile race across the military training area on Salisbury plain taking in the lost village of Imber. There was still lots of snow on the ground and up to a foot in places due to drifting on the exposed plain.


Hogweeds Head To Dorset For A Roast!

Newshound Posted on: 13 December 2010

Hogweeds Head To Dorset For A Roast!

Mere mortals are winding down ahead of the festive season. That is apart from two of our most prolific athletes Lee Masters and Ali Ramsey. Both headed to the Rempstone Roast in Dorset, an Off road duathlon consisting of a 4m run followed by a 15m multi terrain bike section and finishing with a 1.5m run. Lee finished in 2h 4m, Ali in 2h 14m.

An additional Hogweed in the Xmas Cracker was Shelley Armorgie who finished in 65.37


Hogweed Go Crackers At Weston

Newshound Posted on: 6 December 2010

Hogweeds Go Crackers At Weston

A large representation for the Hogweed Trotters at the Wyvern Christmas Cracker 10k race. 1st Hogweed home was Stuart Wilkie in 39.18 followed by Peter Willoughby 1st MVet 60 in 39.43, John Curtis 40.55, Chris Martin 41.16, Nigel Burford 42.13, Pat Curtis 2nd FVet 50 in 42.33, Steve Stretton 44.16, Chris Lewis 44.32, Mark Stephenson 45.34, Gary Weekes 45.44, Shane Toogood 45.51.

Others finishing under 50 minutes Alan Wilcox 46.36, Dom Hurford 47.21, John Perrett 47.40, Graeme Stephenson 48.07, Neil Paice 49.01.

Under the hour finished Jenny McCallum 51.43 3rd FVet 60, Sandra Killen 52.31, Ian Dickson 53.07, Zoe Harley 53.49, Nic Paice 55.27, Julie Froggatt 56.36, Claire Searle 56.37, Mark Wolf 57.41, Nicola Rushton 59.26, Coral Nash 59.27 and Ronan Conlon 59.47.

Completing the Hogweed's contingent Lesley Perrett 60.53, Mike Bowes 61.40, Serena Griffiths 62.09, Kate Hoskins 62.42, Vic Garner 63.52, Jo Bayston 63.53, Sallie Beere 63.53, Suzanne Munday 65.00, Shelley Armorgie 65.37, Michelle Edgell 65.42, Margaret Chandler 69.04, Pauline Fletcher 70.34, Jo Wood 72.45, Ruth Conlon 73.23, Tracey Whawell 73.25 and Thelma Garner 83.26.

Two Hogweeds completed the Benidorm Marathon, in somewhat sunnier conditions than the Half of the day before, Chris Lewis finishing in 3hr45m 21s and Alan Wilcox in his second race of the weekend finishing in 4hr3m38s.

Lee Masters and Ali Ramsey had the off road Beastly Feast, Lee finishing in 54.07 and Ali finishing as 2nd lady in 55.41.


Hogweeds Go Mud, Wet and Winter Sunshine!

Newshound Posted on: 30 November 2010

Hogweeds Go Mud, Wet and Winter Sunshine!

Hogweeds Trotters, competing this week, either headed for the mud and cold or some winter sun.

The Saloman Turbo X takes place on army land at Bordon in Hampshire. This 16k race was held in very wet, muddy conditions but this didn’t deter Chris Martin who finished 63rd in 1:22:35. Alan Wilcox was next in 1:30:29 followed by husband and wife duo Neil and Nicola Paice in 1:36:47 and 1:52:46.

The Guts and the Glory, Mucky race, held at Colchester, includes wading through waist deep water-filled pits, crossing mud-filled tracks, scrabbling up and down near vertical, mud-covered hills with the aid of a rope and all in just 8miles. Stuart Wilkie finished a very fine 13th in 1:13:17 with Dave Gynn, a little hampered by his super hero costume, 81st in 1:24:50.

Peter Willoughby finished as 1st MV60 at the BMC Cross Country 5k in 20.17.

Niall and Ruth Stewart ran the White Horse Gallop today in Wiltshire. A new 5 Mile off road race from Avon valley Runners. Niall did 48.28 followed by Ruth in 48.17.

Three Hogweeds wisely decided on the sun option and travelled to Cyprus for the 4Day Challenge. This involves a 6k time trial, an 11k uphill race, a multi terrain half marathon and finishes with a 10k. After the four events Lee Pattison finished 18th [5th MV40] in a combined time of 3:34:33. John Curtis was 27th [3rd MV50] in 3:46:39 while Nigel Burford was 42nd [3rd MV45] in 3:59:02. These performances meant that the Hogweeds finished as 5th team.

A further group of club members set off for Spain for the Benidorm Half Marathon but were greeted by some unexpected heavy rain. Dom Hurford led the way home in 1:37:25 followed by the ubiquitous Alan Wilcox who finished in 1:39:40. Jenny McCallum was first lady in 1:52:02 with Sandra Killen close behind in 1:54:00. Hayley Brock set a new pb of 1:55:34 ahead of Coral Nash who was delighted to finish following niggling injuries.


Hogweeds Go International!

Newshound Posted on: 22 November 2010

Hogweeds Go International

For several, globetrotting, Hogweeds America was the place to be for recent events. Christine Stephenson ran in the New York Marathon, along with some friends from Cornwall. In addition to finishing in 6h 18 min they took time out to have their pictures taken with policeman, danced to the bands, shared jelly babies and generally had a great time.

Justin Littlechild travelled further south, to Florida, for the Clearwater Ironman 70.3. This includes a swim section in the Gulf of Mexico, where he headed his children’s advice and swam in the centre of the pack to avoid any passing sharks. The bike course was a flat loop through the city and then onto the run which was a 2 loop out and back course over the Memorial Causeway, including some challenging climbs. He completed the entire course in a very impressive time of 4h29m22s, beating his previous best by 54 minutes.

Philippa Crocker and Lee Masters found an equally tough event, much closer to home and took part in the Druid Ridgeway Ultra. Here athletes run for 82 miles over 3 days from Ivinghoe Beacon in Buckinghamshire along the Ridgeway to Barbury Castle near Swindon. Lee finished 44th in a time of 16h52m while Philippa was 85th in 21h12m.

At the Weston Prom run Alan Wilcox was first home in 35.54, followed by Martin Wood 40.25 and Derek Newcombe 48.07. Jo Wood [pb] and Stephen Chandler finished together in 54.25.

In his 20th marathon of 2010 Dave Wintle avoided the floods and the Beast of Bodmin to finish the Cornish Marathon in 3h33m.

Closer still at the Castle Combe 10k, Steve Stretton was first Hogweed in 43:48, just holding off Dom Hurford 44:10 and Susan Leyden 51:29.


Hogweed Mud Bath - The Slog!

Newshound Posted on: 15 November 2010

Hogweed Mud Bath - The Slog! The recent weather has been rainy, the mud is thick and gooey and the streams and gullies around Sodbury Common have filled up nicely. In fact the conditions were perfect for this year’s Sodbury Slog.

First Hogweed was Peter Willoughby, who retained his 1st MV60 award, in a time of 64.32 and next was new member, Terry Murphy 66.38. Stuart Wilkie was close behind in 67.30, ahead of John Curtis 69.30 and Chris Martin 69.39 while Nigel Burford 70.00 just held off the challenge from Richard Powell 70.04.

Pat Curtis 74.01 was the first lady Hogweed finisher and she also picked up the award of 1st LV50. After her came Richard King in 74.40 with Andy Cleave 75.39, Gary Weeks 76.57, Anthony Febry 78.02, Mark Stephenson 78.20, Ian Rowland 78.29 and Darhyl Davies 78.52 in close contact. Alan Wilcox came home in 79.48 and others under the 1h30m mark included Mark Clements 82.26, John Perrett 83.07, Neil Paice 83.27, Jo Wilson 84.22, Stuart and Rachel Bennett 86.14 and 86.17 and Dave Dutton 88.23. After this the Hogweeds crossed the line at frequent intervals in various shades of mud colour and in various degrees of exhaustion. Runners to finish between 1h30m and 1h45m included Paul Buckley 90.33, Paul Chard 91.06, Geraldine Bates 95.29, Zoe Harley 98.39, Martin Cook 99.37, Lorraine Palmer 101.01, Rob Smith 101.34, Clint Hull 103.50, Sandra Killen 103.58, Pat Hall 104.25 and Ian Freestone 104.42.

Other finishers included Nicola Paice 106.21, Ben Bonnick 107.03, Niall and Ruth Stewart 108.03 and 108.09, Helen Howells 109.31, Ray Mardle 111.00, Sharon Wilkie 112.57, Emma French 112.58, Anne Draper 115.59, Hayley Brock 120.32, Nicola Rushton 120.34, Tracey Skuse 128.39, Kim Freestone 129.09, Alison King 130.55, John Wheeler 131.33, Suzanne Mundy 131.56, Selena Ford 132.03, Serena Griffiths 132.11 and Mark Hill 137.12.


Over the Hills

Newshound Posted on: 9 November 2010

Over the hills

The Over the Hills, multi terrain race, at Bradford on Avon, takes in some scenic parts of Wiltshire including sections along by the canal and beside and through two rivers. As the name suggests there are also numerous hills.

Chris Martin made it clear that he certainly isn’t over the hill, finishing 41st in 54:30, ahead of our two most prolific competitors at the moment, Lee Masters and Alan Wilcox, who completed the course in 60:01 and 60:13.

Ali Ramsey was the first lady Hogweed in 62:24 ahead of Ruth Stewart 76:10, who finished one minute ahead of her husband Niall 77:10. Nicola Paice came home in 82:35 to complete our group of members.

Alan Wilcox also managed to fit in a sneaky 5k at the Burnham Series, finishing in 22:03, on a wet and windy night by the seaside.


Hogweeds Dublin and Mountain Success

Newshound Posted on: 1 November 2010

Hogweeds Dublin and Mountain Success

The Dublin Marathon is becoming a very popular event and this year, there were 7 Hogweed Trotters lined up for the start. First to cross the finishing line was Lee Pattison, who set a new club record time of 2:44:16 beating his own previous record by 4 minutes. Dave Wintle also reached a personal milestone by running his 50th marathon in the quick time of 3:07:30. Dom Hurford kept up his recent good form finishing in 3:53:43 ahead of debutant Emma French and Sharon Wilkie who came home in 3:59:42 and 3:59:43. Martin Wood was next in 4:14:31 and Stephen Chandler finished in 5:29:33.

Gary Stretton chose a difficult course for his first marathon, completing the Snowdonia event in 3:44:58 while Alan Wilcox finished in 4:16:45.

The Bridge Inn 5k is considerably nearer and shorter in distance. John Curtis was 1st club member in 19:02 ahead of Peter Willoughby [1st MV60] in 19:26. Nigel Burford 20:02 lead in Pat Curtis 20:25 and Chris Lewis 20:48. After this the other Hogweeds crossed the line at regular intervals including Steve Stretton 21:07, Richard Finch 22:01, Ian Dickson 23:21, Jenny McCallum 23:56, Paul Chard 25:08 and Michelle Edgell 27:58.

Two intrepid pairs took part in the Original Mountain Marathon on Dartmoor which involves navigating and running while carrying camping equipment and food. The overnight weather and poor visibility wasn’t very kind to the competitors but Pat and John Curtis still managed to finish 36th of 141 finishers on their course while Kaye Hall and Anne Draper finished 139th on their course.


Personal Bests Abound!

Newshound Posted on: 26 October 2010

Personal Bests Abound!

At the recent Cardiff Half Marathon there were many good performances.

First Hogweed was Stuart Wilkie in 1:21:29 [pb] and he was followed by debutant Terry Murphy 1:23:22, Stefan Brittain 1:26:12 and Nigel Burford 1:26:55[pb].Dom Hurford set a new best of 1:34:14 ahead of Mark Stephenson 1:35:11, Chris Lewis 1:35:39, Rachael Bennett 1:35:58 pb and Scott Leonard 01:39:27. Others to break 2 hours included Sharon Wilkie 1:43:23, Jon Crook 1:48:53, Ian Freestone 1:47:56, Dave Kay 1:48:33, Stewart Ranshaw 1:54:39, Geraldine Bates 1:51:03, Lorraine Palmer 1:53:50, Kim Freestone 1:57:13, Becky Dainton 1:57:18 and Alan Wilcox also 1:57:18. Other finishers were Michael Evans 2:01:17, Andy Bates 2:05:28, Jo Healey 2:11:00, Selena Ford 2:14:25, John Wheeler 2:16:34 and Michelle Edgell 2:17:04.

Back in England at the Stroud Half Marathon Will Gray lead the way finishing in 1:21:33 ahead of Peter Willoughby 1:23:48 [2nd MV60]. Andy May 1:27:29 headed a group including Paul Kent 1:33:39, Vic Garner 1:34:22 and Neil Hopkins 1:38:34. Dean Masters set a new best of 1:40:24 with Shane Toogood 1:41:16, Neil Paice 1:42:55, Ian Harrison 1:42:57 and Martin Cook 1:49:43 pb all breaking 1hour50mins. Rob Smith 1:50:02 was chased across the line by a number of Hogweed ladies including Hazel Friis 1:52:09, Jo Bayston 1:52:33 pb, Sue Leydon 1:54:48, Alison Woods 1:56:54, Nicola Paice 1:57:22, Julie Froggatt 1:58:54, Hayley Brock 1:58:58, Claire Searle 2:00:50, Tracey Skuse 2:01:44, Nicola Rushton 2:06:18 and Sue Roberts 2:10:51 pb. Ted Atkins finished in 2:13:28 and helped Rachael Green 2:13:54 to a massive best by over 12 minutes. Derek Newcombe 2:15:02 finished ahead of Cindy Peters who ran 2:24:26 in her first half marathon.

There were more personal bests at the Weston Prom Run - Gary Stretton 32.44 pb, Chris Lewis 34.51, Alan Wilcox 36.58, Dave Kay 40.13 pb, Michelle Edgell 48.27, Jo Wood 54.59 pb and Stephen Chandler 55.00.


Hogweeds Muggles!

Newshound Posted on: 18 October 2010

Hogweed Muggles!

This weekend saw the third running of the infamous Hogweed Muggles over some serious hills near Hawkesbury Upton.

The 15.9 mile race was won by Justin Littlechild of the Hogweed Trotters in a record time of 1.52.25 while the first lady was Lynette Porter 2.09.43 of Bitton RR. In this race there were also good performances from Paul Buckley 1.52.29, Pat Curtis 2.15.59 [1st LV50], John Curtis 2.18.48 [2nd MV50] and Mark Offer 2.35.02. Paul Murrin and Marianne Gittoes, both of Chepstow won the men and women’s categories in the 10.9 mile race while the first Hogweed finishers were Ian Rowland 1.34.26 and Anthony Febry 1.34.47. Rob Smith 1.52.06 and Jenny McCallum 1.57.18 [1st LV60] showed that age is no barrier to fast times while Laura Buet 2.30.57, Claire Searle 2.32.55 and Julie Froggatt 2.32.56 finished in close order.

First finishers in the 5.9 mile race were Anthony Glover and Caroline Baker. Richard Finch was first Hogweed in 46.21 [1stMV40] with Graeme Stephenson [1st MV50] next in 46.26. Ian Dickson was 1st MV60 in 47.29 just ahead of Paul Chard 47.35 who was 2nd MV40. Jo Bayston 48.11 and Ruth Stewart 50.44 were 2nd and 3rd ladies. Other finishers included John Vrublevskis 51.59, Dave Mullins 62.13, Niall Stewart 62.40, Bill Bretherton 62.54, Sue Hammond 64.26, Rachael Green 66.44, Julie Boynes 66.54 and new member Tracey Stokes 71.52.

There were good performances from all three Hogweeds at the Swindon Half Marathon. Adrian Pook was 75th in 1:31:36 with Nick Woodhill 85th in 1:32:20. Tracey Marchant continued her recent improved form finishing in 2:15:12.

Three members headed to Devon for the Dartmoor Vale Marathon and 10k races. Ali Ramsey finished the 10k in 45.19 while Dave Wintle was 28th in 3.28.44 and Lee Masters was 70th in 3.57.39 in the Marathon.

Personal bests abounded in the Cardiff Half Marathon. Currently there is a bit of debate regarding the course length. However, in the interim our results are:

1st Hogweed home Stuart Wilkie in 01:21:29, Terry Murphy 01:23:22, Stefan Brittain 01:26:12, Nigel Burford 01:26:55, Dom Hurford 01:34:14, Mark Stephenson 01:35:11, Chris Lewis 01:35:39, Racheal Bennett 01:35:58, Scott Leonard 01:39:27, Sharon Wilkie 01:43:23, Jon Crook 01:48:53, Ian Freestone 01:47:56, Dave Kay 01:48:33, Stewart Ranshaw 01:54:39, Geraldine Bates 01:51:03, Lorraine Palmer 01:53:50 Kim Freestone 01:57:13, Michael Evans 02:01:17, Rebecca Dainton 01:57:18, Alan Wilcox 01:57:18, Andy Bates 02:05:28, Jo Healey 02:11, Selena Ford 02:14:25, Joanne York 02:16:00 John Wheeler 02:16:34, Michelle Edgell 02:17:04


Hogweeds Go Mudlarking!

Newshound Posted on: 11 October 2010

Hogweeds Go Mudlarking!

The Oldbury 10 mile race, organised by Thornbury RC, follows country lanes close to the River Severn before returning to Oldbury Power Station. Peter Willoughby once again showed that he is one of the fastest MV60 runners in the South West by finishing as 1st MV60 in1:04:57. Ted Atkins was next in 1:33:06 ahead of Michelle Edgell, who finished in 1:46:53.

Richard Powell was 1st MV50 at the Marlow Rowathlon in 1:23:15. This event consists of a 4km row, on a rowing machine, followed by a bike ride to Henley and back and a 6km run.

Neil Hopkins was the only Hogweed Trotter at the Marshfield Mudlark, which is a challenging, multi terrain race down into St Catherine’s Valley and then back up again. He finished the course in 1:03:25.

Lee Masters and Ali Ramsey both competed at the Gold Hill 9.5k race at Shaftesbury in Dorset. This race includes the ascent of Gold Hill seen in the Hovis advert but without the bike. Ali finished in 47.09 and Lee in 46.30.

The Mendip Muddle includes some beautiful scenery in the 20km and passes Roman lead mines, underground rivers, prehistoric sites and forests as it climbs over 420 metres. First Hogweed to finish was Pat Hall in 2:07:21 while Kaye Hall 2:20:30, who took a bad fall and Anne Draper 2:27:11 finished a little further back.

For Dave Wintle it was a case of another week another marathon as he ran the Eden Project Marathon in Cornwall, finishing the hilly course in 3hours 38minutes.

The next Hogweed events are the multi terrain Muggles races, with 5.5 mile, 10.9 mile and 15.9 mile options.


Amanda & John Get A New PB!

Newshound Posted on: 4 October 2010

Hogweed Race Successes!

Rain stopped play at the Ryder Cup but the wet and windy conditions didn’t slow the Hogweeds at the Burnham Half Marathon. Andy May was 18th in a time of 1.27.21 ahead of Mark Offer 1.40.39 and Dom Hurford 1.40.41. Jonathan Phillips ran with his son, both finishing in 1.42.17 with Neil Paice 1.44.59, Paul Richards 1.45.06, Gary Weeks 1.45.17 and new member Shane Toogood 1.45.17 close behind. Others included Dean Masters 1.47.27, Rob Smith 1.52.10, Tom Worlock 1.55.14, Nicola Paice 1.58.34 and Julie Higgs 2.32.22 [Pb by 5 minutes]

At the Portishead Multi terrain 10k there were many good results. John Curtis finished 12th in 42.17 with Stefan Brittain close behind, in 42:53. Nigel Burford 43.24 held off Chris Martin who finished in 43.46, with Pat Curtis, our first lady, next in 45.17. Neil Paice finished in 50.11 with Paul Chard next in 54.33 ahead of Tom Worlock and Nicola Paice in 55.51 and 55.55 respectively.

Some of the same runners also saw action at the Bridge Inn 5k where Chris Martin was 1st MV40 in 19.11. Nigel Burford crossed the line in 19.56 ahead of Gary Stretton 20.04. Next finishers were Chris Lewis 20:45, Steve Stretton 21:50 and, returning to racing, Richard Finch 23:14. Paul Chard came home in 24.29 with Michelle Edgell; who seems to improve at each of these races, 28.18.

At the Blackland Downs Challenge Result 7.5 Miles Multi Terrain race Ali Ramsey was 3rd lady, finishing in 1.00.1.

The prolific Alan Wilcox completed the Great North Run in 1.50 38 while just over the border, at Melrose Abbey, Amanda and John Conway, who were the first club members to compete at this event, crossed the line together.

The Kilcott Experience charity run raised over £500 for the PROPS charity, supporting children and young adults with special needs.


Hogweeds Go Up North!

Newshound Posted on: 20 September 2010

Hogweeds Go Up North!

Two of the most prolific Hogweed Trotters ran at the Nottingham Marathon. For Dave Wintle it was his 15th marathon of the year and he finished in 3.24.22 whilst Alan Wilcox battled injuries to finish in 4.24.53. After celebrating their achievements they had definitely joined the Merry Men!

The climax of Ron White and Bill Shackcloths’s season came at the World Triathlon Championship in Budapest. Bill Shackcloth competed at the Olympic distance finishing in 2:26:03, which placed him as 11th in the 65-69 category while Ron White raced as a MV55-59 over the sprint distance and finished 18th in 1:16:23.

At the Woodchester 8mile race, near Stroud, Chris Martin was first Hogweed in 61:06 ahead of Neil Paice 69:00. Nicola Paice was our first lady finisher in 81:55 with Julie Froggatt 87:36 and Claire Searle 88:12 following her in.

Four Hogweeds headed up to Newcastle, for the Great North Run Half Marathon. First into South Shields and the finish was Nigel Trickey in 1:36:40 with Tracey Marchant next in 2:14:08. Mark Wolf, whose training has been decimated by injuries this year, finished in 2:29:17 ahead of Suzanne Cropper in 2:43:01.


More Hogweed Success!

Newshound Posted on: 13 September 2010

More Hogweed Success!

Half Marathon action moved on to Chippenham where Lee Pattison [4th MV 40] was first Hogweed Trotter, finishing 24th in 1.20.13. John Curtis [5th MV50] and Andy May finished close together in 1:29:01 and 1:29:05 with Nigel Burford just behind in 1:32:33. Gary Stretton was next in 1.35.09 ahead of Pat Curtis, who was first lady and also 3rd LV45. Mark Clements 1.37.00 held off Stuart Wilkie 1.37.28 and Chris Lewis 1.37.30 while Adrian Pook 1:40:44, Jo Wilson 1:42:34, Laura Buet 1:44:50 and Jason Bidwell 1:47:39 ran impressively. Fern Yam 1:49:32 produced a new best ahead of Steve Stretton 1:51:29, Ben Bonnick 1:53:21, Rob Smith 1:54:07, Martin Cook 1:56:02, Sandra Killen 1:56:56, Ian Freestone 1:59:07 and Lyn Bonnick 1:59:29. Julie Boynes finished in 2:02:11 while Jeff Flynn and Jan Webb finished together in 2:11:18. Other finishers were Kim Freestone 2:12:02, Ted Atkins 2:12:05, Suzanne Mundy 2:12:38, Serena Griffiths 2:13:46, Ray Mardle 2:15:34 and Stephen Chandler2:20:39.

There were late results for a few Hogweeds from the Bristol Half Marathon including some whose timing chips were lost including Vic Garner 1:37:25, Zoe Harley 1:51:13, Jo Bayston 2:03:00 pb, Sallie Ann Beare 2:08, Margaret Jenkins 2:12, and Rachael Green 2:28.

At the Somerset Levels Half Marathon, held over a multi terrain course, Adrian Pook was 6th in 1:44:12.

The AXA 5.5 mile race attracted a number of Hogweeds with John Curtis first in 34:59 with Stuart Wilkie 37:47 and Chris Lewis 38:15 in close contact. Alan Wilcox 40:10 held off Dave Glynn 40:21, Gary Bircher 41:44, Andy Cooknell 42:24, Martin Wood 45:48 and our only lady, Tracey Skuse 49:03.

Some Hogweed Triathletes competed at the Cotswold Sprint event with Ron White finishing as 4thMV55 in 68:54. Bill Shackcloth was 1st MV65 in 74.15 and Zoe Ward set a massive pb to finish in 97:12.


More Personal Bests And Success!

Newshound Posted on: 7 September 2010

More Personal Bests And Success!

At this year’s Bristol Half Marathon the Hogweed trotters were once again out in force with many personal bests and fine performances.

First to finish was Peter Willoughby in 1.24.29, winning the MV60 age group. Others to break 1.30 were Will Grey 1.23.10, Stuart Wilkie 1.26.18, Richard King 01:27:26, Adrian Pook 1.29.00 and Dave Wintle 1.29.50.

Fast times were recorded by Nick Woodhill 1.34.12, Paul Hyams 1.34.55, Nigel Trickey 1.34.59, Jason Bidwell 1.35.29, Dave Gynn 1.37.40, Chris Lewis 1.37.45 (pb) and Mark Stephenson 1.38.06. Rachel Bennett was first Hogweed lady in 1.38.52 with Paul Kent 1.39.52, Alan Wilcox 1.39.52, Mark Hutchinson 1.41.42 and Mark Offer 1.42.51 in close company. Steve Stretton 1.44.01, Bob Emery 1:44:20, Neil Paice 1:44:27, Jason Walsh 1:45:37, Gary Oram 1:47:07 and Rebecca Febry, with her fastest time for a while, 1:48:56, all finished inside 1h50m.

Others to break 2 hours included, Jonathan Crook 1:50:29, Emma French 1:51:01, Sharon Wilkie 1:51:01, Martin Cross 1:53:33, Hazel Friis 1:53:58, Kay Jones 1:55:25, Nicola Paice 1:56:02 and Dave Kay 1:59:27.

There were also impressive runs from Jane East 2:00:23, Jo Bayston 2.03 (pb) Sue Hutchinson 2:04:24, Michael Evans 2:06:06, Serena Griffiths 2:07:08, Andy Williams 2:11:17, Tracey Skuse 2:11:27 (pb), Margaret Jenkins 2:12:06 (pb), Ali King 2:15:11 (pb), Michelle Edgell 2:18:10, Rachael Green 2:26:29 (pb), Kate Hoskins 2:28:20, Alexandra Greenfield 2:28:25, Julie Doyle 2:29:22 (pb), Jo Cowley 2:31:07, Liz Gardiner 2:33:15, Christine Stephenson 2:35:22, Ruth Conlon 2:37:03, Julie Higgs 2:37:44 (pb), Jane Entrican 2:38:50, Jo Wood 2:42:08 (pb), Hayley Drake 2:45:08 and Dirk Van Eeden 2:52:06.

Meanwhile, at Calne our triathletes were also sweeping the board. At the St Mary’s Triathlon Simon Spedding was 1st MV45 in 1.12.16, Paul Chappell was 2nd MV50 in 1.14.58, Anthony Febry was 3rd MV45 in 1.15.39, Mandy Spedding was 1st lady overall in 1.24.10 and while Ross McKenzie was 1st MV75 in 2-04-17.

The Club's Marathon and Half-Marathon Walks took place on the 29 August. This year's intrepid marathoners were Dave Dutton (his fourth time!), Alison Woods (3rd time!) our Chairman Colin (3rd time!). Half Marathoners were Ali King, Michelle Gynn (Dave's lovely wife!), Michelle Edgell, Mark and Christine Stephenson. A great time was had by all, although it must have been very early when Dave set out from Gloucester for the 4.00 am start! Much appreciated Jelly Babies and water were put out by Mark Wolf.

At the final round of the Castle Combe Manic Midweek Duathlon series Richard Powell achieved a PB of 49:51 to finish 2nd MV50.

Hogweeds Tri and Try!

Newshound Posted on: 31 August 2010

Hogweeds Tri and try!

As the Bristol and Chippenham half marathons approach a quieter week on the running side, but busier with the Hogweed Triathletes.

The local Malmsbury Sprint Tri (400m swim, 22k cycle and 5k run) attracted a good return out from the club. First 3 finishers were super vet Ron White, Ian Rowland finishing in 1:10, and Ian Rowland in 1:11. Anthony Febry continued his summer of multi eventing in 1:13, closely followed by Simon Pinnington in 1:15. First lady finisher was Sarah Tremlin, just ahead of John Perrett both recording 1:28. Jenny McCallum completed the course in 1:35, Nicola Rushton in 1:40, Jill McNally in 1:46 and Ross Mackenzie in 1:54.

Martin Young completed the Bristol Tri in 1:16, followed a week later by the ‘Big Woody’ Ironman in the Forest of Dean in a mere 12:58.

Keeping the running side going a 2 of out triathetes also completed races, with Anthony Febry being joined by wife Rebecca at the Everton 10k, apparently in the New Forest, not at Goodison Park. Anthony finished in 43.11, and Rebecca, training for Abingdon marathon an excellent 49:50.

Nicola Rushton completed the Foxtrot 5 mile with Hayley Brock. Hayley recorded 43:42 and Nicola 50:41.

Regular race runner Alan Wilcox appears to have only found 1 race this week, the Bath Victoria park 5k, which he finished in 22:01.

The best running performance of the week was by club champion Lee Pattison, who finished 5th overall in the Pewsey Vale half marathon. First in his male ‘vet’ category Lee also bagged a PB of 1:19:38, a 2 minute improvement on a challenging undulating course.


Hogweed August Adventures!

Newshound Posted on: 22 August 2010

Hogweeds August Adventures

August marks a transition in the running season, with many starting to think about autumn half and full marathons. As a consequence there aren’t as many events around; however Hogweed Trotters have been searching hard for challenging events over the last 2 weeks.

Alan Wilcox raced 4 times in the last 2 weeks, including the 5-4-3-2-1 trial marathon at Salisbury which he completed in 4:26. He quickly followed this with the 4 mile Rose Inn race in Wales, finishing a little off the pace in 28:59. Three other club members ran with Chris Lewis posting 26:30, Michelle Edgell and Serena Griffiths recording 36:17 and 37:20 respectively.

Two days later Alan posted a PB (21:13) at the Bitton 5k, along with Dom Hurford (21:26) who keeps up his record of regular PB’s in 2010. Twelve other club members ran ran the 5k, with Will Gray posting 18:03, Peter Willoughby 18:50, Stuart Wilkie 18:57, Vic Garner 20:55, Dean Masters 20:58, Rachael Bennett 21:05 (PB), Gary Stretton 21:31, Steve Stretton 21:38, Gary Weeks 21:44, Ian Freestone 23:10, Pete Connors 24:23, Nic Paice 24:45, Kim Freestone 25:42, Stephen Chandler 26:24.

Standish Woodland chase is a 10 mile race near Stroud. John Curtis was 21st in an excellent time of 1:09:01, followed by Nigel Burford 1:12:09, Pat Curtis 1:16:13 and Jenny McCallum 1:30:21. Using the age and gender adjusted results Pat just beat husband John!

The Castle Combe 10k is a regular event and Berlin marathon bound Dom Hurford posted yet another PB (43:58). Stefan Brittain 39:41 and Adrian Pook 42:02 also completed the event.

Alan Wilcox completed his 4th race at Barbury castle in a 5 mile race (37:14), just piping Ali Ramsey (37:59) who is clearly back in form after her injury.

Mixed results for our triathlon husband and wife with Mandy completing the Lakeland tri in 2:47; but husband Simon pulling out after completing 2 events.

Jason Bidwell meanwhile made it to Islay to complete the half in 1:41.


Hogweeds Home And Away!

Newshound Posted on: 9 August 2010

Hogweeds Home And Away!

The first week in August saw members of Hogweed Trotters competing at venues near and far from home. Pride of place goes to three who took on and succeeded at very challenging events. Davos is known as the home of Economic Summits. Neil Hopkins went for a different purpose, to run a 78km (49 mile ultramarathon) including trails at 2600m height. Completing the course in 12: 15: 57 is a remarkable achievement.

At the same time Mikes Bowes became a 2nd time ironman, completing the Ironman UK in Bolton in a PB of 14: 35: 32. After the event he reported ‘sore quads!’ Alpe D’Huez is known as a mecca for cyclists who climb to the ski resort through 21 bends in the Tour de France. Ron White chose to do the ‘short’ triathlon there and was 1st in his supervet 55 category in 2: 39:04 seconds. Chapeau!

Closer to home a number of Hogweeds competed in local races. Adrian Pook finished 21st at the first Cirencester trails half marathon in 1:36:16 on a course that measured around 13.5 miles. Mark Stephenson followed him in to record 1:44:15.

Meanwhile a larger group of Hogweeds ran over the border at the Magor Marsh 10k, lead home by Lee Pattison in 36:44, with Nigel Burford 41:08, Chris Lewis 45:36,Alan Wilcox 46:27, Angie and Chris Martin in 47:41, Neil Paice 48:38, Nic Paice in 54:06 and Ted Atkins in 55:00.

Regular readers will know Alan Wilcox likes to race several time a week, so the following evening he completed the Blaise Blaser 4 mile off road race in 29:04, followed by Chris Lewis in 29:25, Neil Paice 32:31, Nic Paice 35:28 and Michelle Edgell in 39:05. To round the week off Alan then completed the Bung Inn corker, a 9km off road race in 43:29.


A Great Week For Ali Ramsey!

Newshound Posted on: 5 August 2010

A Great Week For Ali Ramsey!

At the recent Avon Mob Match, held along a 10k course beside the banks of the River Avon in Bristol, the Hogweed Trotters finished 9th. First to finish was Will Gray in 39.37 with Nigel Burford 41.11, Anthony Febry 42.58 also producing good performances. Scott Leonard 43.13, Vic Garner 43.21 and Alan Wilcox 44.06 finished close together just ahead of Martin Young 45.19 and Mike Froggatt 45.27. Ali Ramsey was our first lady in a best of 45.31 with other Hogweed finishers including Chris Lewis 46.43, Martin Cook 49.53, Rob Smith 50.37, Julie Froggatt 53.26, Michelle Edgell 55.55, Ted Atkins 57.04 and Carole Neale 61.41.

At the last of the Bridge Inn Summer series Lee Pattison was 2nd MV40 in 18.02. Nigel Burford finished as 2nd MV45 in 19.42, to take home his first ever race award. Mark Stephenson 21.14, Bill Smith 25.53 and Michelle Edgell 28.38 completed our line up.

Pat and John Curtis found another mountain marathon to take part in, this time on Dartmoor. 11 ½ hours of running spread, camping and navigation may not be everyone’s idea of a romantic weekend.

Another race that requires navigational skills is the Seaview 17 held near Minehead. Stuart Wilkie was 29th in 3h25m43s with Lee Masters 66th in 3h54m37s.

Ali Ramsey raced at the South West Triathlon “Fun Category” and was the first woman finisher in a combined time of 58m48s, a big improvement on her 2009 performance. She also had time to run the Sturminster Newton 5k in Dorset where she finished as 3rd lady in 22.34. Lee Masters took in the half marathon at the same venue coming home in 1.39.14


More Personal Bests For the Hogweeds!

Newshound Posted on: 27 July 2010

More Personal Bests For The Hogweeds!

There were a number of very strong performances from the Hogweed Trotters at the Gloucester ½ Marathon, held on rural roads around Newent. First club member to finish was Peter Willoughby who was 1st MV60 in 1:29:19. Gary Stretton set a personal best by 19 minutes when he finished in 1:36:15 ahead of Ian Harrison 1:40:09 and Dom Hurford 1:40:32, who both also set new bests. Next across the line was Jason Bidwell in 1:41:21 with Alan Wilcox 1:43:21 close behind. Steven Stretton set a time of 1:47:12, which was 35 minutes faster than he had ever run before while Nicola Paice was our first and only lady in 1:59:52.

At the Tuska Triathlon, held at Porthcawl in South Wales Simon Spedding finished in 40th place. His time for this event, which included a 750-metre sea swim as well as the cycle and running elements, was 1:15:46.


Races Coming Thick and Fast!

Newshound Posted on: 19 July 2010

Races Coming Thick and Fast!

It’s that time of the year when the 10k races come thick and fast.

First up was the Thornbury Carnival 10k where Peter Willoughby won the MV60 age group in 40:21. A trio of Hogweeds finished in close order, lead in by Chris Lewis 44:49, followed by Alan Wilcox 45:01 and Dom Hurford 45:06. Ali Ramsey was first lady in 49.24, just holding off Ange Martin in 49:37. Other club members included Paul Chard 52:27, Nicola Paice 55:07, Michelle Edgell 61:35 and, in her first race for the club, Shelley Armorgie 64:17.

The Frampton on Severn 10k takes place a few miles further north and always attracts a good field. This time Nigel Burford was first home in 41.26 ahead of Alan Wilcox 43.53 and Dom Hurford 44.30. Mike Froggatt was next in 45.26 with Julie Boynes 51.24 and Paul Chard 51.47 close together. Nicola Paice 52.21 finished just in front of Julie Froggatt 54.35, Claire Searle 54.45, Serena Griffiths 58.24 and Christine Stephenson 66.52.

The Towpath 10k by the River Avon in Bristol also attracted two Hogweeds; namely Chris Lewis 45.17 and Michelle Edgell 58.45.

Two Wiltshire events attracted a scattering of Hogweeds. At the 5k River Run in Chippenham Alan Wilcox finished in 21.43 ahead of Paul Chard in 24.19 and Tracey Marchant 29.23 while Ali Ramsey and Lee Masters ran the 5mile Barbury Castle Ramparts Run, finishing together in 42.21.


Hogweeds Triathletes Triumph!

Newshound Posted on: 12 July 2010

Hogweeds Triathletes Triumph!

The Triathletes from the Hogweeds have been competing all over the country and bringing home more than their fair share of prizes.

At the European Triathlon Championships held at Athlone, in Ireland, there was fantastic success for the two Hogweeds. Bill Shackcloth won the gold medal in the MV65 age for the Olympic distance, while Ron White won a bronze medal in the MV55 age group for the sprint distance. They now both move on to the World Championships in Hungary.

At the Norwich Sprint Triathlon Mandy Spedding was 2nd LV40 in 1.23.39 whilst husband Simon was 6th MV45 in the Olympic event in 2.30.06.

Jo Wilson took part in her first half iron man at the Big Cow event and despite some problems during the race finished in 6h33m.

The Devil’s Chimney chase is a very hilly race held at Leckhampton near Cheltenham. Chris Martin was first to finish in 44.37, just ahead of Alan Wilcox 49.31. Husband and wife, Neil and Nicola Paice finished in 52.55 and 59.29. Alan Wilcox also finished the Wickwar 5k in 6th place in 23.21 and the Blaise Castle 4mile race, in 29.23.

While the rest of the country enjoyed beautiful summer weather four teams found some positively awful conditions at the Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon in Cumbria. This was held over 2 days and after a successful first day the teams woke to very different weather for the second day. A series of falls coupled with navigational problems meant that only the team of Sonia Cross and Katherine Williams finished the race in 9.09.32. The other teams of Lee Pattison and Nigel Burford, Pat and John Curtis and Kaye Hall with Anne Draper did not complete the course (weather and wrong checkpoint) and unfortunately were disqualified.


Hot Days For The Hogweeds!

Newshound Posted on: 4 July 2010

Hot Days For The Hogweeds!

On one of the hottest days of the year a group of Hogweeds competed at the Forestman, a full Iron Man event in Hampshire. This race includes 3.8km of swimming, a 180km bike ride and a full marathon. Simon Pinnington was our first finisher in 13h48m35s, ahead of Stuart Wilkie in 14h7m41s and Ben Bonnick 14h32m15s.

The Bridge Inn 5k series was also held in hot conditions but Lee Pattison finished close to a best in 17.34, with Chris Martin also recording a fast time of 18.50. Chris Lewis 21.40 just held off the challenge of Dom Hurford 21.58, with Bill Smith 25.34 and Michelle Edgell 28.11 completing our contingent.

Alan Wilcox, one of our most prolific competitors, ran in the Forde Abbey 10k which had two river crossings to help cool him down after the 6k of climbing. He finished in 48.22.

At the Tintern Trot Lee Masters and Ali Ramsey, in her first race for some while, finished together in 57.07. Lee was also in action at the Portland 10 mile race in Dorset, which he completed in 75.18.


A Hot Day On the Cotswold Way Relay!

Newshound Posted on: 28 June 2010

A Hot Day On The Cotswold Way Relay!

The Hogweed Trotters had five teams representing the club at the Cotswold Way Relay, which covers 10 stages from Chipping Campden to Bath. This year conditions were draining on one of the hottest days of the year.

The Hogweed Hilly Hurtlers made up of Mark Stephenson, Geoff Doyle, John Curtis, Will Gray, Paul Hyams, Ray Maddock, Chris Martin, Justin Littlechild, Lee Pattison and Steve Eastaugh Waring finished in 14h11m19s, as 2nd Veterans team.

The Intrepid Hogweeds including Lee Masters, Dave Dutton, Stuart Ranshaw, Nigel Trickey, Nigel Burford, Dom Hurford, Anthony Febry, Colin Rathbone, Neil Hopkins and Rich King finished in 16h15m32s in 34th place.

Next home were the Hogweed Blend made up of Pat Hall, Ali Poole, Rebecca Febry, Ian Freestone, Ian Souilleux, Gary Weeks, Sue Mundy, Alan Wilcox, Kaye Hall and Vic Garner in 17h43m38s.

The Hogweed ladies were the 10th ladies team in 18h18m49s and they were made up of Zoe Harley, Pat Curtis, Jo Wilson, Rachel Bennett, Helen Howells, Kim Freestone, Ange Martin, Anne Draper, Nicola Paice and Sue Leydon. They just beat the Hogweeds Muddled Mudlarks including Rob Smith, Sonia Cross, Martin Cook, Alison Woods, Neil Paice, Scott Leonard, Sue Hutchinson, John Clapp and Steve Weeks who organises all the Hogweed Teams. They finished in 18h22m50s.

Top 10 finishes on their leg came from Lee Pattison, Justin Littlechild, Chris Martin, Steve Eastaugh Waring and John Curtis.

Justin Littlechild also took part at the Iron Man event at Wimbleball where his 12th place in the MV40 age group in 5h22m54s earned him a place in the World Championships.

At the Nailsea Festival 10k Paul Chard crossed the line in 51.55 ahead of Nicola Paice 54.03 and Tracey Marchant 59.09.

Chris Lewis finished the New Max event in Cornwall in 58.18 with Michelle Edgell next in 81.51.


Hogweeds Trot Around The Country!

Newshound Posted on: 21 June 2010

Hogweeds Trot Around The Country

At the recent Bradley Stoke 10k there were a good number of Hogweeds linen up at the start. Chris Martin finished 12th in 39.15 with Stefan Brittain seconds behind in 39.34. Ian Harrison 43.42, Martin Young 45.07, Chris Lewis 45.53, Alan Wilcox 46.08, Neil Paice 47.21, Gary Stretton 47.43 pb, Steve Stretton 48.08, Ange Martin 49.16 and Graeme Stephenson 49.58 all finished inside 50 minutes. We then had a large group of ladies with one brave man in the middle. Nicola Paice finished in 53.00 ahead of Lorraine Palmer 53.02, Geraldine Bates 53.47, Steve Curtis 57.07, Suzanne Mundy 59.36, Serena Griffiths 60.47, Margaret Chandler 65.38, Christine Stephenson 69.11 and, with a new pb, Julie Higgs 71.43.

Some of these runners were also in action a couple of nights later for the Clevedon 10k. Chris Lewis was first home this time in 43.32 with Dom Hurford 46.10, Ange Martin 48.45 and Nicola Paice 52.57 close behind.

At the Lethbridge 10k in Swindon Paul Chard came home in 52.54, ahead of Tracey Marchant 62.30.

Dave Gynn ventured further afield to the Mersea Half Marathon near Colchester in Essex. This run takes in the sea wall, sand and long grass on the dunes but he ran well to finish in 1.42.00.

Alan Wilcox ran at the Strawberry Line 4 ½ mile run near Wells and finished 3rd out of 60.


Hogweeds Hotfooting About!

Newshound Posted on: 14 June 2010

Hogweeds Hotfooting About!

The St Mary’s CE School Yate, race wends its way out from Yate to Engine Common and back in its 3½ miles. First Hogweed to finish was Bill Shackcloth in 22.13 [5th] with John Perrett 25.20 and Gary Weeks 25.53 just behind. Hazel Friis was 1st lady overall in 27.15 with Martin Cook finishing in 27.22. Paul Chard, Bill Bretherton and David Wells finished in 27.46, 28.27 and 29.38 respectively. Other Hogweeds to take part, mostly running with children, included Alex and Janice McPherson, Julie Doyle, Rachel Hill and Lorraine Palmer.

At the Malvern Half Marathon Dom Hurford finished in 1.42.02 ahead of Dave Kay 1.58.24.

Chris Lewis ran a couple of 10k races finishing the hilly Hay Hotfooters Magic Roundabout in 53.47 and the Towpath event in Bristol in 45.58. Michelle Edgell also ran the Towpath 10k finishing in 62.40 whilst Alan Wilcox led them both home in 44.57. He also finished the challenging Cricket St Thomas 10k in 52.45.


Triathlon Success and more Pbs!

Newshound Posted on: 7 June 2010

Triathlon Success and more Pbs!

There has been a rush of action featuring triathletes from the Hogweed trotters starting at Westonbirt where Ron White finished 20th [1st MV55] in 1hr 12m 42s. Ian Rowland and Anthony Febry both finished in 1h13m39s with Ian coming out on top by ½ a second. Mandy Spedding finished in 1h21m11s ahead of Paul Chard who forgot his shoes and ran barefoot to finish in 1h26m02s, the other runners were grateful he remembered his shorts! Jenny McCallum was 1st LV60 in 1h36m17s.

At the Castle Combe Manic Midweek Duathlon Chris Martin set a pb of 49.09 ahead of Richard Powell also a pb of 50.26. Anthony Febry was again in action finishing in 52.49 ahead of Martin Young 52.54 and Jo Wilson in a pb of 58.28.

The Burnham on Sea Triathlon includes a run along the beach but Ron White had no time for sand castles, coming 29th [1st MV55] in 1h08m26s with Anthony Febry next in 1h11m21s.

The runners have also been in action starting at Weymouth where Martin Wood ran a season’s best time of 50.04 in the Egdon Easy 10k.

At Wells, also over 10k, Chris Martin was 20th in 40.04 with wife Ange finishing in 51.36.

The Hogweeds made off with the team prize again at the Dymock Half Marathon with Andy May finishing in 1.27.40 ahead of Nick Woodhill 1.28.00 and Vic Garner 1.35.04.Dom Hurford set a best of 1.40.41 with Alan Wilcox also recording a quick time of 1.44.48.

At the Kennet Kanter, a 10mile race around Devizes, Adrian Pook was first Hogweed in 1.08.15 ahead of Jason Bidwell 1.18.12. Gary Stretton, in his first appearance in club colours, finished in 1.26.44, holding off Martin Wood 1.28.59 and Dave Morgan 1.45.20.


Hogweed Race Successes!

Newshound Posted on: 1 June 2010

Hogweed Race Successes!

Conditions were warm for the Westonbirt 10k while Hogweed performances were good. Chris Martin was first finisher in 39:38 ahead of Julian Lewis 40:59 and Richard King 41:15. Others under 50 minutes included Ian Harrison 44:04, Darhyl Davies 44.43, Chris Lewis 45.30, Dom Hurford 47.04, John Perrett 48.23 and Zoe Harley, our first lady, in 49.15. Mike Froggatt 50.03 finished ahead of Nicky Davies 51.04, Martin Cook 51.07, Rob Smith 51.32 and Ian Freestone 51.48. Nicola Paice 54.11 held off Julie Boynes 54.17, Paul Chard 54.24 and Bill Bretherton 54.51 with Coral Nash 55.32, Dave Mullins 56.03, Sue Roberts 56.08, Andrew Payne 56.26, Tony Batty 57.08, Scott Leonard 58.11, Rachel Hill 58.22, Julie Froggatt 58.24 and Ray Mardle 59.55 under the hour.

Other finishers:Claire Searle 61:19, Derek Newcombe 61:49, Tracey Skuse 61.49, Tracey Marchant 62.35, Mark Hill 62.47, Carole Neale 65.02, Margaret Chandler 65.40, Julie Doyle 65.54, Ruth Twiss 65.57, Liz Gardiner 66.06, Lesley Perrett 67.18, Pauline Fletcher 71.17 and Vic and Thelma Garner 80.19.

Chris Martin was also first Hogweed at the Keynsham 10k in 40.41 while Vic Garner was 1st MV60 in 43.59. John Perrett 47.41 and Neil Paice 48.10 finished close together ahead of Ange Martin 51.24, Nicola Paice 52.45 and Niall Stewart 55.02.

The Cheddar Challenge is a 13k race down the gorge, up Jacob’s Ladder and out to Charterhouse. Adrian Pook finished in the top 10 in 70 minutes with Lee Masters next in 91 minutes.

At the Weston Prom races Chris Lewis finished in 34.50 with Michelle Edgell 47.46.

Our only runner at the Edinburgh half marathon was Becky Dainton 1.55.07 while at the Harptree Havoc Neil Paice came home in 54.00.

Mark Stephenson ran his first 5k at Bridge Inn in 20.46 [pb] leading home Chris Lewis 21.03, Dom Hurford 21.31 and Pete Connors 24.08.

First Hogweed home in Weymouth at the EGDON EASY 10K was Martin Wood in a season best time of 50:04


Kevin McConville Memorial Hogweed Trot A Great Success!

Newshound Posted on: 24 May 2010

Kevin McConville Memorial Hogweed Trot A Great Success!

The 7th running of the Hogweed Trot was won by Bart Thomas of Chippenham in 34.58 with Anthony Glover of Hogweed Trotters 2nd in 35.30. First lady to finish was Debbie Marsden of Westbury who was 3rd overall in 36.12.

Lee Pattison was 4th in 36.28 with Rich King 38.55 and Geoff Doyle 39.50 also finishing under 40 minutes. Peter Willoughby [1st MV60] 40.46 just held off James Tyack 40.47 before Paul Kent finished in 41:19.

Hogweeds finishing in under 50 minutes, included Dave Gynn and Nigel Trickey who both finished in 42:19 and Chris Lewis 43:18 who lead in Mark Clements 43.21 and Martin Young 43.31. Alan Wilcox 44.27, Jason Bidwell 44.43, Ian Rowland 45.41 and Gary Weeks 45.44 were next to finish ahead of our first two ladies, Jenny McCallum [1st LV55] in 46:42, Laura Buet in 46:43 and Chris Gardner 47.23. Next to finish were Rebecca Dainton 49:39, Martin Cook 49.47, Sue Leydon 50:45, Lorraine Palmer 50:47, Julie Boynes 51.04, Bill Bretherton 51.15 [pb] and Paul Chard 51.18.

Other Hogweeds under the hour included Katie Pinnington 52.31, Tom Worlock 52.37, Ben Bonnick 53.08, Niall Stewart 53:37, Dave Mullins 53.50, Michelle Edgell 56.41, Ian Soilleux 58.09, Tracey Skuse 58.23, Derek Newcombe 59.03, Julie Doyle 59.11 [pb] Cindy Peters 59.33 and Tracey Marchant 59.51 [pb].

Andy Williams 61.13, Margaret Chandler 62.18 and Jo 67.27 [pb] and Martin Wood 67.28 were our other finishers.

At the Bitton 5k Jo Wilson was 1st LV45 in 22:06 and Rachel Bennett was 1st lady at the Rhossili Monster off road 10k in 61.32. Meanwhile at the Bradford on Avon Triathlon, which included a swim in the river, Ron White was 1st MV55 in 1h17m0s with Ian Rowland close behind in 1h18m27s and Anthony Febry finished in 1h21m08s.


A Great Week For The Hogweeds!

Newshound Posted on: 16 May 2010

A Great Week For The Hogweeds!

Running one marathon is a serious undertaking but Hogweed Trotter, Dave Wintle has just completed the Brathay Challenge, which consists of 10 marathons run over ten consecutive days. In addition these marathons were all held over hilly terrain in the Lake District. He finished a very impressive 2nd overall, recording ten amazingly consistent times of between 3h22m and 3h28m each.

There were two club representatives at the Hereford Half Marathon, both recording fast times. Dave Dutton finished in 1.39.30 with Dom Hurford close behind in 1.42.44.

Chris Martin was first Hogweed at the recent Bristol 10k in 39.04 ahead of Paul Kent 41.26, Ian Harrison 43.06, Mark Stephenson 43.27 and Mark Risdale 43.54. Others finishers under 50minutes included Alan Wilcox 44.06, Ian Rowland 44.40, Bob Emery 44.41, Neil Paice 46.10 and our first two ladies Ange Martin 48.12 and Becky Dainton 49.28. There were good performances from Paul Clark 50.47, Andrew Payne 51.07, Lorraine Palmer 51.59, Nicola Paice 52.08, Tony Batty 52.35, Gerry Bates 53.31, Catherine Harries 55.55 and Michelle Edgell 59.22 who all finished under the hour. Other Hogweeds included Andy Williams 59.27, Christine Stephenson 1.07, Sarah Kerley 1.07, Rebecca Bell 1.19 and Maureen Mackenzie1.24.

At the Berkeley 10k, the following night John Curtis lead the way, finishing as 1st MV50 in 37.46. Alan Wilcox 43.37, Dom Hurford 44.02 and Jason Bidwell 44.54 came home ahead of Jenny McCallum 46.50 whose time won her the LV60 category as well as the LV50 and LV55. Nigel Burford also finished in 46.50 with Martin Wood 50.14, Sandra Killen 50.35, Paul Chard 51.28 and Becky Dainton 51.56 close behind. Other finishers were, Sonia Cross 54.07, Stephen Chandler 55.31, Jo Parry 55.34 and John Wheeler 57.31.

At the first event of the GWR towpath series Chris Lewis finished in 44.53 ahead of Michelle Edgell 57.01.


Hogweed Trotters out in Force

Newshound Posted on: 2nd May 2010

The Hogweed Trotters were well represented at the Horton Bull Run.

Club member Anthony Glover won the race in 24.42, followed by Richard King 26.35, with Nigel Burford and Ian Harrison both dipping under 30minutes to finish in 28.45 and 29.48 respectively. There were a string of good times from Dave Gynn 30.42, Rachel Bennett 30.54 [3rd SL] and John Perrett 31.19. Anthony Febry was next, in his second race of the day, in 31.29 with Lee Masters 31.48 and Mandy Spedding 32.10 [2nd LV] close behind.

Hogweeds finishing inside 40 minutes included Laura Buet 33.07, Rob Smith 33.42, Graeme Stephenson 35.36, Bill Bretherton 37.35, David Wells 37.51, Sue Hutchinson 38.10, Rachel Hill 39.10, Dave Mullins, who was pushing his granddaughter in a buggy, 39.26, Jane East 39.28 and Sue Mundy 39.34.

Other finishers included Mark Hill 40.05, Helen Young 40.27, Dave Morgan 40.46, Jan Hall 40.48 [3rd LV55], Ruth Twiss 42.11 and Mike Brokenshaw, another with a buggy, 58.04.

At the latest round of the Bridge Inn series Nigel Burford came 53rd in 20.25 ahead of Amanda Richardson, who was 2nd LV35, in 21.07 and Chris Lewis 21.37. Dom Hurford set a new best of 21.45 and our contingent was completed by Pete Connors 23.50 and Michelle Edgell 26.42[pb].

Ron White has been racking up the Triathlon events as he finished the Winchester Triathlon in 1h50m16s coming 4thMV50 then turned his attention to the Exmoor ½ Ironman and on the next day the Burnham on Sea Triathlon. At the Burnham event he finished 9th and was 2nd MV50 just over a minute ahead of Anthony Febry who was 13th and 5th MV40.

The next Hogweed race is the Kevin McConville Memorial Hogweed Trot on Monday 17th May at 7pm from Yate Town Football Club, entries taken on the night.


VLM and Other Things

Newshound Posted on: 25th April 2010

The many months of training, through the snow and the cold winter came to fruition for eleven Hogweeds as they lined up, with thousands of others, for the London Marathon.

First to finish was Geoff Doyle, who broke the 3hour mark for his first time, finishing in an impressive 2.58.12. John Curtis also produced a fine performance to finish in 3.10.23 ahead of Chris Martin in 3.16.19. Pat Curtis finished as 8th LV50 in 3.22.19 holding off the challenge of Vic Garner, who was 30th MV60 in 3.24.13.

Darhyl Davies and Dave Dutton both finished inside 4hours in 3.43.56 and 3.52.32 respectively. Next Hogweeds were Zoe Harley with a good time of 4.13.31, Sharon Wilkie, in her first marathon, 4.19.10 and Ed Stevens 4.22.44.

Paul Chard managed to get back from Malta in the knick of time to finish in 4.29.09. Dave Wintle was also in marathon action at the Great Welsh Marathon where he continued his improved form, coming 15th in 3.05.46.

He followed this up with a 3.05.40 at the Shakespeare Marathon in Stratford, which earned him 26th place. Mark Clements, in his first marathon, finished in 3.50.59 ahead of Katie Pinnington 4.06.50 with Martin Cook 4.51.02 and Ian Cross 5.21.18 completing the Hogweed contingent.  

Pleasant Runs in the Sun

Newshound Posted on: 18 April 2010

Conditions were a lot more pleasant, than usual, for the latest round of the Weston Prom Run, with a sunny evening and the tide in! Michelle Edgell kept up her record of setting a new best in each round, this time finishing in 45.43. Alan Wilcox also produced a good performance to finish in 35.51 and showed his versatility by completing his first marathon at Taunton in 3.59.35.

Christine Stephenson was another successful Hogweed marathon runner as she finished the recent Paris Marathon in 6.28.11.

Lee Masters managed to find another race where he was the only club representative when he ran the Honiton Hippo in Devon. There were a large number of hills packed into the 7 miles of this race as well as a couple of refreshing river crossings. He finished the course in 1.13.35


Hogweeds Spotted all around West Country

Newshound Posted on: 12 April 2010

Members of the Hogweed Trotters have been spotted all over the West Country in events of all shapes and sizes.

Dom Hurford was probably the tallest bunny at the Yeovil Easter Bunny 10k race. He didn’t let the windy conditions slow him down and set a new pb of 44.34.

Stefan Brittain competed at the Axe to Exe 20 mile, which follows the SW Coastal Path from Exmouth to Axmouth, including 4000 feet of ascent as well as some beautiful views. He finished 51st in a time of 3h48m56s.

The Taunton Marathon and Half Marathon attracted some Hogweeds. Dave Wintle was 16th in the full marathon [3rdMV40] in a time of 3h6m25s. Bob Emery chose the shorter option, finishing in 1h42m52 ahead of Catherine Harries 2h3m23s.

Mark Stephenson travelled much further to the Paris marathon, where he didn’t let the wine or historic sights distract him and finished in 3h44m32s.

Richard King produced a fine performance to finish 37th in the hilly 20k Offa’s Orror trail race in the Wye Valley. He came home in 1h42m10s ahead of Pat Hall 1h59m18s and the only lady Hogweed, Anne Draper 2h24m29s.


Easter Weekend

Newshound Posted on: 4 April 2010

Instead of tucking into their Easter Eggs a number of Hogweeds ran at the Hanham Horror. This 6mile race wends its way up and down the sides of the Avon Valley and includes a section where a rope is thoughtfully provided to enable the runners to negotiate an especially steep slope.

First club member was Alan Wilcox, who finished in 44.15 with Neil Paice next in 46.41. Jason Walsh 48.05 held off the challenge of Christopher Gardner 48.35 before husband and wife pair Chris and Ange Martin crossed the line in 50.03 and 50.07.

Hayley Brock finished in 53,15 ahead of Nicola Paice 54.29, Niall Stewart 55.10 and Nicola Rushton 58.01.

Sandra Killen was one of the 2000 entries at the Eastleigh 10k, near Southampton, which she completed in 50.35.

At the time of writing this report Chris Lewis is running the Marathon des Sables across the Sahara Desert in Morocco. This is a race held over 7days, including one rest day, over distances between 14 and 50 miles. He completed the first day, a 20mile route, in 4h55m40s, which put him in 530th place, with over 130miles still ahead!


Forest of Dean Half Marathon

Newshound Posted on: 28 March 2010

If you went down to the woods recently you were sure of a big surprise, at the number of Hogweeds running in the Forest of Dean Half Marathon.

Leading them all home was Justin Littlechild who produced a very impressive time of 1.23.48 [30th] over this undulating but scenic course.

There were also speedy runs from Dave Wintle 1.28.55, Richard King 1.30.27, James Tyack 1.32.36, Richard Powell and Chris Martin 1.36.58 and 1.36.59, Vic Garner [3rd MV60] 1.37.43, Chris Lewis 1.38.14 and Mark Clements 1.40.58.

First lady Hogweed was Sharon Wilkie in 1.40.59, followed by a group finishing inside 1h50 including Ian Harrison 1.41.16, Gary Weeks 1.46.40, Alan Wilcox 1.48.24, Jo Wilson 1.48.32, Neil Paice 1.49.04 and Laura Buet 1.49.34.

Runners to finish under 2hours included Nigel Burford 1.52.18, Ed Stevens 1.52.21, Zoe Harley 1.52.25, Martin Cook 1.53.11, Pete Connors 1.54.06, Rob Smith 1.56.34, Gary Clarke 1.56.54, Ange Martin 1.57.56, Ian Freestone 1.58.16, Gary Oram 1.58.33, Paul Chard 1.58.34, Emma French 1.58.51, Paul Clark 1.59.29 and Nicola Paice 1.59.59.

Among the other finishers were Dave Masters, Lorraine Palmer, Geraldine Bates, Rebecca Dainton, Hayley Brock, Kim Freestone, Steve Weeks, Tony Batty, John Wheeler, Sarah Tremlin, Catherine Harries, Michelle Edgell, Stephen Chandler, Derek Newcombe, Ian Cross, Tracey Skuse, Helen Crook and Mark Hill.

Much later the Hogweed charabanc wended its way back to Chipping Sodbury full of tired runners but without a bear in sight.


Paris Half Marathon

Newshound Posted on: 21 March 2010

Three of our ladies travelled across the channel for the Paris Half Marathon. Paris is beautiful on a fine spring day and is an ideal destination for arts, sightseeing and romance. The race passed many famous landmarks and all went well until the finish. With 50 metres to go they joined the back of a queue of other runners who took over 10 minutes to cross the finish line. This meant that their finishing times were far from realistic, but the official verdict was: Hayley Brock 2.13.16, Nicola Rushton 2.14.26 and Coral Nash 2.14.26.

Adrian Pook ran in the Grizzly, a race based around Seaton in Devon, which includes cliff paths, bogs and a shingle beach in its 20 miles. He finished 192nd out of 1492 finishers, including runners from Holland and Germany, in a time of 3h18m.

Lee Masters raced at the British Military Fitness 10k at Usk in Wales, an event that is a cross between a running race and an assault course. He finished in just inside 54minutes, a wiser but wetter and muddier man.

Fortunately his running shoes had dried out sufficiently for him to run in the 5 Tors Moorland Run. This 10mile race covers the most scenic and undulating parts of Bodmin Moor and he finished well up in the field, in a time of 1.41.53.


Hogweed Hilly Half Marathon

Newshound Posted on: 14 March 2010

The 6th Hogweed Hilly Half was held on a beautiful, spring day although the hills were as steep as usual.

Tom Fisher successfully defended his title in 1.17.33, ninety seconds faster than 2009 and he was followed by Matt Cook 1.19.38 and Jon Phelps 1.22.26.

The winning lady was, former Hogweed, Emma D’Alton in 1.24.22 ahead of Kate Wright [Stratford] 1.29.30 and Kate George [Clevedon] 1.31.16.

Other age group winners were MV40 Michael Tune [Swindon] 1.23.05, MV50 Mario McNamara [Stroud] 1.28.50, MV60 Paul Snelling [Weston] 1.30.41, MV70 Michael Coupe [Nailsea] 1.53.10, LV35 Helen Duffield [Chepstow] 1.38.46, LV45 Pat Curtis [Hogweeds] 1.38.52, LV55 Judith Wilson [TRA] 2.06.54, LV60 Jenny McCallum [Hogweeds] 1.58.37.

There were impressive performances from other Hogweeds especially Anthony Glover who was 12th in 1.25.59 ahead of Stuart Wilkie 1.29.35 and the fast finishing Andy May 1.29.37. Geoff Doyle was 2nd MV50 in 1.30.27 with John Curtis [3rd MV50] in 1.31.04 and Chris Martin 1.31.45 close behind.

Many finished under 1h40m including Stefan Brittain 1.32.17, Richard King 1.34.09, James Tyack 1.34.09, Vic Garner [2nd MV60] 1.36.38, Adrian Pook 1.38.26, David Parkin 1.38.29, Nigel Burford 1.39.20 and Jeremy Cross 1.39.34.

Hogweeds coming home in under 1h50m included Simon Hemmings 1.42.02, Dave Dutton 1.43.57, Scott Leonard 1.44.40, Sharon Wilkie 1.48.10 and Alan Wilcox 1.49.24.

Neil Paice, Rachel Bennett, Zoe Harley, Sue Leydon, Mark Offer, Martin Cook, Sandra Killen and Ian Freestone all dipped under 2 hours.

Other finishers, including some debutants, were Rob Smith, Rebecca Dainton, Nicola Paice, Dave Kay, Ben Bonnick, Julie Boynes, Kim Freestone, Sue Mundy, Rachel Hill, Lynda Gregg, Sue Hutchinson, Catherine Harries, Jill McNally, Jan Hall, Jane East, Sarah Phillips, Ruth Twiss, Alison King, Emma Erentz, Sue Roberts, Selena Ford, Dave Mullins and Tracey Skuse.

The club would like to thank the St John’s Ambulance and all marshals and helpers for making this such a successful day.


Bath Half Marathon

Newshound Posted on: 08 March 2010

There were a number of Hogweeds lined up for the start of the Bath Half Marathon, including some debutants, and many left with a new pb.

First member to finish was Will Gray who was 167th in 1.22.19 with Dave Wintle next in 1.25.09 and, in his first half marathon, Richard King 1.25.59.

There was a sizable group who finished under 1h40m including Davey Gynn with a pb of 1.37.32, Bob Emery 1.38.45, Sharon Wilkie 1.39.01, Martin Young 1.39.03 with a pb by 8minutes, Mark Stephenson 1.39.24 and Rachel Bennett 1.39.57.

Rebecca Dainton was next in 1.53.24 ahead of Ian Freestone 1.54.20 [pb] Alan Wilcox 1.58.11 and Kim Freestone 2.01.02.

Serena Griffiths came home in 2.09.05 while Julie Higgs, in her first half marathon, 2.51.43 and Christine Stephenson 2.51.44 ran the course together.

Next week the action switches to Horton for The Hogweed Hilly Half. There will be entries accepted on the day, for further details see www.hogweedtrotters.co.uk.


February 2010

Newshound Posted on: 28 February 2010

The Castle Combe Motor Racing circuit is the venue for both the Chilly 10k race and also for the Big Adventure Store Chilly Duathlon.

Most Hogweeds chose to compete in one event but Rachel Bennett decided that while she was there she might as well race in both. She was the first Hogweed finisher at the 10k in 47.24 and then completed the Duathlon in 65.41. Richard Powell put in an impressive performance in the Duathlon, finishing as 2nd MV50 in 56.11.

Others to race in the 10k, which includes three laps of the race track, included Andrew Payne and Tony Batty, who finished close together in 52.25 and 52.37. Julie Doyle confirmed her recent improved form by setting a new personal best by over 1 ½ minutes of 60.56, ahead of Pauline Fletcher 67.14, Ruth Conlon 70.01 and in her first race, Thelma Garner 74.58.

At the recent round of the Bridge Inn series of 5k races Sharon Wilkie, in her first ever race at this distance, finished in 21.58 whilst Dom Hurford crossed the line one second later in 21.59 setting a new best by a sizeable margin.

The Bourton on the Water 10k features several laps of the picturesque Cotswold village. Richard King didn’t have much time to admire the architecture as he powered home in 39.51 with James Tyack next in 40.59. Dom Hurford, in his second event of the week, finished in 44.46 ahead of Lee Masters 48.01 and Rob Smith 49.07.


Newshound Posted on: 21 February 2010

There was a good turnout of eager Hogweeds running at the Tough Ten at Weston Super Mare. First club member was Stefan Brittain who finished 89th in 1.08.02 just ahead of Chris Martin 1.08.22. Next across the line was Jeremy Cross in 1.13.04 who was followed in by our first lady, Sharon Wilkie 1.16.00, Ian Harrison 1.16.15 and Andy Cleave 1.17.05.

Other Hogweed finishers produced good performances including Alan Wilcox 1.18.45, Neil Paice 1.20.47, Jason Walsh 1.21.10, Gary Weeks 1.21.18, Paul Chard 1.24.21, Paul Clarke 1.27.45, Nicola Paice 1.28.49, Hayley Brock 1.32.55, Mike Evans 1.34.11 and Serena Griffiths 1.40.49.

Stefan Brittain was also in action at the Hestercombe Humdinger 9.5 mile race near Taunton, which he finished in 1.05.35 ahead of Lee Masters in 1.18.14. Lee was another with two races in close succession as he also completed the Yeovil, rather than Machu Pichu, version of the Inca Trail in 1.06.30.

The Triathlon season has started again and Ron White was quick out of the blocks at the Cirencester Duathlon, which he finished in 1.29.45.

At the latest round of the Weston Prom Races Chris Lewis finished 53rd in 34.14 with Michelle Edgell 170th in 47.33.


Newshound Posted on: 14 February 2010

Pride of place this week goes to brother and sister Hogweeds, Ronan and Donna Conlon who both successfully completed the winter Tough Guy event. This is definitely not for the faint hearted or sane as it includes crawling through water filled tunnels, jumping across fire pits and wading through chest high sections of ice-covered water, among countless other hazards.

Ronan completed the course in 479th place in 1.57.44 with Donna, one of a select band of lady competitors, finishing in 3.32.49.

Alan Wilcox took part in the rather less extreme Burnham on Sea 5k, finishing 35th in 22.35 minutes.

Three members ran at the scenic Longleat 10k, which avoids any of the animal enclosures but includes plenty of hills to keep things interesting. Andrew Payne finished the course in 53.13, ahead of Catherine Harries 57.16 and Tony Batty 58.06.

A larger group competed at the Dursley Dozen, a tough, scenic race taking in woodlands, mud and hills in its 12 miles. David Parkin finished in an impressive 80th place in 1.37.47 ahead of Pat Hall in 1.51.04, with Martin Young in close contact in 1.51.39.

Rachel Bennett, our only lady competitor, crossed the line in 1.55.46 with Gary Clarke 2.02.15, in one of his first races as a Hogweed, and Martin Cook 2.12.57 a little further back.


Newshound Posted on: 07 February 2010

Members of the Hogweed Trotters gathered, in their smartest race T-shirts, to celebrate the club’s achievements for 2009. There have been many memorable performances over this year with numerous personal goals achieved.

The main award this year was richly deserved, as Lee Pattison was crowned Club Champion. He has produced a string of fine runs culminating in winning the Falklands Marathon.

Bill Shackcloth won “Triathlete of the year” for his silver medal in the MV65 category at the European Championships. The cross-country awards went to Ange Martin for a battling run on her leg of the Cotswold Way Relay and to Will Grey for his 1st MV40 at the Sodbury Slog.

Both half marathon winners set bests at the Cardiff Half with John Curtis finishing inside 90 minutes for the first time and Rachel Bennett, whose times have improved dramatically. Ruth Conlon and James Tyack won the marathon awards for impressive debuts at London and Loch Ness respectively.

Michelle Edgell and Nigel Burford won the short race awards, Michelle for many bests at the Bridge Inn 5k series and Nigel for a storming run at the interclub mob match.

The Peter Pan award, for our more seasoned members, was won by Jenny McCallum who won a hatful of LV60 awards, while Julie Higgs won the novice award for her sensational performance at the Cirencester 10k.

Dave Morgan won the dastardly Black Dog award, by abandoning his wife at the Benidorm half marathon, when she dropped out. Lee Masters won the Laurence award for exaggerating injuries. At the London Marathon, he told everyone about his numerous injury problems and then set a pb!

Vic Garner and David Wells won the Super Hero and Founders awards respectively, for services to the club, who would like to thank the many sponsors of these awards.

Sponsors included
The Car Clinic Kingswood Wotton under Edge
Shipp Engineering Old Sodbury
Toll House Clinic Chipping Sodbury
Partymania Chipping Sodbury
The Moda Hotel Chipping Sodbury
Sodbury Pavilions Chipping Sodbury
Bubble Driving School
The Beaufort Arms Hawkesbury Upton
Milbury Estate Agents
Hayley Jackson
Tsunami Aquatics Chepstow
Dominos Pizza
Clutton Cox Chipping Sodbury


Newshound Posted on: 01 February 2010

It’s always interesting to take part in the first running of a new race and a number of Hogweed Trotters were lined up for the start of the Moorland 10k, based at the Avon Disabled Riding Centre. The going was heavy on the off road sections, but Peter Willoughby managed the conditions well to finish 8th in 43.22 [1st MV60] He was followed home by Alan Wilcox 53.42, Anne Draper 65.12 and Rob Smith, who managed to get left off the results.

A few days later Peter Willoughby was again in action at the latest round of the Bridge Inn 5k series, which he finished in 19.25 [2nd MV60]. Nigel Burford 19.50 was just ahead of Chris Lewis 19.59 with our only lady finisher Michelle Edgell crossing the line in 27.51.

The Lliswerry 8mile, near Newport, is a flat and fast road race, which always attracts a high quality field. Lee Masters was our only runner this year and he finished in 61.47.

The Slaughterford 9 is a race that always fills up well in advance with runners who enjoy steep hills, mud and running through rivers in winter. Chris Martin finished 45th in 68.18, nearly 10 minutes ahead of the next club member. Andy Cleave was next in 77.08 followed by Darryl Davies in 83.21. Neil and Nicola Paice were our next two finishers in 83.34 and 91.56 with Paul Clark completing our contingent in 95.42.


Gloucester Marathon

Newshound Posted on: 24 January 2010

As more events take place and running conditions improve a number of Hogweed Trotters have been out and about competing recently.

Stuart Wilkie started 2010 well at the first round of the Wellingborough multi terrain 10k series where he finished 5th in 39.15.

Dave Wintle was also pleased with his performance at the Gloucester Marathon which he finished in 3h9m, his fastest time for several years.

Conditions for the Weston Prom 5mile were fairly typical for this time of year with rain and strong winds. Chris Lewis came home in 35.10 ahead of Michelle Edgell in 48.30.


Riverbank Rollick

Newshound Posted on: 18 January 2010

A large group of Hogweeds took on the Riverbank Rollick; around 9miles of mud, hills and yet more mud, leading from Thornbury, along by the River Severn and back. This race can really find you out if you’ve let your training slip over Christmas.

This was clearly not the case for Peter Willoughby who added another MV60 award to his growing collection by finishing 30th in 65.13. Chris Martin and Jeremy Cross were next to finish, both in 68.54 with Richard Powell and Paul Chappell also close together in 70.02 and 70.06. If they’d looked back they might have glimpsed Nigel Burford in 70.44 with Ian Rowland next in 76.15.

Sharon Wilkie was first lady Hogweed as she recorded the same time as Lee Masters in 79.40. After this the Hogweed finishers came thick and fast; Gary Clarke 84.12, Martin Young 84.18, Ange Martin 85.10 and Jo Wilson 85.41. Helen Crook 92.58 just held off Paul Chard 95.03 with another group of ladies close behind, namely Jenny McCallum 95.18 [2nd LV60], Lorraine Palmer 95.19, Geraldine Bates 95.21 and Nicola Paice 99.46.


Happy New Year!

Newshound Posted on: 03 January 2010

Following an evening of over indulgence what could be better to clear the cobwebs and start 2010 than a bracing country walk or maybe a brisk run at the seaside.

A number of Hogweed Trotters opted for the latter, at the Weston Hangover 10k, which follows country lanes around Kewstoke.

Stuart Wilkie was the first club member to finish, coming 37th in 40.44 and he was followed home in close order by Tim Lund; 42:52, Chris Lewis; 44:46, Dom Hurford; 45:33 and Geoff Partridge, who finished his first race as a Hogweed in 46:22.

Rachel Bennett was our first lady finisher and she recorded a time of 48:12 in her first 10k race. Michelle Edgell, who seems to take part in more races than any of our other ladies, crossed the line in 1:01:23.

Lee Masters found another hilly, winter, off road race to run, this time on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall. Conditions out on the moor were difficult across frozen ground but to compensate there were views across to Lundy Island from the top. The lure of a log fire and cheerful bar at the finish meant that Lee recorded a time of 1:09:10 for the 7.1 miles.


Boxing Day in Clevedon

Newshound Posted on: 27 December 2009

On Boxing Day nearly a thousand runners put the mince pies to one side and converged on Clevedon for the annual 4mile race. Chris Lewis was first Hogweed to finish, crossing the line in 28.02 ahead of Michelle Edgell, who finished in 38.51.

At the 3rd race of the St Mary’s Aquathlon series, held at Calne in Wiltshire, Ali Ramsey was the only club member in action. She finished the 400metre swim and 5k run in a combined time of 30.13, which placed her as 2nd woman. Having set a new best for the swimming section the change from a warm pool to –1degrees for the run came as a nasty shock!

Lee Masters took part in the first Warminster Plain Crazy, which included; in it’s 12+ miles, stretches of Salisbury Plain, the abandoned village of Imber and some very steep inclines. The strong headwind slowed times considerably but Lee finished in a creditable 1.44.54.


Christmas Cracker

Newshound Posted on: 13 December 2009

There was an impressive late season crop of Hogweeds along the prom at Weston super Mare for the “Christmas Cracker” 10k race. The club members included 7 married couples, all trying desperately hard to beat their other half.

Peter Willoughby won the MV60 award finishing in 38.53 while Chris Martin crossed the line in 40.09, just one position and 6 seconds ahead of John Curtis. Pat Curtis won the LV50 category in 43.51 holding off Lee Masters in 43.58.

After this Hogweeds finished thick and fast including Jonathan Phillips 44.04, Anthony Febry 44.46, Chris Lewis 45.03, Mike Froggatt 45.19, Dom Hurford 46.02, Neil Paice 46.43, Ange Martin 47.18 and Jason Bidwell 47.44.

Zoe Harley 51.01 was next finisher ahead of Becky Dainton 52.52, Paul Clark 53.27 and Helen Crook 53.32. Hayley Brock finished in 53.44 one second ahead of Sonia Cross and Nicola Paice while Martin Wood and Donna Conlon both recorded a time of 54.22.

Other Hogweed finishers included Rebecca Febry 56.01, Julie Froggatt 58.31, Claire Searle 58.37, Serena Griffiths 61.22, Mark Hill 61.48, Ruth Twiss 62.54, Gill Johnson 62.57, Michelle Edgell 63.07, Rachel Hill 63.24, Helen Young 63.25, Ruth Conlon 68.23, Julie Doyle 69.03, Christine Stephenson 69.26, Margaret Chandler 70.30, Pauline Fletcher 73.20, Jan Mcall 73.29 and Jo Wood 79.12.

Two Hogweeds ran rather farther away from the sea in the recent Luton marathon with Stuart Wilkie finishing in 3h28m and Duncan Macarthur setting a new best of 3h57m.

The Hogweeds Christmas meal was held recently at the Beaufort Hunt in Hawkesbury Upton. Everyone enjoyed the evening and the raffle in aid of the Air Ambulance, organised by Dave Mullins and Mark Wolf, raised over £150.


Touring Hogweeds

Newshound Posted on: 6 December 2009

A group of seasoned performers from the Hogweed Trotters set off for some Spanish sun and an early winter break when they competed at the Benidorm Half Marathon.

Peter Willoughby was the first to finish in 1.26.20, which placed him as 3rd MV60. Dom Hurford set a new best of 1.41.37 ahead of Jenny McCallum who was 2nd LV55 in 1.50.35. Next finisher was Paul Denton in 1.50.47, Alison Woods set a new best of 1.52.03 and Jeff Flynn also finished under 2 hours in 1.54.04.

Other club members included Barbara Denton 2.12.37, Stephen Chandler 2.20.16, David Morgan 2.26.02, Ann Hudson 2.31.51 and, club chairman, Bob Bell 2.31.59.

Lee Pattison also headed for some sunshine and spectacular scenery at the Cyprus Four Day Challenge. This consisted of a 6km time trial, an 11km up hill trail run with 800m of ascents, a 1/2 Marathon hilly trail run and a 10km road race. Lee finished 16th out of 187 entrants in a total time of 3:29:16.

The Downton Half Marathon in Wiltshire, on the other hand, was held in very wet conditions and the hilly route meant personal bests were few and far between. Nick Woodhill produced a good performance to come 22nd in 1.29.41. Alan Wilcox was next Hogweed in 1.52.11 while the two ladies, Hayley Brock and Sonia Cross recorded times of 2.07.35 and 2.10.18.

At the third round of the Burnham on Sea 5k series Alan Wilcox finished 30th in 22.23 and in Benidorm, Martin Wood finished the Running Crazy 10k in 5th position with a time of 54 minutes.


Forest of Dean Trail

Newshound Posted on: 29 November 2009

At the Forest of Dean Trail series runners have the choice of three distances ranging from 5.4k to 15.4k. John Curtis finished 6th in the 10.4k event which meant that he won the MV50 category. Jenny McCallum was also a winner, this time in the LV60 age group, finishing in 52.45 ahead of Hayley Brock 57.18 and Nicola Rushton 1.02.00. Nigel Burford opted for the 15.4k distance, coming 18th in 1.07.47.

The Castle Coombe Duathlon was held around the motor race circuit. First Hogweed to finish was Paul Chappell who was 5th MV50 in 55.02 with Richard Powell 6th MV50 not far back in 56.37. Ali Ramsey was next home in 1.03.56 ahead of Philippa Crocker in 1.15.40. Philippa clearly had some energy left as she also competed in the 10k race and time trial.

There was only one club member at the latest round of the Bridge Inn 5k series but Ian Harrison ran well to record a time of 21.31.

The “Beastly Feast” in Worcester is an 11k multi terrain race with obstacles, mud, ditches and water. The mud and water were in ample supply but despite the conditions Lee Masters made it to the finish in 58.00 minutes.


Ironman World Championships

Newshound Posted on: 22 November 2009

The Ridgeway has been used as roadway since 3000BC but very few people have travelled the complete 82 miles in just three days. The Druid Ultra Challenge is a three day event from Ivinghoe Beacon in Buckinghamshire to Barbury Castle in Wiltshire which travels along the full distance of The Ridgeway. Chris Lewis finished the course in 16h34mins coming an impressive 43rd.

At the Cirencester off road Duathlon, which includes two runs and a cycle section, Lee Masters finished as 7th male in 46.29 with Ali Ramsey coming 5th female in 54.57.

Off road action was also “enjoyed” by a group of Hogweeds at the Saab Salomon 10mile race at Bordon in Hampshire. This race consisted of some of the muddiest, boggiest terrain imaginable but out of the 856 finishers Chris Martin came 101st in 1.27.00 ahead of brother in law Neil Paice who finished in 1.41.12. Ange Martin was next in 1.50.20 with Nicola Paice 2.00.35 and Paul Clarke 2.05.11 performing well in challenging conditions.

The going was definitely firmer around the Castle Combe race circuit for the H30 Pro 10k race. First club member was Peter Willoughby in 39.38 followed by Lee Masters 42.59 and Dom Hurford 45.25.

Conditions were definitely warmer at the Ironman World Championships in Tampa Bay Florida. Ron White qualified earlier this year and took up his place at the start. The swimming was held in the harbour due to a recent hurricane followed by the cycle section and the final run. He finished in a combined time of 5h14m45s, despite a leg injury during the run, and hopes to be back in 2010.


Sodbury Slog

Newshound Posted on: 8 November 2009

Some people spend a fortune on expensive mud treatments while others apply mud by running the Sodbury Slog. If this years race is anything to go by members of the Hogweed Trotters will have beautiful skin, as over 60 club members took part.

First home was Will Gray who finished 11th in 59.23 as 1st MV40. Peter Willoughby was 1st MV60 coming 45th in 1.03.48 while Justin Littlechild, just returning to running after a serious accident, finished in 1.04.22.

Members to finish in the first 100 out of 1000+ runners were Chris Martin 1.06.05, Adrian Pook 1.06.07 and Stuart Wilkie 1.06.52.

James Tyack 1.07.34 and John Curtis 1.07.35 finished together with Richard Powell 1.07.58 and Nigel Burford 1.09.07 close behind. After this Hogweeds came in thick and fast including Richard King 1.09.59, Jeremy Cross 1.10.19, Stephen Pinker 1.10.33, Pat Curtis 1.10.38, Ian Harrison 1.12.26, Anthony Febry 1.14.00, Ronan Conlon 1.14.26 and Chris Gardner 1.14.50.

Runners to finish under 1½ hours included Ian Rowland 1.16.01, Mark Stephenson 1.17.27, Lee Masters 1.18.30, James Darling 1.19.45, Neil Paice 1.20.27, Pat Hall 1.21.39, Sharon Wilkie 1.23.16, Martin Young 1.23.39, Ange Martin 1.23.57, Andy Cooknell 1.24.52 and Paul Chard 1.25.46.

Other Hogweeds to cross the finishing line and take a well earned shower were John Perrrett, Mark Hutchinson, Dom Hurford, Ed Stevens, Paul Becker, Rachel Bennett, Martin Cook, Pete Connors, Ben Bonnick, Sandra Killen Rob Smith, Nicola Paice, Niall Stewart, Lorraine Palmer, Alan Wilcox, Liz Ford, Sarah Tremlin, Anthony Batty and Andrew Payne.

The further down the field the muddier the runners appeared and the following were no exceptions; Anne Draper, Hayley Brock, Nicola Rushton, Bill Bretherton in his 10th slog, Dave Dutton, John Wheeler, Donna Conlon, Michelle Edgell, Lynette Bonnick, Mark Hill, Kate Hoskins, Sue Hutchinson, Serena Griffiths, Suzanne Mundy and Tracy Marchant.


Dublin and Snowdon Marathons

Newshound Posted on: 1 November 2009

The Dublin Marathon, this year, attracted over 12,500 runners including the Hogweed Trotters’ Peter Willoughby. He finished the race in a time of 3h10m36s, which was a best by a massive 35minutes and placed him as 2nd MV60.

A marathon is a tough enough experience and is doubly so when the course is set around Mount Snowdon. This year gale force winds and rain greeted the runners including Pat Hall and Duncan Macarthur who finished in 4.15.27 and 4.35.27 respectively. The organisers held a minutes silence before the race in memory of Kevin McConville, who was training for this race at the time of his death.

A group of club members competed rather closer to home and over a shorter distance at Round 2 of the Bridge Inn winter series. Chris Martin was first Hogweed in 19.20 with Chris Lewis 19.54 and Nigel Burford 20.16 in close contact. Ali Ramsey 21.06 lead in the ladies who included, Ange Martin 24.39, Nicola Paice 26.32, Hayley Brock 26.59 and Michelle Edgell 29.11.

“Over the Hills” is a 12k multi terrain race around Bradford on Avon including stretches along the towpath, across fields, through a river and as the name suggests, over a number of hills. First Hogweed finisher, again, was Chris Martin who was 36th out of 240, in 55m45s, with Neil Paice 66m43s and Jason Bidwell 68m a little further back. Our only lady was Nicola Paice in 73m39s, who managed to hold off the challenge of Niall Stewart 76m48s.


Cardiff, Abingdon, Stroud

Newshound Posted on: 25 October 2009

Hogweed Trotters at the Cardiff Half Marathon produced many good performances. First to finish were John [8th MV50] and Pat Curtis [3rd LV50], in PBS of 1.27.39 and 1.31.39. Emma French was next in 1.44.11 ahead of Alan Wilcox 1.47.34 who, just held off Rebecca Dainton 1.47.49.

Rachel Bennett set a best of 1.48.28 with Mike Evans next in 1.56.44. Michelle Edgell was another Pb, in 2.12.52 while Jo Healey came home in 2.24.30.

Some members clearly preferred something further and Julian Lewis finished the Abingdon Marathon in 3.03.33, [96th out of over 700]. Ray Maddock’s time of 3.25.17 meant he finished as 3rd MV60.

Chris Lewis ran the challenging Dartmoor Vale Marathon finishing 33rd in a Pb of 3.38.30. He also fitted in a round of the Weston Prom 5mile series where he set a Pb of 33.36.

A bouquet of Hogweeds could be seen at the Stroud Half Marathon where Will Gray turned in a fast time of 1.22.38 finishing 58th out of 1700. Chris Martin continued his good form, finishing in 1.29.40 with Nigel Burford close behind in 1.32.38.

Amanda Richardson was first club lady in 1.36.25 and Vic Garner finished as 2nd MV60 in 1.36.27. Runners to break 1h50m included Liz Ford 1.41.09, Neil Paice 1.44.21, Ange Martin 1.45.18, Zoe Harley 1.47.18 and Jason Bidwell 1.49.26.

Jenny McCallum lifted the LV60 award in 1.50.40 with Sharon Wilkie 1.50.55 and Sue Leydon 1.51.21 not far behind.

Hogweed finishers inside 2 hours included Becky Dainton 1.53.33, Alison Woods 1.53.47, Paul Chard 1.54.56, Nicola Paice 1.54.57, Katie Pinnington 1.57.51, Sandra Killen 1.58.05, Martin Cook 1.58.22 and Julie Froggatt 1.58.30.

Other to complete the course included Claire Searle, Ben and Lynette Bonnick, Sonia Cross, Jo Parry, Sarah Tremlin, Sue Mundy, Dirk van Eeden, Nicola Rushton, Hayley Brock, John Wheeler and Colin Axford.


Muggles Abound!

Newshound Posted on: 18 October 2009

The “Hogweed Muggles” range from 5 to 15 miles, including some of the most attractive scenery and challenging hills in the area.

The 15mile “Major” was won by Richard Hathaway in 2.00.47, 2 seconds ahead of Martin Townsend. Winning lady was Carole Phillips in 2.21.25. First Hogweed was Mark Pyke 7th in 2.12.58, followed by James Tyack 2.25.44 and Lee Masters 2.26.54. For Lee Pattison it was a case of what might have been, for, when leading the race he took a wrong turn and didn’t finish.

The 10mile race winner was Matt Marshall in 1.12.21, with Adrian Pook of Hogweed Trotters 2nd in 1.18.59. The first lady was Karen Skye, 1.27.55. Hogweed finishing well up included Chris Martin 1.23.03 [6th], Andy May 1.23.33 [7th], Jeremy Cross 1.24.07 [8th] and Nick Woodhill1.27.16 [10th].

Other club members were Vic Garner 1.27.57 [2nd MV60], Neil Paice 1.31.14, Gary Weeks 1.33.01, Jo Wilson 1.37.29, Dave Masters 1.43.36 and Pete Connors 1.48.35.

Anthony Glover of Hogweed Trotters won the “Mini” in 33.20 while Heather Graz was first lady in 43.08. Simon Spedding was 9th in 40.30 ahead of Mark Stephenson 42.48, Paul Chard 47.14 and Laura Buet 49.06.

Lorraine Palmer and Geraldine Bates finished in 51.17 and 51.19, ahead of Ruth and Niall Stewart in 52.14 and 53.52. Christine Stephenson, Harry Minas and Tania Kirstis completed the Hogweed contingent.

There was also Hogweed success at the Horton Winter Bull Run, which Anthony Glover won in 37.32 with Lee Pattison 3rd in 38.00.

Chris Martin 42.43, John Curtis 43.34, Chris Lewis 44.05, Pat Curtis 44.34, Anthony Febry 45.38 and Nigel Burford 46.13 all finished in the first 20.

Others finishers included Rob Smith, Ruth and Niall Stewart, Jenny McCallum, Anne Draper, David Wells, Ray Mardle, Angie Martin, Rebecca Febry, Ian Rowland, Bill Bretherton, Jane East and Dave Morgan.


All Aboard the Mudlark

Newshound Posted on: 11 October 2009

Three Hogweed Trotters grabbed some late season Triathlon action, with Martin Young finishing the Warwickshire Triathlon in 1:17:50 and the shorter Cheltenham Lido Triathlon, in 58:48.

Richard Powell won the MV50 category at the Marlow “Rowers Revenge” event, which included static rowing, cycling and running, in 1.30.47. He was also the MV50 champion at the Castle Combe Summer Series and took home an attractive glass trophy.

Ali Ramsey competed at the Forest of Dean Duathlon, which included 2.5k runs and a 15k bike ride, finishing in 1:17:27.

The Burnham on Sea Half Marathon has always been well supported by Hogweeds and this year Nick Woodhill was the first club member in a fast 1.24.37.

Rob Smith was next in 1.51.29, ahead of Andrew Payne 2.01.43 and Tony Batty 2.03.42.

Neil and Nicola Paice ran at the hilly, off road Marshfield Mudlark. This event was rather less muddy this year and they recorded fast times of 58:34 and 1:07:58.

The Oldbury 10 mile road race attracts a competitive field, including Lee Pattison who was 3rd MV40 in 61.32. Sue Leydon lead in the ladies in 1.22.23, just ahead of Jenny McCallum 1.22.43 [1st LV60]. Sandra Killen was next home in 1.26.07, followed by Martin Cook 1.30.34, John Wheeler in 1.32.11 and Michelle Edgell in 1.51.48.

James Tyack completed his first marathon at Loch Ness, in 3:34:10. Dave Wintle is rather more seasoned at this distance and his latest event was at Leicester where he finished in 3h 31m. At the same venue Alan Wilcox completed the half marathon in 1h47m.

The challenging Eden marathon and half marathons, in Cornwall, also attracted Hogweeds, with Adrian Pook finishing the marathon in 3.40.57, ahead of Lee Masters, 3.54.47. Ali Ramsey was 3rd senior lady at the half in 1.47.10 with Rebecca Dainton finishing in 2.01.17.


Loch Ness Marathon

Newshound Posted on: 04 October 2009

Over the years many famous feet have tramped through Cirencester, ranging from the Roman Legions to, more recently, the well heeled, attending the polo. There were ten equally distinguished Hogweeds lined up in the park for the start of the Cirencester 10k. Chris Lewis was the first to complete the course in 43.42 ahead of Mark Stephenson 45.13, with Jeff Farrish dipping under 50 minutes in 49.40. Zoe Harley set a new best of 50.21 with Sue Leydon close behind in 51.34.

Cindy Peters, in her first 10k, finished in 67.12 with Margaret Chandler 70.31 and Ruth Conlon 70.39 a little further back. Julie Higgs finished in a new best, by a massive 10 minutes, of 72.20 just ahead of Christine Stephenson 72.48.

There were good performances and also some personal bests at the first round of the Bridge Inn 5k Winter series. Lee Pattison lead the way in 17.33 with Chris Martin 19.07, Chris Lewis 19.51 and Nigel Burford 19.56 all finishing under 20 minutes. Ian Harrison crossed the line in 20.15 ahead of our three ladies, Angie Martin 23.20, Nicola Rushton 25.05 and Nicola Paice 25.28.

At the Blackland Downs Challenge 7.25 mile race Ali Ramsey finished 9th in an impressive 56:06, which meant she was 2nd lady overall.

Much further north, by the shores of Loch Ness, six Hogweed Trotters braved the 26 miles and the possibility of strange, unearthly sights to run the Loch Ness Marathon. First across the finish line was Andy May, in a fast time of 3.14.39, followed by Dave Wintle 3.20.02, who clearly found the Scottish air to his liking. Dom Hurford broke the 4hour mark to finish in 3.54.09 with Simon Hemmings 4.04.22, Jeff Farrish, 4.07.21 and Steve Weeks 4.25.27 all producing fine performances.


Four go down to Dorset

Newshound Posted on: 27 September 2009

“Four go down to Dorset,” may sound like the title of a long lost Enid Blyton book, but it also describes the Hogweed representation at the 12k Studland Stampede.

This race features more than its fair share of hills along undulating coastal paths, it crosses a beach and passes some rather surprised naturists at the 11k mark!

Chris Lewis completed the course in 57.53 with Jenny McCallum and Sandra Killen finishing close together in 70.57 and 71 minutes, while Michelle Edgell came home in 88.51.

The Sherston 10k is rather closer to Chipping Sodbury but is also held over a hilly course. All our runners finished close together with Hayley Brock 55.13 just holding off Sonia Cross 55.18. Jo Parry crossed the line in 56.21 ahead of Nicola Rushton 57.40.

The Portishead 10k follows the coast along paths and roads and this year Ali Ramsey was our only entrant. She was pleased with her time of 47.37 which made her the 4th lady overall. Richard Powell was also our only entrant at the King Alfred’s Torment, 7mile race at Stourhead in Wiltshire. He was 20th in a time of 53.33 and went home with a certificate and a “burnt cake” for his pains. Mells in Somerset is close to Stourhead and is also home to a 7mile trail race, which includes some steep sections. Martin Wood ran a best for the course of 62.19 with Ted Atkins finishing in 68minutes.

Dave Wintle ran considerably further in the New Forest Marathon, which he completed in 3hrs 26mins but he hopes for a better time at the Loch Ness Marathon next week.


Posted on: 20 September 2009

Members of the Hogweed Trotters Running Club have been shocked and saddened, this week, by the sudden death of club member Kevin McConville at his home in Chipping Sodbury. He had been a Hogweed for 8 years, including 3 years when he worked in the USA, and had represented the club at many events. He will be sorely missed by his many running friends, for his enthusiasm, dedication and sense of humour.


Great North Run

Newshound Posted on: 20 September 2009

Hogweeds who have competed recently have all done so far from home. At the Great North Run in Newcastle Pat and John Curtis finished together in a time of 1.36.29, which placed Pat as 7th LV50. Pat Hall came home in 1.50.42 ahead of our next two ladies; Carole Neale 2.25.15 and Tracy Marchant 2.28.03. Mark Wolf and Harry Minas were our remaining finishers in 3.26.20 and 3.45.00 respectively.

Stuart Wilkie ran at the Bedford Harriers 10k coming 32nd in 40.18.

Simon Spedding raced at the Tatton Park Triathlon in Manchester, where the run section was off road. He finished in a combined time of 2.11.57, which placed him as 25th finisher [2nd MV45] out of 700.


Chippenham Half Marathon

Newshound Posted on: 13 September 2009

Half Marathon action, this week, turned to the sunny, quiet and scenic lanes east of Chippenham.

Leading Hogweed, in 37th place, was Julian Lewis, who finished in 1:23:36, just managing to hold off the challenge of Paul Becker 45th in 1:24:45 and Andy May 73rd in 1.27.11.

Geoff Doyle 1:31:42, finished ahead of Ray Maddock, whose time of 1:33:01 made him 2nd MV60. Mark Stephenson 1:38:22 and Vic Garner 1.39.00 4th MV60 both recorded fast times. A group of club members including Jo Phillips 1.43.11, Scott Leonard 1.45.07, Stephen Pinker 1.45.29 lead home first lady, Jo Wilson 1.47.33 with Mark Clements 1.47.47, Emma French 1.48.36 and Liz Ford 1.48.52 all finishing under 1h50m.

Jenny McCallum 1.51.31 was 3rd LV55 ahead of Kay Jones 1:52:10, Martin Cook 1:55:13, Rachel Bennett 1:55:30, Sandra Killen 1:56:49, Paul Chard 1:57:27, Katie Pinnington 1:57:18, Geraldine Bates 1:58:13 and Lorraine Palmer 1:59:00.

A group of Hogweeds including Becky Dainton, Dave Mullins, Sonia Cross, Ray Mardle, Ian Freestone, Martin Wood, Nicola Rushton, and John Wheeler finished just over 2 hours. Other finishers included Sue Mundy, Rachel Hill [pb] Bill Wildish, Mike Brokenshaw, Jo Healey, Pauline Fletcher and Veronica Stanley.

Dave Wintle had his best marathon result for some while when he completed the Nottingham event in 3:14:10 while closer to home Lee Masters set a new best of 1:11:31at the Cotswold Classic 10 mile race.

Some further results from last weeks Bristol Half Marathon were Nick Woodhill 1.25.33, Peter Willoughby 1.27.54 which made him 1st MV60, Andrew Cooknell 1.50.18, Dave Masters 1.58.37 and Becky Dainton 2.03.28.

A team of Helen Crook, Rebecca Febry and Anne Draper took part in the first running of the Uphill to Wells relay. There were six stages and our ladies ran two each, finishing as 2nd lady team in 5hours 32mins.


Bristol Half Marathon

Newshound Posted on: 06 September 2009

Autumn; the season of mists, mellow fruitfulness and half marathons. Among many thousands pounding the streets of Bristol were a good smattering of Hogweed Trotters, anxious to see if their summer training had paid off.

First Hogweed was Mark Pyke in 1.27.26, ahead of the consistent pairing of John Curtis pb of 1.28.26 and Chris Martin 1.29.52.

Stefan Brittain, in one of his first races in Hogweed colours, finished in 1.30.26 with Dave Wintle 1.32.22 and James Tyack 1.34.14 in close contact. Pat Curtis was our first lady in a personal best of 1.35.22, ahead of Ronan Conlon 1.38.03, another with a new best time.

Ian Harrison 1.42.07, Dom Hurford 1.43.35 [pb] and Angie Martin 1.46.02 [pb] all finished inside 1hr50 and a large group including Sue Leydon 1.51.44, Rachel Bennett 1.52.54 [pb], Neil Paice 1.53.32, Paul Clark 1.56.46, Andy Lathall 1.57.15, Zoe Harley 1.57.16 and Dirk van Eeden 1.59.34 all dipped under 2hours.

Other finishers included Alan Wilcox 2:00:50, Serena Griffiths 2:06:00, Sue Roberts 2:10:57, Kate Hoskins 2:17:18, Tracey Skuse 2:20:26, Ruth Conlon 2:34:58 and Andy Williams 2:36:34.

At the slightly less busy Pewsey Vale Half Marathon Lee Masters finished 112th in 1.40.57 with Dirk van Eeden a little further back in 2.02.30.

At the AXA 5 mile road race, held in heavy rain, Lee Pattison won the MV40 category in 33.33. John Curtis was 43rd in 35.40 ahead of Paul Kent 37.44, Lee Masters 38.04 and Chris Lewis 39.00.

Other Hogweeds included John Conway 40.22, Gary Bircher 43.03, Ali Ramsey, our first lady finisher, in 43.19, Martin Cook 45.15, Tracey Skuse 49.24 and Michelle Edgell 50.58.

Ali Ramsey ran a 10k pb in 45:34 at the Westonbirt Tree Trot finishing as 3rd lady while Lee Masters came 12th at the hilly11.3 mile Hay Hill Raiser in 1.24.23.


August 2009 Roundup

Newshound Posted on: 30 August 2009

Eilmur of Malmesbury is remembered for making a flight from the tower of Malmesbury Abbey in 1010. He covered 200 metres, using his homemade wings, before he crashed to earth, breaking both legs.

Fortunately for the Hogweed Trotters, competing at the Malmesbury triathlon, the usual disciplines of swimming, cycling and running were all that was required and no similar injuries were recorded.

Simon Spedding led the way, finishing 19th in a combined time of 68.05. Ian Rowland was next across the line in 71.45, holding off Ron White whose time of 72.01 earned him the award of 1st M55.

First Hogweed lady was Ali Ramsey in 82.26 with Alistair Poole in close company in 84.31. John Perrett was the next club member home in 94.51 with Nicola Rushton, in her first triathlon, finishing in 99.58. Jenny McCallum was the final Hogweed, but her time of 104.57 meant that she won the F60 age group, in only her second competition.


Newshound Posted on: 23 August 2009

Hyde Park in London will be the venue for the 2012 Olympic Triathlon and it was also where Ron White competed at the ITU World Championship Series. He completed the three disciplines in 1h 14m 40s which placed him as clear winner of the MV55-59 age group. His recent performances have meant that he has been selected for the British Triathlon team for the sprint distance at the European Championships, which will be held in Ireland in 2010.

At the recent Castle Combe race circuit 10k race Dom Hurford finished 56th in 45minutes exactly, which meant he missed setting a new personal best by 1 second. Katerina Sveder Cain was our only lady runner and she came home in 61.35.


Newshound Posted on: 16 August 2009

Most Hogweed action this week has involved our intrepid triathletes. Five members took part in the August round of the Castle Combe Duathlon series, around the motor race circuit, with Simon Spedding coming 29th in 49.47 minutes. Ed Stevens and Richard Powell were the next two finishers in 54.41 and 56.03 ahead of Mandy Spedding who was 3rd LV in 57.45. Ali Ramsey finished in 57.53 and a few days later she was competing again at the Pewsey Triathlon event, where she was 3rd lady in 1h33m59s.

Some members sharpened up their swimming skills, competing in the 3.8km sea swim at Bournemouth. Simon Spedding finished in 75 minutes with Steve Eastaugh Waring in close contact in 79 minutes and Ed Stevens next in 116 minutes.

Simon Spedding also competed near Tewkesbury at the Hardwick sprint triathlon, which included a 750m swim in an extremely weedy lake. Fortunately there were no large reptiles lurking and he survived to also complete the cycling and running sections, finishing in 25th place [5th MV50]

At the hilly, 10mile Standish Woodland Chase, event, held near Stroud, Nigel Burford was the first Hogweed, finishing 43rd in 72.24 ahead of Lee Masters in 75.23. Our two lady runners finished close together, Jenny McCallum in 98.36 and Sonia Cross in 99.02.

At the recent Bridge Inn 5K series Angie Martin was the overall LV35 winner, a fantastic result that reflects her much improved form this year.


Newshound Posted on: 10 August 2009

The Hogweed Trotters 5k championship took place recently at the Bitton Series with Lee Pattison [2nd MV40] being crowned as this year’s champion in a time of 18.00. Will Gray was next to finish in 18.26 ahead of John Curtis [2nd MV50] in 19.12 and Nigel Burford 20.02. Chris Lewis 20.26 held off the challenge of Vic Garner [2nd MV60] 20.34 and Lee Masters 20.36 before Amanda Richardson [2nd LV40] finished as first lady in 20.39.

Ali Poole made a welcome return to racing in 20.43, just beating Pat Curtis [1st LV50] in 20.45. Other finishers included John Conway 21.39, Dean Masters 21.56, Dom Hurford 22.10, Jenny McCallum [1st LV60] 23.26, Ian Freestone 23.59, Sandra Killen [2nd LV50] 24.32, Nicola Rushton 25.57, Sonia Cross 25.55, Kim Freestone 26.10 and Michelle Edgell in 27.41.

Two Hogweed lady runners took part in the, very hilly, Bugatti beer race at Winchcombe in Gloucestershire 10k with Angie Martin finishing in 50.34 ahead of Nicola Paice in 53.54. All runners finish with a beer and a burger at the Bugatti Inn, which makes it surprising that more club members didn’t take part!

Andy May completed the Isle of Man marathon in 3.16.44 ahead of Dave Wintle, in 3.41.44.


Newshound Posted on: 02 August 2009

More Ironman action for the Hogweeds this weekend with two brave souls traveling to Bolton to compete in Ironman UK over the 2.4 mile swim 112 mile bike and 26 mile run. Stuart Wilkie swam 1 43 followed by a 6:53 bike and a 4:45 marathon and with transitions took 13:42 to complete the full distance. Mike Bowes took 1:58 for the swim, 7:37 for the bike and 4:55 for the marathon with a total time of 14:53. Both for both John and Stuart this was their first ever Ironman distance whether they’ll be back for another remains to be seen…….

Earlier in the week over the somewhat shorter race distance of 5k – in fact two thirds of a day shorter! Lee Patison posted 18:02 at the bridge inn race. Not far behind were Nigel Burford (20’29”) and Amanda Richardson (20’37”) hotly pursued by John Conway (21’25”) and Ali Ramsey (22’12”). Other attendees f from the Hogweed ranks were Jenny McCallum (23’19”), Nicola Page (23’52”. Nicola Rushton (25’13”), and Sonia Cross (25’34”).

On the same night as the 5k the forever injured Simon Spedding and sometimes injured Ed Stevens decided to slip into wetsuits to avoid injuries and took on the Ironman challenge (well the swim bit) at Somerford Keynes. Both faired very well completing the 2.4 mile wet-suit swim in 1hr 6 and 1hr 25 respectively.


July 2009 Roundup

Newshound Posted on: 27 July 2009

As the summer holidays approach the usual rush of races arrived before the summer lull in activities. There were216 runners taking part in the Avon Mob match, 32 of which wore the Hogweed vests. First Hogweeds home were Lee Pattison (37’30”) for the men and Amanda Richardson (42’44”) for the ladies. PB’s were recorded for Nigel Burford, Sonia Cross, Ed Stevens and Paul Chard

On Saturday 25th Adrian Pook, Nick Woodhill, and Serena Griffiths flew the hogweed flag at the Gloucester Half marathon and finished in37th, 150th and 330th places respectively with times of 1 hour 30, 1 hour 46 and 2 hours 15.

On Sunday there were an array of Hogweeds at the races. Helen Crook took part in the Summer tough guy and with nasty weather conditions and a time of just under four hours Helen swore it was winter in Wolverhampton! Also taking part was Hogweed strongman Justin Littlechild whose team were carrying a cannon around just for good measure (what some people will do in the name of fun!). Both returned home safe and sore with slight loss of skin and decked out in bruises and mud.

While the Tough guy was on Lee Masters decided to have a go at the Seaview 21 near Minehead completing the course in around 3hrs 45.

Closer to Home was Ali Ramsey, Mandy Spedding and Simon Spedding taking part in the Trowbridge Triathlon. Their respective times for the 400m swim 25km bike and 5km run were 1 hr 38, 1hr 30 and 1hr 16. Closer to home but still in Triathlon world were Peter Willoughby and Martin Young completing the Bristol Triathlon in times of 1hr 26 and 1hr 28 over distances similar to the Trowbridge Triathlon


Newshound Posted on: 19 July 2009

The Frampton 10k has become increasingly popular recently, although the glass of cider at the finish may have something to do with this!

A group of Hogweeds took part including Julian Lewis, our first finisher in 37.17 [4th MV40]. Chris Lewis was next in 41.22 while Mike Froggatt 44.06 just held off Mark Stephenson 44.12 with Nigel Burford close behind in 44.32.

Dom Hurford was pleased with his pb of 45.36, with Liz Ford 46.38 and Jenny McCallum 48.27 [3rdLV50] finishing as our first ladies.

Jeff Farish 50.56, Sandra Kellen 51.40, Sarah Tremlin 52.35, Julie Froggatt 52.50, Mark Wolf 54.05, Sonia Cross 54.34 and Ray Mardle 54.47 all came in under 60minutes.

Catherine Bowering and Sheila Neal finished together in 70.16 just ahead of Christine Stephenson 70.30. Julie Higgs, in her first race as a Hogweed, finished in 82.35 alongside Linda Williams.

The clubs first venture into organising a Trailquest event was a great success. Organisers Kaye Hall and Anne Draper were pleased with the entries from as far apart as Loughborough and Southampton. Club members Anthony Febry and Ian Rowland, despite numerous nettle stings, finished a very respectable 19th place with John Curtis and Nigel Burford 25th.

Ron White and Bill Shackcloth competed in Holland in the European Triathlon Championships. Bill finished 2nd MV 65/69 while Ron, whose training was hampered by an accident, which ended with a hospital visit, was 9th MV 55/59.

Chris Lewis was our only entrant at the Rose Inn 4mile race held at Redwick near Newport where he was 5th MV35 in 26.23. Dom Hurford also competed in South Wales at the Magor Marsh 10k where he finished in 45.37.

Lee Masters travelled down to Swanage for the half marathon to record a new best of 1.35.52, despite some large inclines during the race.


Newshound Posted on: 12 July 2009

Castle Combe race circuit was the venue for the recent Monster Duathlon, which consists of three running sections interspersed by two cycling sections. Simon Spedding was the first Hogweed finisher, coming 15th [3rd MV] in 1.29.54, ahead of Paul Chappell who was 23rd in 1.34.12. Other finishers were Richard Powell who was 31st in 1.37.24, Peter Willoughby 81st in 1.48.09 and Paul Chard 97th in 1.59.09.

Paul Chard was also in action at the Chippenham 5k River Run where he finished in 23.26. Our two lady runners finished close together, Charlie Brock crossing the line in 28.28 with Tracey Marchant close behind in 29.11.

The most recent race in the Bitton 5k series attracted a select group of club members with Chris Martin finishing 23rd in 18.53 ahead of Chris Lewis in 20.24 and Angie Martin 22.50.

Angie and Chris Martin also competed at the Wickwar fun run where they won the LV35 and MV35 age groups. Other Hogweeds to see action at this event included Jo Parry, Nicola Rushton, Bill Bretherton and Martin Cook.

The Hogweed Triathletes were among the awards at the first running of the Bradford on Avon Triathlon. First to finish was Simon Spedding who was 3rd MV45 in 67.38 despite an injury while competing. Ron White was 1st MV55 in 69.58 whilst Peter Willoughby won the MV60 category in 79.53. New member Sarah Tremlin was our only lady and she was 88th in 83.55.


Newshound Posted on: 05 July 2009

This week there have been some fine performances from the Hogweed Trotters despite the hot and humid conditions.

At the Sundays Hill 10k, held along the lanes around Thornbury, Chris Martin [1st MV40] was, once again, first club member in 41.00, holding off the challenge of Peter Willoughby 41.23 [1st MV60]. Chris Lewis 44.17, Scott Leonard 44.21 and Nigel Burford 45.01 came home in close order. Stephen Pinker 48.34 just beat Dom Hurford 48.47 with Alan Wilcox next in 49.21. Angie Martin was our first lady in 49.28 while Jenny McCallum was 1st LV60 in 49.58.

Susan Leydon 51.36 [3rd LV40], Sandra Killen 52.34 [2nd LV50], Lorraine Motuel 53,47, Nicola Paice 54.46, Anthony Griffiths 57.43, Janice McPherson 58.42 and Michelle Edgell 59.30 all finished inside the hour with Serena Griffiths 61.20, John Wheeler 61.42, Dirk van Eeden 62.44 and Mark Wolf 69.28 not far behind.

Some of the same runners also ran at the Nailsea Festival 10k with Chris Lewis our first finisher in 41.48 [39th] followed home by Nicola Paice 54.23 and Michelle Edgell 57.01 [pb].

Lee Pattison performed well at the Bridge Inn 5k, finishing as 3rd MV40 in 18.27, with Chris Lewis 20.05, Andy Cooknell 20.33 and Nigel Burford 21.09 all recording fast times. Angie Martin was 1st LV35 in 23.36 with the prolific Nicola Paice 2nd LV35 in 25.09. Michelle Edgell set another Pb of 27.04.

Adrian Pook was our only entry at the Humph’s Hilly Half at Bourton-on-the-Water where he finished 80th in 1.41.52.


June 2009 Roundup

Newshound Posted on: 28 June 2009

Last weekend 60 Hogweed Trotters made up 6 teams, managed by Steve Weeks, for the Cotswold Way Relay. This consists of 10 stages along the 103 miles from Chipping Campden to Bath and was held in very hot and demanding conditions.

There were many fine individual performances; notably from Justin Littlechild who won the Cleeve Common to Seven Springs leg. Other top 10 finishers were Julian Lewis, Will Gray, Duncan Pearson, Anthony Glover, Steve Eastaugh-Waring and John Parry-Billings.

First Hogweed team, were the Hogweed Hilly Hurtlers [John Billings, Andy May, Justin Littlechild, Steve Eastaugh Waring, Duncan Pearson, Paul Hyams, Mark Stephenson, Chris Martin Will Gray and Julian Lewis.] who were 9th [2nd MV] in a combined time of 13.46.43.

The Intrepid Hogweeds [James Tyack, Stuart Ranshaw, Dave Dutton, Anthony Glover, Jonathan Crook, Paul Chappell, Mark Risdale, Andy Cooknell, Scott Leonard and Rich King] came 23rd in 15.14.51.

The Hogweed Blend [Ali Poole, Lee Masters, Jo Parry, Anthony Febry, Jenny McCallum, Nigel Burford, Gary Weeks, Nigel Trickey, Dave Wintle and Anne Draper] finished 40th in 16.17.02.

The Hogweed Classics 50+ [Rob Smith, Vic Garner, Rothery Harris, John Curtis, Kevin McConville, Ray Maddock, David Wells, Pat Hall, Peter Willoughby and John Clapp] came 47th in 16.44.46.

Our other teams; The Hogweed Belles [Amanda Richardson, Mandy Spedding, Pat Curtis, Jo Wilson, Helen Crook, Kaye Hall, Rebecca Febry, Liz Ford, Zoe Harley and Moya Blue] and The Hogweed Muddled Mudlarks [Steve Weeks, John Conway, Alison Woods, Ronan Conlon, Alan Wilcox, Martin Cook, Sonia Cross, Angie Martin, Neil Hopkins and Paul Chard] finished in 17.04.42 and 17.44.16.

Elsewhere, Simon and Mandy Spedding visited the Far East, namely Essex, for triathlon events. Mandy finished as 1st lady at the Harwich Sprint event in 77.08, whilst Simon was 1st MV45 at the Harwich Olympic Distance event in 2.28.29.


Newshound Posted on: 21 June 2009

Pride of place this week, goes to six Hogweed Triathletes who competed on Exmoor in the Wimbleball Half Ironman competition. This is reputed to be the Worlds Toughest Half Ironman and is a qualifier for the world championship in Florida. After a delayed start, due to fog, the race developed with Justin Littlechild crossing the line in 5h36m39s ahead of Ron White in 6h3m45s. Ron was 1st MV55 and is, at present, the only British MV55 triathlete qualified for the world championships. Stuart Wilkie finished in 6h20m39s ahead of a battle between Ben Bonnick and Mike Bowes who finished in 7h11m15s and 7h15m14s. Mike Mitchell, unfortunately, was forced to retire.

10k races have proved popular recently with Chris Lewis our first finisher at the Clevedon event in 41.33. Alan Wilcox 45.44[pb] and Dom Hurford 46.53, following his high altitude training, were the next two club runners with Paul Chard 48.14 and Nicola Paice 53.06 completing the line up.

Chris Martin lead the way at Bradley Stoke in 39.51 [12th] ahead of Andrew Cooknell, Richard Powell and Ian Harrison who finished close together in 43.10, 43.26 and 43.35. Angie Martin was our first lady in 45.43,ahead of Paul Chard 47.54, who just held off Ruth Stewart 47.57. Our remaining finishers were Nicola Paice 53.17, Serena Griffiths, on home territory, 58.45 and Paul Clark 68.27.

Alan Wilcox was also in action at the Nine Springs Tough 9k where he finished in 47.20 while Lee Masters travelled to the Lake District for the Grasmere Gallop. Conditions were hot and difficult but he finished the 7mile course in 59.30.

The next club event is the Hogweed Trailquest, a mountain bike orienteering race, taking place on 12th July from Pucklechurch Village Hall. For further details and to enter, please visit www.midlandtrailquests.co.uk


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